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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cruel Wife - Just one usually Sunday

                                                Cruel Wife - Just one usually Sunday

Sissy George


Have you ever been beaten by your wife with a belt? Why? I really do not know. Is your orgasm pleased only your wife? Do you have a sleep in a dog cage? Have you ever dressed women's clothes at all? Have you ever painted your nails? This is only a small part of my everyday life, my cruel truth.

“I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let's go party!
I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation !!!”

Now you wonder what this song means? This song wakes me up every morning for the past 2 years. This song is my Alarm. It was one winter Monday when I fell asleep and I was late at work. The next day Sara installed that song in my phone. It is humiliating  that every day I wake up with a song for a 4 year old girl.

My alarm interrupted my dream, the only place where I had weekend freedom was my dream. I was quick to turn off the alarm, it was an alarm only to me, my wife wakes up several hours later. 8 AM was my weekend wake up time . It's enough time if you do not have a long day like mine yesterday, and your wife does not torture you in the middle of the night. I was silent, I did not want to wake her up. You would not want to have a job with my wife if she does not sleep well. I was hungry, tired and my ass hurt terribly. On my fingers in complete silence I came out of our bedroom. My first obligation was to preparemyself for the long Sunday. I stood in front of the wardrobe, before me there were about 7 sissy dresses. I have black and white, light blue, pink, white, bright red, dark red and yellow. My wife gives me the freedom to pick myself what color I will wear, but I have to pass a commission test from her. I chose a yellow satin dress. Yellow 5 Inches stiletto heels shoes with padlock on the ankles.Yellow thigh high with yellow garter belt .Yellow tiny panty just to cover my chastity belt. I feel so feminine doing this choice. What kind of man has this collection of women's clothes? Am I a man at all? I prepared my clothes and went to the bathroom. the first thing I did there was that I watched my ass on the mirror. It looked so bad, so painfully there was a mixture of purple-red color, there were belt marks and brush marks. She really painted my ass well, I thought for a moment, what a bitch. I sat on the WC cup, my ass hurts with every touch with anything. The next step was the shower. I was showered with a women's collection of shower gels and shampoos. It was a detail that Sara watched carefully. In our bathroom there was no place for male cosmetics.I dried my hair and headed into the living room where the yellow sissy dress was. I stood in front of my clothes and sigh, I really did not want to do this. I do not want to be Sissy. I do not want to wear this nasty outfit. I wanted to wear something casually, something I would feel comfortable with. I really wanted to wear men's clothing. I hated weekends, they were a real nightmare for me. all normal people enjoy weekends, want to come as soon as possible, not me. Torture, humiliation, punishment and serving, it was my weekend. I first dressed the tiny pants. The tights were next, the dress and I ended up with a yellow ribbon on my hair. I wore 5 inch pumps and locked the ankle’s padlock’s. I was completely ready, and so my day started. I had exactly 2 hours to 11. Then it was the time when I had to wake up Sara during the weekends. I cleaned the bathroom from my shower, everything must be clean and dry when my queen wakes up.

This work takes me about 20 minutes, I really hated to clean the bathroom, but I better clean it in a regular way than to clean it with a toothbrush. It was a cruel punishment I received from my wife about 6 months ago when I left the bathroom wet and unclean. After ten hot  slaps, I cleaned it up, but my wife was not pleased with this and ordered me to clean every inch of the bathroom with a toothbrush. I spent 4 hours on my knees, doing this boring and exhausting job. Never again our bathroom was  wet and unclean more than 10 minutes after shower .

The next task was to put water in the flowers in the garden and in the house. Sara really enjoyed the flower, and I was responsible for their care. On normal days, the flowers took me about 15 minutes, but on weekends when I wear these funny women's boots, in which I'm moving pretty difficult (apart from the experience I had in women's shoes), the same task took twice as much time, that is, about 30 minutes. The whole house needed a vacuuming sweep, but it was a very audible task with the risk of awakening Sarah, I did not even think to wake up Sara before her time. I decided to spend the rest of my time in our business office where I check tests from  school .

The touch of my ass with the stool caused pain. It was a pain that reminded me of hell that I survived deeply in the night. Where did I make a mistake? Was there a reason to be so cruelly beaten, or it was just for fun. I did not know anyone who was so under control of my partner. Especially I did not know a man who could not have breakfast without the permission of his wife. I'm too hungry to be ready to eat anything. I arrived to check about 10% of the tests and the hour came 11.

I stood up to bed for about 3 minutes, I waited to be accurate to second. Sara was leep so deeply. She was so beautiful. At exactly 11 o'clock I started to kiss her on her arm and gamble her hair, she enjoyed it waking in that way. After a few seconds she smiled sweetly, she began to wake up.

“Sara woke up sweetheart is 11”at the right moment I tried to wake her up.

“Mmmhh come back for an hour again!!!”  She said as she pushed my hands to the side and continued with  her sleep.

“Yes ma’am” in complete silence I left the room, how much I needed her dream right now. I was really too tired. I wanted to get into our bed and wake her up with hot sex,of course if my penis was not locked in a chastity belt. If everything goes well, in exactly 7 days I will get an orgasm, an orgasm that I wait for more than a month.

"click, clack, click, clack, click, clack" annoying noises came from my heels when I passed through the wooden parquet through the corridor. I hated this sound, I hated to sound like a pop diva in my own house. Was I ready to change something? Of course not, I  need balls for that. When we talking about  "balls" ,my were not emptied more than a month. How disturbing was the game my wife played. Is it still a game or a harsh reality? Which man on the planet earth begs his wife for more than 30 days to get a simple orgasm. Most often my orgasm was torture, not pleasure for me. All these facts tortured me and made me sigh deep inside myself. I went to the domestic office and I sat at the desk to check out more tests. Should I remind you that the pain in my ass appeared with the sitting on the chair??? The checks of the tests went very slowly, I was hungry and very tired, I simply could not concentrate on them.

Dingalingalingaling !!!  Dingalingalingaling!!!!  It was my wife's bell, it was a sign that my wife was awake, and I had to serve her.

"click, clack, click, clack, click, clack" what kind of picture my wife imagined  for me while she was listening to this amusing sound created by my heels?

“Good morning, ma'am”. I said, while I was doing curtsy showing respect to my wife. I stood in front of my wife with my head bowed down,staring at the floor.

“Good morning George , I'll make a quick shower, prepare my coffee !!!” She said very drowsy.

“Yes Ma’am”

In about 10 minutes she appeared with her bathrobe. Under the red bathrobe she was completely naked. My penis desperately tried to grow. I was excited, I wanted to fuck that smooth body I wanted to cum on her beautiful face. She sat down on the armchair and crossed her legs. At the table was served her coffee with milk according to her standards. I stood beside her with my hands stretched forward before my dress, my eyes were focused down directly in the fingers of my yellow pumps.

“Sssssssssssssp!!!” She takes a first sip of her hot Coffee.

"Well ,well Yellow ?!?! , I really like it "She commented on my choice of the color of the dress.

“Thank  you  Ma’am”

“You are welcome, my dear.”  She takes another sip.  “What are you waiting for? Start presenting yourself.” My wife ordered me, as if she was my teacher.

“Yes Ma’am” I knew what was next. I got a deep breath and began to move into the living room. It had to look like I was on a catwalk runway. I was moving like I was a model. Before the end of each direction, I made a move like lifting my foot or making a circle. After a long training I knew what to do. My wife forced me to watch Fashion Programs until I learned enough moves to make a real show. I felt terrible. My wife enjoyed my show, she laughed and did not miss a single step. She finished with her coffee and she snapped her finger and I saw, she pointed her  finger on the floor, next to her right foot.

“Come and kneel  here now !!!”

"Yes, Ma’am" I followed her instructions.

I knelt and I looked down at the floor. With her index finger under my jaw, she lifted my head up. Our views met, her green eyes looked directly into my soul. She was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. I loved, I loved her even though she turned my life into a real hell.

“How are you, George?” She asked me this question even though she knew how I felt.

“Hmm i am ok, ma'am” I was lying, I was everything, but I was not okay. I was hungry, tired, I needed a dream. That was just a part of the biological needs that tormented me at that moment. I would not like to talk about my current spiritual condition, Humilated, broken, depressed , demotivated.

"Oh, I hope you're okay, a long Sunday is ahead of you." She said, although she knew that I was not at all okay.  “You know what George? You became the perfect Sissy Maid, you know that right?” She enjoyed my humiliation, but unfortunately she was right I was turned into a real Sissy.

"Thank you ma'am,I trying my best"

"Hmm are you happy and proud to be a perfect sissy, George ?" She asked me curiously.

Are you happy and proud to of being a good lover, or a good teacher? Are you happy and proud to being  a good Husband? These are questions that deserve an answer, but are you happy and proud of being the perfect Sissy? I was tired of answering such humiliating questions? This Conversation tortured me more than any housework or punishment.

“Come on Sara, please, I'm really embarrassed” I tried to get some kind of mercy from her stone heart.

“George, we're currently in conversation . If you do not want to talk, can you tell me freely? And the next time you're done with a sentence without "ma'am" in it you will get two more days in your chastity cage. Am I a clear youngman?” She had complete control of the situation. Is this a normal conversation of a married couple? I do not think so, but who am I to judge?

"No ma'am i mean i really want to talk with you, i'm really sorry about that "  Where is this conversation going, Sara is now a victim, and I'm forced to apologize, I really do not know for  what.

“Hmm okay then let's talk, where we stopped, George ?” She victoriously restored the previous topic of conversation, although she knew where we were, she wanted to hear it from me.

“You asked me, am I happy and proud to be the perfect Sissy maid, ma'am.” my voice trembled in shame.

“Oh, yes,I almost  forgot. So are you?” again that look at curiosity.

“Yes ma’am” I gave a quick and brief answer in a loud voice.

“What? i did not hear you.” Sara asked angrily

“Yes ma’am” this time I was a little louder.

Yes, ma'am, what?George,dont make me fucking angry !!!YES Ma'am, WHAT ?!?!?! She started screaming at me.

“Yes Ma’am, I am very  happy and proud Sissy Maid, Ma’am.It is my honor  to be your Sissy.” I answered frightened. I lied, I hated being Sissy, I hated it, I hated my life and all these nonsense, I hated everything around me, I was ashamed of myself and this hilarious yellow dress. But no matter how I tried not to see things like mine reality, my wife was here to help me not to forget that this is my harsh reality.

“Hahah you are such a good girl, of course you are happy and proud. It is your reality and do not forget it, but if you forget I am here to refresh your memory ahahah, Just like last night .So dont forget your place Sissy and everything will be fine, okey?” Her mood returned to normal, just like nothing had happened. Very acting and manipulation, she is a real bitch. She said and kissed me on the forehead.

“Yes ma'am, I will not forget.” I will definitely not forget, I really hated the method my wife used to refresh my memory.

“It's better for you to not forget, youngboy.” She called it "young boy" with a special emphasis, she enjoyed it. She liked to call me "young boy", "young man", "good girl" or "Sissy" or she just use my name in the same way when your mother call you when you do something wrong when you were 10 years old.    “How is your ass by the way ???” she asked how she could take care of the damage she had done.

“It really hurts, ma'am” I said with a sad voice.

“Oh, poor Boy, show me your ass.” she stroked my face. I got up, I screwed up my ass against her, I lifted my dress and leaned in. My ass was only 2 feet away from her face. “Woow ,amazing , it is purple,black,red hahaha i am really good in spanking.” She was very thrilled with the look of my beaten ass.. She began to touch him, began to scratch him like a cat with her nails. It all went along with my moaning. It took about 3 minutes for me all eternity. She slap me on my naked ass tightly and ordered me to turn face to her.

“Expose your clit, bitch !!!” she thought of my dick locked in a cage.

“Yes ma’am” I stood before her, I held up the raised dress with my hands. My wife now had no obstacle sitting at just 2 feet of my locked penis and soon she started inspecting. I just looked forward as a well-trained Sissy, I did not have the right to see what my wife was doing down there, in fact, if I had that right, the dress would not have allowed me to see what was happening there. This situation is not normal for a normal family, but are we a normal family? Is it normal that the "man" in the house stands upright before his wife drinking morning coffee, dressed in funny Sissy Uniform with locked cock in chastity cage.

It was completely silent about 2 minutes, my wife just looked at my locked cock.

“CLACK CLACK  CLACK “This sound interrupted the silence in the room. Sara fluttered with her nails on the plastic cage.

“Awww auchh awww !!!” Sarah began to touch my balls with her long nails, began to scratch and punch her. Each of her touches caused agony and pain.

"Oh, poor baby, its hurts you?" She said as she bullied my balls.

“Awww yes ma’am” I answered with pain.

“How long has it been since you have cum George???” She asked as she played with my balls.

“Awww auch 28 days ma’am aww.” Although yesterday she asked the same thing she enjoyed the conversation.

“28 days ???” she asked indignantly.

“Yes ma’am 28 days” I repeated it.

“How quickly the time has passed, is that right George ???” Quickly???, These 28 days for me were the longest and the slowest 28 days in my life.

“Yes ma'am, really fast” I was lying

“Your balls are in excellent condition for 28 days. Indeed, they are inflated and blue, but I think they can do some day’s  more without orgasm. What do you think about it, honey ?”

“Oh they really hurt me a lot, ma'am. Really desperately I need a release.” I almost cried.

“How many days before you will have the opportunity for release?”

“Seven days ma'am” I felt like a little kid.

“Damn, George our conversation really turn me on. You're locked so you will not be able to extinguish me hahahah. However, I am fair and I will allow you to satisfy me with your tongue. Actually, we will play one game in which you will get a chance to reduce one day. You want that opportunity, George?” She was a real bitch.

“Yes ma’am it would be nice” I was ready to throw out one day from this hell.

“All you need is to do something in which you are really good. You need to satisfy me with your mouth, but you have to do it in 15 minutes.” She told me the offer that sounded really fair to me. Before I can say that I agree with the game (not that I had another opportunity) she cut me off.

“But,but if you do not succeed in 15 minutes, you will receive extra one day for each minute.” She announced with a voice in which she enjoyed her cruelty. Why does she do this to me? Do I really deserve to be part of these dirty games in which there was only one loser ... Me.

"But , aawww , auuuuch " She clenched me so hard on my balls before I could speak anything. It was so hard for me that I could barely breathe.

“Shut up right  now, I hate complaints when I'm fair and generous to you. These extra days are enough to get you more motivation to finish in 15 minutes. When you get the chance to get something, I usually expect "thank you" from you.”

“Than…. Awwwww auchhh awwww” This time the grip was much stronger.

“Silent when I speak, you idiot!!! Otherwise I will cut your balls and I'll put them in your mouth. Go to the bathroom wipe that funny lipstick and come back to give me the best orgasm in my life, bitch!” She screamed at me as she tightened my balls. With her last word, she stopped clutching me and it was a sign to do exactly as she told me. I did not say anything, in  silence I put up my panties and headed into the bathroom to wash the lipstick from my lips. I stood in front of the mirror. I did not recognize myself, it was not me. How I allowed myself to be humiliated by my own wife in this way. Sarah was right that with the extra day rule for every minute I was really motivated. I did not want to get extra days, I really desperately needed orgasm.

When I returned to the room, Sara waited quite naked, with her legs spread. In her hands was her phone ready with a timer. She was ready and she eagerly waited for me. She was excited and moist down there. She only showed with her finger to her wet pussy and I knew what I should do. Above the ankle from the right leg was the key from my cage. The key that I could easily pick and unlock. I could satisfy my wife in a way I desperately desired. I knelt in front of her, put my hands behind me and waited for a sign that I could start.

“Start” she said and pressed the phone and the time began to count down. I started to lick her pussy. She was completely damp and juicy. I used all my skills and all my energy. I ran with my tongue, I dug as hard as I could deeper and deeper. My whole work was followed by her groaning and screaming. I did not know how much time had passed, finally she cum it directly into my face.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  “She explodes directly into my face. I cleaned up her juicy pussy.

“Guess what, 19 minutes, I bet the next time you'll work harder. 4 more days for you bitch” She barely spoke after a strong orgasm. My world has collapsed, I was really disappointed, now I have to wait 11 days for release. This torture killed me slowly but surely.

“Massage my feet, I want to relax a bit.”

“Yes ma'am” I just started with a massage, Sara's phone rang.

“Heeeeey, girl!!!! Hahahaha “I could guess that it was a Kelly.

“No no  you don’t wake me up , haha I am awake for almost an hour”

“Of course, a wonderful evening, maybe we were a little drunk, but of course we had too much fun”

“Haha yes yes it is true however we are two free girls” Sara talked, as if I did not exist here. She did not show any gratitude to me. Free girl? did our longtime marriage make Sara a free girl? She completely ignored the fact that her husband was squatting in front of her and massaging her legs.
“Hahaahha yes the guys were really Young and handsome.” What the hell they were having fun with young and handsome men’s. Sarah was not ashamed at all from the conversation she enjoyed in her, and in the focus of her eyes she enjoyed what my angry face was looking at.

“Neither, I liked Steven more, he was a real bomb. Actually, I think you really liked Bryan.” Who the hell were Steven and Bryan. I was really angry I wanted to grab Sara's hair, to stiffen her phone from the floor and make her explain to me what exactly happened last night. But if I had the courage I would not be where I was, so I continued to massage Sara's feet best I could as well brought up Sissy. The key was only a handful of my hands.

“Hahaha but come on  Kelly, I'm a married woman” She talked as if she was a teenager, not a married woman.

“Of course that evening must be repeated as soon as possible”

“No, I did not lie down to sleep right away, I had to remind George where his place belong” . Here Sara has already gone through all the lines, she told Kelly, our whole private life. For a moment I stopped with a massage and I saw Sara straight in the eyes with my mouth open. I was amazed and surprised. She gave me a sign to go on and showed me that she was not joking.

“haha believe me that he will remember his place until his butt does not heal, and it will not be soon hahahahaah.” It was the truth

What is he doing now? She is currently dressed in a yellow sissy dress, so I think "she" is more fit for her.

“AJAAHAHAHHAahahahahahah” From the phone, Kelly's loud laugh was heard.

“She does good things, first I got oral orgasm, I get massage at my feet right now.” they spoke for me as if I were female.

“Oh, you do not know, her tongue is the best, trust me.”

“Of course you will receive oral pleasure and massage on your feet, you are my friend.”

“Of course she will love that, believe me, even will beg for that hahaha” I could not believe what I was listening to.

“Of course you can come here tonight, I see you in the gym than.” My wife said and ended the conversation with Kelly.”

“Okay, massage is enough, kiss them.” She continued to humiliate me, as the phone conversation with Kelly had not happened at all.

“Yes ma’am” I started kissing Sarah's feet, her feet were barefoot and so sexy. I wanted to talk on many topics but I knew it was not the right moment. After 2 minutes of kissing on her soles, she clasped her foot against my mouth and stood up.

“Clean the table and prepare breakfast. I like bread with peanut butter and honey a glass of milk and bananas. Make 2 servings I bet you're hungry. Prepare orange juice for the gym. And I hurry up .” she said and left the room.

“Yes ma’am” That I will have a normal breakfast make me forget what happened this morning. I was motivated and I prepared the breakfast very quickly, everything was ready, and I waited with my hands forward in front of the table in the kitchen. My breakfast was placed on the ground next to Sara's chair.

Finaly  she came. She was dressed in white sporting leggings, sporting sneakers, and a baseball cap which her hair was caught in a ponytail. She was stretched in the leggings, under her leggings, the red string pants were clearly seen. Her handsome body and those leggings made a provocation for every man. My cock wanted to explode. Why Is life so cruel to me? I lived with a real sex bomb and I did not dare touch it. She was like banned chocolate after a dentist. I wanted to fuck her more than anything. She headed for the chair and I rolled her chair like a real gentleman. Without thanking she sat down and began to examine the food. I stood beside her and waited for the next instruction.

“I allow you to eat at the table,George” She enjoyed the power she had on me. She enjoyed playing with me like with Yo-yo.

“Thank you ma’am” We started eating, I was happy because I finally had a normal meal and I could eat as a man on the table and not like a dog on the cold tiles. This silence made me nervous, but I also enjoyed in  peace. I enjoyed in my  breakfast.

“What will you do while I'm in the gym, sweetheart?” My wife asked me. This is a question that I need to ask, but in our house it was the opposite.

“Soo I  will wash the dishes in the kitchen, clean the bathroom and I will check the tests for the work.” I sounded like all things are  under control and how that’s was my  decision  what to do.

“Boring !!! I really do not know how you enjoy doing all those boring household chores. But who am I to judge you, you just do what makes you happy, is that right ?” she said while enjoying the breakfast. Wait a minute, did she say with pleasure? All these obligations that I have been forced to do. I really do not enjoy one of them. I want to see my wife wash her dishes. I wanted to see her cleaning the  house while I enjoy a cool beer and a sports game.

“Yes, Ma’am, I'm doing it with pleasure.” I did not want to anger her. My response caused satisfaction to her face.

“I'm really happy to have you, I do not know what to do without you, you are a wonderful husband, George. I do not know how to handle alone with all these house obligations, really my life is much easier with you.” She said this while holding my hand, after a long time I felt some kind of love from my wife. Hurt the fact that I was good for her just as a sissy.

“Thank you, Ma’am, I'm really glad to make you happy.”

“I'll go to the gym with your car while I'm there I want you  to wash my car and for lunch I want a roasted chicken with rice.” She ordered me, changing her friendly and  soft voice with a voice that touches the heart.

“But Sara, I really have to finish the tests for tomorrow” I looked at her with puppy eye’s.

“Ohhh how long do you need to finish them?”

“mmm about 4 hours, ma'am” If I work in peace and quiet

“Okay then you will cut 3 hours of sleep time tonight. It's not my fault,that  you do not know how to organize your time. I expect a good lunch and a clean car when I come back, am I clear?” She finished with a glance that indicated  me that she was not joking.

“Yes ma’am, everything is clear.”

“ Okay then, breakfast was wonderful. When I return before lunch, we will have 1 hour for an open conversation. We'll talk about your birthday party, and about everything you want to ask me, so while you work, you can think.” She got up and took the backpack and headed for the garage, I followed her like a faithful dog. At the exit door I kissed her sneakers and I wished her a nice day.

So here I am, while the whole normal world enjoyed in the Sunday  afternoon. My wife ordered me  to stay at home. The house is not so bad  place if you enjoy in  it. For example, the home would not be a bad place if you watch a TV in a  bed and enjoy beer. It would not be bad if you have wild sex with your wife during  the Sudnay afternoon. Not that this morning I did not have sex, all that my wife did to me this morning  was equal to sex, but of course I was the fucked one. Sunday may be nice day if you're not wearing a yellow sissy uniform and locked in high heels in which you're barely walking.

So first I cleared the table and I washed the dishes from the breakfast. In my mouth the taste of Sara's pussy still felt. I was disappointed because I got four more days in my cage. My wife left so many tasks that I did not have time to get angry about what she cut me 3 hours from my evening dream. I had to hurry. The next task was the bathroom, it had to be clean and dry according to Saras standards.When I ended up with the bathroom, I headed into the kitchen where I prepared the chicken and put it in the stove to bake. Now is the time to do what I hated the most. It's time to clean the luxurious Lexus ES 350 of my wife.

The luxury that offered this car could only be felt when I clean it or only when Sara would let me drive like a co-driver. Sara never allowed me to drive this car,She saying  that I am not a good driver enough for this type of car so I am satisfied with my 20 year old Renault Clio. Car wash would not be a problem if I'm wearing regular men's clothing. It was  the end of October and outside  it was really cold. It would not be a problem if the wind did not blow that strong. The dress was of such a thin material that it did not help me to stay warm. The stiletto shoes that I was forced to wear gave me the biggest problem, the fact that I could not move normally significantly slowed down my work. It meant more cold for me more work and less hope of having my free time before Sara came home. I also could not get rid of my dress and high heels. It was very difficult considering that I was working with water. I had to work slowly and carefully. My hands were freezing. Sara's standards for a clean car were at a high level. I could be in trouble for a single unclean stain. Still, the car was not so impure, so I did not have that much work. The courtyard was enclosed by high walls, but still there was a risk of being seen in this hilarious dress. The car's interior was my favorite part for cleaning. Apart from enjoying the luxurious leather seats, I had the opportunity to warm my frozen hands. But the most I enjoyed using the sports radio while cleaning. Of course my wife did not know about this little secret. How pathetic? As she enjoyed with Kelly in the gym, I was pleased with the sport radio program while cleaning up the car of my wife wearing a yellow dress. As I cleaned the drawers, one drawer opened accidentally. I had a ban on opening all the drawers in the car so I immediately closed it. But still something dropped out of the drawer. When I took it to bring it back I saw it was a box with condoms. I was shocked and the whole world collapsed on me. The box was open and there was a condom missing. It happened that I was afraid for so long, there was a doubt that my wife cheated me. I was furious I wanted to call her and ask her what the condoms in her car meant. But still I managed to calm down and finish off with car cleaning. I checked the chicken but it was not yet ready, so I decided to use the time to check some test’s. 10 minutes passed when I heard how my wife arrives with my Renault. I immediately went to the front door and waited for her to greet her with respect as she deserved. I stood by the door as a good sissy. When she opened the door, I greeted her with a curtsy.

“Welcome home ma’am” I said, I knelt and kissed her sneakers.

“CRAAACK !!!!!” real darkness happened when I tried to straighten up. My left cheek was in the fire. To be honest, I did not expect this strong slap. I was confused and surprised, I did not know exactly what was happening  at that moment. I did not know why I deserved this slap.

“Are you fucking kidding me, bitch ???” she stood angrily with her hands on her hips.

“Am am   Im not understant ,ma'am” my voice trembled, I was scared.

“You are sissy, right?” she asked me.

“Yes ma’am” I still did not understand anything.

“So tell me what kind of sissy you are without red lipstick on your lips ???” she asked indignantly.

“Oh i'm really sorry ma'am , I had a lot of work around the ...” I tried to find an excuse. How could I forget to put lipstick on my lips.

“Shhhhh!!! no excuses “She put her finger on my lips and silenced me before I could finish the sentence.

“I’m sorry ma’am I forget about it “I was overwhelmed by admitting I was guilty.

“So you forget about it?”

“Yes ma’am, I forget about it “I answered with a sad voice.

“And what happens when you forget something, George ?!?!?”

“You're here to refresh my memory, ma’am.” I knew where these conversations were going.

“Exactly,  10 strokes with your belt  it's a fair number to help you to not forget next time. Do you agree? “She enjoyed this, she did not miss any of my mistakes to pass without punishment.

“Yes ma’am , thank you ma’am”               My ass still hurt me, and I earned plus 10 strokes just because my lips were without lipstick.

“I want you to beg  me to give you the punishment at exactly 9:00 pm, not a minute earlier or later, am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am” Damn, now i had to beg her to give me that beating.

"Good , take care of that now!" She strictly ordered me after throwing her backpack and coat directly into my face and and she went into the living room.

 Have you ever been punished and humiliated by your wife for some reason? Does your wife have the right to punish and humiliate you when you make a mistake? I tried to imagine Robert in a yellow dress. I tried to imagine  Samantha how she punished him because there was no lipstick on his lips. It was hard to even to imagine that . I tried to imagine how I was returning a dead drunk in 3 am, I imagined how I wake up my Sara to get me dinner. That's what Robert did, not me. Probably while I am standing in front of my wife wearing a yellow sissy dress and I  endure all these insults and humiliations, Jack and Robbert enjoyed a weekly baseball match with  beer. The same match that I was able to listen  on the sports radio while I cleaned up my wife's car. I'll probably get punishment if my wife find out about it. Every sport program was banned in our house, I mean her house.When I ended up with her backpack I went back to the living room where my wife was sitting tired of the armchair.

“Is my lunch ready, loser?” She asked me in same moment when i entered in the room

“Mmm in 10 minutes will be done ma’am”

“Oh, okay, we have a little time to inspect the car then. Follow me!!!” She got up and, with quick steps, headed out to the car. I tried to follow it with satisfactory speed but it was difficult.

“Hurry up !!” she screamed at me. This situation so much irritated me that I wanted to   slap her so strong  and tell her to stop screaming at me. But the only thing I did was speed up my movement on the orders of my wife.

“Stand there?” she pointed with her finger to the pillar  that was in front of her car. Without saying anything, I put my nose in front of the pillar  and I stood in complete silence. Sarah wandered around
the car, checking every inch inside and outside. It all took about 3-4 minutes. What would anyone think if  catch us in this situation ???

“Come here right now!!!” Sara sounded like she found something. I headed straight to Sarah right away.

“What is this George?” she pointed to one spot over the back wheel. It looks like I missed a small spot.

“Seems like i  have missed that ma’am”

“Lick it off” she is not joking.

“Please Sara” I tried to avoid this humiliating order.

“Lick it off and let's get ready to prepare my lunch, I'm fucking hungry, tired and nervous” It was her last words. I blinked and licked the unclean part of the car, it was disgusting.

"Such a loser"She said as i licked the dirty stain.

“All right, it's enough of cleaning, Sissy.You need to prepare my lunch, I'm starving.” She said and grabbed me by the ear. She dragged me by the ear to the kitchen. She pushed me so hard and tightened that I thought she would tear my ear.

“Call me when everything is ready!!!” said Sara and went into the living room.

“Yes ma’am” Roast chicken with rice, mmmm this smelled really good, the chicken looked delicious. The smell made me hungry even more. Will I have the opportunity to eat this tasty lunch, will my wife allow me? I served the table. I made the risk and I set a plate for me. I hoped that my wife would have little mercy for me. I went to the living room where my wife rested on the two-seater.

“lunch is ready,ma’am” I looked really funny with my hands laid ahead of my dress.

Sara just looked at me and headed for the kitchen. She did not say anything completely ignored me. I followed her as if a faithful butler 2 steps behind her.

“Are we waiting  a guest, George?” she asked me just when she  noticed that the table had 2 plates.

“Mmm no ma'am we don't wait for a guest.” I should not have done this risk, not in this situation, when my Sara is in a bad mood.

“Can you explain to me what the second plate means?” She asked me with a glance that only meant one, came more punishment for me.

“I'm sorry, ma'am, I'll take it now.” I tried to ignore the question and went to take the second plate.

“Of course you will take it off, but first answer my question? What the second plate means?? She asked me again but with a slightly higher tone.

“I thought I was going to eat with you, ma'am, I apologize.” I said with a sad voice.

“Did I give you such an order?”

“No ma’am.”

“No? Does this mean you do not respect the ban for using cutlery or  simply you forgot about it???” She asked me while she ate.

I did not know what to answer, the two answers meant punishment for me, but I decided on the second answer.

“I'm sorry I forgot about that,ma’am” I did not know if she enjoyed more at lunch or in our conversation.

“Bring me a Chardonnay !!!” In our home there were only high quality wines, my wife is a huge wine lover. Maybe you already understand that any alcohol was strictly forbidden for me in the house . I could only drink when I was out with my friends and that very little. But it was very rare, because I rarely had to go out with my friends .

“Yes ma’am” before I go for wine, I reached for the second plate .

Auuuuuucchhhhhhhh awwwwww” I screamed with pain, I thought my hand was broken. before I was able to grab the plate, my wife hit me so hard with her fork, on my hand that I could not believe it. I was in shock and disbelief, my hand terribly hurt .

We are not done yet with this plate, you idiot !!!” she screamed at me.

Was there an end to this torture and humiliation? My wife nearly broke my palm because I put cutlery on the dining room for me. In my own house, I did not have the right to use cutlery. I did not have the right to eat from the lunch that I did with my own hands. Do I have any rights at all? With pain in my hand I filled the glass of Sara with white wine as if I were a high-paying butler. Without thanks, she continued to eat from the chicken. I stood beside her with my glance towards the ground. She ate with a great appetite completely ignored me. She ate from her lunch and did not care about my hand at all. I could only stand and imagine how beautiful she is. I can’t  even see her without permission, I could not even enjoy it. Even if I was allowed  to see her ,had no effect, my dick was locked. Besides this kind of sex bomb I was dressed in a women's dress and I had locked cock. I could just stand there and listen to her enjoying her lunch.

So, you forgot about the ban? She asked me after 5 minutes.

“Mmm, yes, I'm really sorry, ma'am I was afraid of more punishments.

How many days have left, from the ban on using cutlery? She asked me, looking directly at my soul.

25 days ma’am” I immediately answered

Now we will make it  35 days”

“Thank you ma’am” This time I passed with a little punishment.

“Bring your real bowl now” she said and continued to eat.

“Yes ma’am” I immediately got down to the garage and took my metal doggy bowl. No matter how humiliating I was, I was happy. I was happy because I would eat whether it would be like a dog. Just as I returned to the kitchen, my wife pointed her finger in the floor next to her right foot. Without saying anything I left my bowl there. Sarah began to spit inside the bowl. She put a bone with very little flesh. For a while I got a meal mixed with a lot of saliva. When she finally finished she took the glass of wine and my meal and went to the living room. Shortly afterwards I heard the TV while I was fixing the kitchen and washing what was unclean.

I really enjoyed while washing the dishes. Yes, you have read well. I enjoyed it and you are surely wondering, why? Cold water really helped me with the pain I felt in my palm. After that strong blow, I really enjoyed a cold  water on my arm. Immediately after I finished with the kitchen I went to my wife in the living room. She enjoyed on the couch eating chocolate. In the middle of the room was my meal.

“Eat, dogy!” she told me as soon as I appeared.

“Thank you ma’am” I knelt at all four, and I started eating from the bowl like  as if I were a dog. The taste was strange, the taste of spit was dominating. There was a mild taste of chocolate that made my lunch really disguasting. While I was in the kitchen, Sarah spat out of the chocolate inside. While I ate my food, the focus of my eyes was on my wife. She looked at her phone and relaxed. She completely ignored me, for her this was a completely normal event from everyday life.

A man dressed in a yellow sissy dress eats the food residue on the floor like a dog, in the presence of his wife. Is this a normal situation in your family?

“You know what ? fuck that shit , because the next 35 days you will eat as a dog, I decided that you should sleep like a dog in your cage. Let's see if it will improve your memory sir.” She was playng with all my freedom, I already regretted that I gave the occasion for such punishments. I really hated that cage, unfortunately the next 35 nights I will spend in it because my wife thinks I deserved it.

“Did you finish the food?”my wife asked me after 5 minutes.

“Yes ma’am “

“Good , take that doggy dish out of here, and prepare me plastic wash basin  with hot water. My legs need massage and washing before you  starting with a pedicure” she ordered me with a lazy voice.

“Yes ma’am” I was tired of these stupid tasks, I was tired of this humiliation, but still with the bent head carefully I followed all her instructions. So I quickly found myself in front of my wife's bare feet that was ready to get the treatment that followed. Everything was ready, hot water and soap. I gently put her bare feet in the water. I saw the pleasure of her face. I swallowed my male pride and I started. My wife proudly watched me clean her beautiful legs while drinking wine. I felt a level lower than her when I was rubbing her feet with the soap.

“So I promised you that we will have an open conversation this afternoon” said Sara.

“Yes ma’am” I answered resolutely while cleaning her fingers on Sarah's legs 1 by 1.

“Okay then, before we start bringing me the cigarettes out of the bedroom, you'll find them in my black purse, I want to smoke”. she ordered me.

“Yes, ma'am” I immediately headed towards the bedroom.

“Quicklyy!!!” she screamed when she noticed that I was moving with a normal speed.

“click, clack, click, clack, click, clack” ridiculous  sound occurred when I increased my speed. by the way, I was wondering whether to add another day without orgasm because of that cigarette? However, I remembered that we had an open conversation so I decided to ask. When I returned to the living room, I light  her cigarette as a real gentleman. She blew the first smoke directly into my face, which caused choking and a cough. She followed me with a smile on her face, when my suffocation and coughing ended, she pointed to her legs with her hand holding the cigarette. Her red nails were in contrast to the red remnants of her lipstick around the cigarette. It was a sign that I must continue to wash her legs. Cleaning her legs, I wondered if I would ever have a chance to have to clean the remains of her red lipstick on my dick. It was really easy, all I have to do is pick up the key I've already touched several times by cleaning her legs and unlocking this stupid plastic. The next thing I need to do is to push my hard dick straight into her throat.

“Ashtray!!!” she woke me up from my porn dream.

I lifted my head to her hand and opened my mouth wide. She used my mouth as an ashtray and shook a piece of ash inside.

“Thank you ma’am” I thanked with grimace on my face after I swallowed the ashes. She only gave me another command with her hand without speaking a word. I continued to wash her feet. Sara knows that I hate cigarette smoke very much and that's why she did not miss a counter to blow me directly into my face. Whenever I cocked I felt her smile. I imagined just how nice life is to be in her place. A successful lawyer who enjoys life and opportunities. Her only concern is how to command her husband. She enjoyed the Sunday afternoon after a gym and a nice lunch she enjoyed with a glass of wine and television program, while her husband washed her legs dressed in a yellow sissy dress. she enjoyed while using his mouth as an ashtray while he was fantasizing about a normal sex with his wife. While this was happening the whole house was perfectly cleaned, her car was cleaned and she did not spend a second on it.

“Okay, dear, you can start with the conversation.” she said in a friendly voice.

“Thank you ma’am” I was ready to talk about many topics. Open discussion to improve our marriage. Every Sunday afternoon we have an open discussion in which I have the opportunity to say what I mean without being severely punished. So I decided to start with a question about her smoking.

“Do I have to add another day for the cigarette?” I asked her.

“Oh very carefully from your side, but not this time I do it for pleasure.” Finally a fair decision in my favor.

“Thank you ma’am. I think that Kelly knows too…”

“Ashtray!!” she cut me cold. What kind of bitch I said to myself.

“Thank you ma’am” I thanked for the ashes and I returned to the position to continue washing Sara's feet.

“The water is cool now , you should immediately replace it with warm.” Again she cut me off only when I wanted to continue the topic.

“Yes ma’am” Disappointed I went to change the water. Really this psychiatric torture destroyed me. My wife is really harsh with her mental games. After a short time I returned with warm water and immediately continued to wash her feet.

“I wanted to say that Kelly… “I tried to continue the conversation from where we stopped.

“Ashtray !!!” she stopped me again. Here I am again in the ashtray position with a wide open mouth. She filled my mouth with ashes, with a great pleasure. There was already nervousness on my face.

“Thank you ma’am” I thanked and returned to her feet.

“And what about Kelly ? Come on George hurry up i don't have all day about this conversation!!”

To hurry, was she serious? It was me the one who cut our conversation over the past 2 times ??? However, I decided to jump over this provocation and continued with the conversation.

“I think Kelly knows too much about our marriage, it's unpleasant to me that she knows everything about our marriage. It's really unpleasant to serve her in a woman's dress. I think it's okay to let me know when our guests come to have time to weari male clothes. Please, Sara, stop doing this to me.” I almost cried.

“First of all ,you need to show a little respect to her even when she is not here, Second, by not respecting my friend, you do not automatically respect me.

“I apologize ,I am sorry ma'am” I tried to fix my mistake

“You will apologize later to Miss Kelly in personally, and I promise you will be sorry for that. Kelly is my best friend and she is already part of our life, try to get used to it. I personally think that you are a sissy and you have nothing to hide. But I will still notify you when I expect guests, are you happy now?”

“Yes ma’am , thank you ma’am” I was everything, but not happy.

“Bring me your bowl, I am done  with the cigarette” She ordered it after she blew straight to my face for the last time.

“click, clack, click, clack, click, clack” after she threw the cigarette  but into my bowl we continued.

“Okay, it's enough of washing, it's time for a massage before starting to paint my toes”

“Yes ma’am” I immediately picked up the towel and quickly got her feet dry and ready for massage.

“Kiss them before you start, I know you enjoy it” When will this cursed weekend end? I did as I was told and started with a massage.

“Okay, do you have more unclear questions?”
“Yes ma’am , who are Steve and Bryan?” somehow I collected the courage to ask.

“Well ,well someone spied me ?Hmmm...” again that manipulation lion plays a victim. WTF !!! She spoke on the phone quite normally while I massaged her legs even if I wanted not to hear the conversation I could not.

“No no ma’am I ” I tried to explain.

“Shhhhhhh “ She cut me up. For that we will discuss later, let's answer your question. They are none and nothing, just some ordinary handsome guys with who we had an interesting evening, nothing more.”

“Sara, I think I'm bothered with getting out with younger, handsome guys.” she had to know that.

“Oh, is anyone jealous?” she asked me while she was drinking from the wine.

“Yes ma’am I think I am.“ it was true, I was jealous of those guys.

“Okay, it's good to know that. Will you forbid me to go out sir?”With this question I already know that she was playing with my feelings again.

 “No ma’am” I replied without hesitation.

“Why not ?” she was curious.

“Because I can’t ma’am” I felt too weak.

“You can’t? why you can’t ,Mister ?” she continued to question me. I did not know what to answer, suddenly my heart started to knock quickly, in fact I knew what to answer but did not want. For a moment I stopped with the massage, I froze with the look in my wife's feet.

“Did I order you to stop massaging?” she asked.

“No ma’am” I immediately answered and continued to massage my wife's feet.

“What happened, you don’t know what to answer? Come on,  macho man, answer  your wife  why you can’t not forbid her to go out?” She was ironic and enjoyed this torture.

“I don’t know what to answer ma’am” I was entangled in a cobweb.

“You know what George, To be  honest, I did not expect you to open up such interesting conversation themes, I really enjoy. Before I tell you the answer that you do not know, I want to fill my empty glass with wine” She started slowly to mood, but in her face I watched a certain dose of nervousness.

“Yes ma’am” I immediately took her glass and quickly returned with her wine. I immediately continued with the massage on her legs. I heard my wife enjoying the beautiful chardonnay.

“You know what George, I really enjoy to drink wine,especially when I buy it with your money” She spoke while playing with a glass of wine.

“WTF she talking about, why she change our topic?” i asked myself.

“Why you never drink wine George?” she asked, although she knew the answer well.

“I have a ban on drinking alcohol ma’am” I would do everything for a glass of good wine.

“Oh, who gave you a ban on that?”

“You ma’am” I replied.

“Exactly me” She caught my mouth to look like a fish, she looked directly at me in my eyes.” I am the one who gives orders in our house, and you are the one who follows all those orders. I am the one who gives permits and bans. You know why this is like that? Because you are my bitch, because you're an ordinary pussy, you are a sissy. That's the answer we are looking for. You must not be jealous of other men because you are not a man at all. SO I ASK YOU ONCE AGAINE  CAN YOU FORBID ME  TO GO OUT !?!?!? she still held my mouth as if I were her bitch.

“No ma’am” I mumbled.

“That's right, you can’t. I'm going to have fun when I want, where I want  and with who 3I want. And while I enjoy it, you know what you're going to do? You will be locked in your cage like a real bitch and you will wait for your wife to come back from a party and beat you for no reason as I did yesterday. Do you have to ask something else?” she angrily pushed my head.

“No ma’am” I answered and immediately I continued to massage her legs.

“You do not ask me, did I fuck with them?” she asked me not quite seriously.

I did not answer anything, I just looked at it with a look who asked that question.

“Come on Georg, are you serious, of course not I am a married woman would you think of such a thing for me?” she tried to explain and already looked quite seriously.

“Sara while I was cleaned your car accidentally one drawer opened  and a  box of condom dropped from there.” I was really interested in her answer.

“Oh my poor little baby ,that’s why you are so jealous. It's Kelly's condoms, before she leaves, accidentally fell out of her purse. You really have to believe me. Think, if it were mine, would I be scared of you and try to explain it to you?” She hugged me strongly, after a long time I felt some kind of love from her side. She was right, even if the condoms were her, she had no reason to explain to me. For a moment my soul calmed down, I really felt much better.

“I think there's enough massage, it's time to paint my toes .” again the old Sara and her orders.

“Yes ma’am” I answered and immediately I went to get everything I needed for it. As always, she wanted a red color. For 2 years, the pedicure and the manicure were my job. My wife forced me to do it, saving money, but actually she does it to humiliate me even more. I really hated to do it, but over time I became a real professional. I start with  painting. It was total silence about 5 minutes.

“Ten strokes with a belt because you spy me while I talk to my best friend. Ten strokes with your belt because you broke the ban on opening the drawer in my car and ten strokes with your belt because you did not show enough respect to my best friend and to apologize to her personally later.” she interrupted the complete silence.

I could not believe what I listened to, after all that happened, I got 30 strokes with a belt. My ass was still burning from the previous beatings. I was angry and immediately I began to resist.

“But  Sara I ....” I just tried to talk, she interrupted me.

“ Shhhhh, no excuses. Right at 9 o'clock,  you will beg me  for all forty strokes am I  clear? she did not want to discuss it at all.

“Yes ma’am” Once again as a million times with the bent head I had to reconcile with the cruel punishment I got. Besides everything I did, do I deserve such a punishment?

“So next Saturday is your birthday, it's time to talk a bit about your birthday party.” she opened a new topic of conversation.

“Yes ma’am.” I really loved my birthday parties. Usually it was a little birthday party with the closest friends, of course, all the food and all preparations for the party I prepared. However, at the party I just enjoyed beer and food and good conversation with my friends, my wife was the one who served all night. She always wants to look like a valuable housewife in the eyes of others. She lied that she had prepared all that food, lied that she was tired and lied that the next 2 days she would have to clean all the mess. she was so convincing that all our friends were a bit sorry for her. Of course it was better to see me as a lazy husband than to see me as a sissy husband. Actually, in the following days I was the one who arranged all the mess, while she enjoyed watching TV and did everything to make my work more difficult with constant orders. While I was purifying, the ringing of her bell interrupted me constantly. Get me a cup of coffee, bring me some wine, she used to call me, so I walked from the kitchen to the living room just to give her the mobile phone or TV remote control that was on the table before her, she could only stretch out her hand and take it alone. In the eyes of our friends Sara was a woman hero, while I was just a lazy husband who enjoyed his life. Whenever Robert and Jack invited me to a match or bar, I was looking for a permit from her. I always had to make up an excuse when she did not allow me and I had to lie to my friends. Always after a movie or dinner, Jack and Robert invite me to continue our evening while our wives go home, of course then Sara gives me a glance that means I do not have the permission to do it, but at the same time while I'm saying I'm tired she asks me to stay with guys and that I need some fun with them together. She manipulated with us all that everyone thought she was a cool wife and that I myself refused to continue with my friends.

“We will invite our parents and all our brothers and sisters, which means that the whole weekend we will have full house of peoples.” it was her power, she decided on everything.

“Yes, ma'am, that would be nice.” I always love those family meetings , Sara organized more meetings with her parents while my parents were ignored and rarely visited and thay were angry at me because of that.

“That means that from tomorrow, I expect your absolute commitment to the general cleaning of the house.” She was very serious, five long days awaited me.

“Yes ma’am.”

“I expect a perfectly clean house in accordance with all my standards, I do not want our parents to get any opportunity to find something not arranged or not clean in my house. I want them to see how valuable wife I am and how my husband's birthday meant to me.” She never allowed to be embarrassed. Sara's standards for a clean house were difficult to follow even on regular days. I was aware that long and difficult days awaited me.

“I will do my best to please you ,ma’am.” I said while I painted her  toenails.

“Of course you will do your best, but to be sure I will give you little help and motivation. So if you embarrass me in front of our family, then I will embarrass you in front of them to, you will serve the whole family in your pink uniform, with full of make up.” she talked as if this was a normal conversation between husband and wife.

“Don’t do this to me, Sara, this is too much,to  far, I beg you.” My face faded, I felt nausea in the stomach, I was scared, I could not believe my ears. Is my beloved Sara ready to go so far? However if you are in my place you should not test my wife about that , and I have to admit that this is a really good motivation.

“I thought so, I knew it would motivate you well.” she was visibly pleased .”I don’t do anything to you, it only depends on you. If you be serious and give it your best, you will not have anything to worry about. When I give you something, in this case a good motivation, I expect you to be grateful.” she said, enjoying every word.

Now I have to thank her , that I will clean the whole house if I do not want to serve my parents in a funny sissy dress.”Thank you ma’am” I thanked and started with blowing  her already red toesnails to get dry.

“I decided to spent  some of my free time just to help you. You will often receive regular control and inspection from me all five days( She did this to have more opportunities to punish me, not to help me), and the fact that you will have obligations about shopping, food preparation and snacks and everyday obligations I consider that time will be your biggest enemy. What do you think about that?” she ask me on the end.

She was right, the fact that she was making a mess every day (intentionally or unintentionally), the time would be my biggest problem.

“Yes ma’am I think I will need more time” I agreed but I did not know how I would get that time.

“So when are you planning to ask for more time? you know that you do not get anything unless you ask for it.” It sounded like a trap for me

“May i get more time,ma’am?” I asked.

“Do you insist?”

Do I have another option? “Yes ma’am”

“Okay then, when you insist, you get more time, we'll cut 2 hours from your sleep time.”

“Come on Sara, you know that I need a dream to be strong and work hard???” I tried to restore the lost 2 hours

“What do you want from me, George? , did you ask about it? even insisted. This is your birthday and I'm doing everything to be right, I'm investing time and I'm trying to help you, and I expect one” thank you” from you and you constantly complain.” Again the predator became a victim.

“I am sorry ma’am , thank you “I again apologized, although I did not feel guilty at all, in fact, I was the only one who was losing  from all these discussions.

“No no George, I'm tired of you, you just complain constantly. Tomorrow you will get a list of tasks and orders. Have you finished with my nails?” she screamed at me.

“Yes ma’am I’m done .“

“In that case I will sleep. Kelly will come around 8 am, so wake me up for an hour. Now, get out of here, you have permission to work on your stupid tests.” She said angrily and walked into the bedroom.

After I took care of the living room, I went to my home office in complete silence. There more than half of the tests were waiting for me. I was jealous of my wife, I was jealous of her life. After long enjoyment, she went to sleep. I was so tired that I really needed that dream. today I lost 3 hours of sleep time because I did not know how to organize my free time.Do I have free time at all ? This means that I have only 4 hours and 30 minutes of sleep tonight, and the next 5 days just 5 hours and 30 minutes per night. The fact that the next 30 (except the next weekend, which I hope to sleep in my comfortable bed with my goddess because of  presence from our parents) days I will sleep in my cage as a dog diminishes additionally the chances of a good sleep. With the touch of the stool appeared that pain in my butt, the pain that reminded me of the last night's beating for which I still did not know the reason. I could only imagine how the pain would be after the 40 strokes I had to ask my wife exactly at 9 pm. I assumed that this shameful act would be in front of Kelly's eyes. How humiliating  this  sounds? An adult man dressed in a yellow sissy dress begs his wife to receive her punishment of forty strokes with a belt in the presence of her best friend. The same man was fucked in the ass with a 6 inch dildo in the presence of two attractive ladies, because his wife ordered so. I already imagined how I served my mother in a red sisy dress on my own birthday. Can you ever imagine yourself  wearing a sisy dress in front of your own mother? When I can cum like a real man??? suddenly I asked this question. Eleven days, if I was lucky, actually if my wife will be in good mood the next eleven days. Still, if I would be happy to get a release for 11 days it did not mean that I would cum like a real man. More often my orgasm meant a real humiliation for me. But for that we will talk in next opportunity (in some other part: D, if I'm not lazy to write), all these problems did not allow me to concentrate on the tests for 20 minutes. So for the next 40 minutes, I managed to review a lot of tests.

The time has come  to wake up my Sara, but before that I went to piss. All this feminine dress on me and the way that I was pissing made me to feel very feminine. In a short time I found myself in front of the bed in our bedroom. While Sara was asleep she looked so naive, she was a real beauty, a true angel in which I fell in love with the bottom of my soul. I could see her like this while she was sleeping for eternity, but I knew that if I did not start awake immediately, that angel could turn into a real devil.

 I started to make love with her feet, I start with  kissing , I  licked them , I sucked her fresh lacquered toes one by one as if I was a cheap whore. She began to sneak into the bed, and began to emit sounds that resembled a cat. It was obvious that she enjoyed this treatment. I continued to make love with her legs for the next 5-10 minutes. Suddenly she pushed my head off with her right foot, it was a sign that I must immediately to stop.

She straightened up in a silver silk sleeping cloak. She took it off and threw it on the floor, I immediately picked it up and put it on the shelf beside the bed as a worthy maid. She did not say anything just directed a drowsy smile to me. She was completely naked, wearing only a mini white sexy  panties. My locked penis noticed her hard and beautiful tits, so he put pressure on the plastic armor around him. God, she is beautiful her smooth body is ideal, I wished to rub those nice tits to play with them, I wished I could have an orgasm directly on them. She turned and headed down to the living room, now my locked cock was provoked by her ideal ass. I wanted to slap that nice ass. She was only one proud woman on her body, who proudly walked in front of her husband. Behind her, she could listen to the sounds that came out of her husband's fuck me pumps. I thought to pick up the key that was on her ankle, to unlock my cock. I imagined how I hung her on my hard cock and I fucked her so hard everywhere around our house. When we entered the living room  she just snapped her finger and pointed to the corner.
 I immediately headed towards the corner, stopped half a foot from the wall and stood with my hands behind me. It was that power Sara possessed on me, she did not even say  a single word and already placed me in the corner. I never understood why I had to stand in the corner. Even the most challenging task and the toughest task were better than time in the corner. Even forty strokes with a belt were lighter than this standing in the corner. In the corner I did not have many options, I could only think and hear around. I heard my wife enter the bathroom, I guess she entered to make a shower. Damn  it that was a minimum of 15 minutes more  in the corner, and I already felt pain in my knees and heels. T ime in the corner was going very slowly a real agony. I wanted to strip off these 5 inch heels, but the little locks did not allow that. It could only be done by my wife at the end of the day, that is, before bedtime. I was lucky I had to carry them only for a few more hours, I would be able to move freely from tomorrow without these women's clothes on me. I lost focus on time, i assumed that I stood about 20 minutes when I heard my wife coming out of the bathroom, but unfortunately she went to the bedroom. I had to wait a little longer. After about 10 minutes she entered the living room, she found me where she left me in the corner. I was happy that she was coming, I was eagerly waiting to get permission to leave this hellish corner. She did not say anything she just kept moving toward the couch. I quickly heard the sound of the TV.I was angry, I was tired, why the hell does she do this to me? I did not have the permission to turn around and see what she was wearing. Everything I could stand in the corner and listen to this stupid fashion program. Besides everything, another enemy appeared. I was desperately thirsty.

“Ding dong ding dong !!!” the sound of the doorbell appeared.

“It must be Kelly, be dear and welcome her.” she told me nonschalantly.

“Yes ma’am” I was happy that i finally make a movement. I felt pain in all the muscles of the body. Before I open the door, I got a big breath. I was still very uncomfortable in front of Kelly. When I opened the door in front of me stood a beautiful figure of a woman. She was dressed in pink tracksuits and sports shoes, she looked pretty tight and sexy. Her pony teal and her smile made her really  sweet woman. What did she see on the other side of the door? That was another story. My face was already  red from shame. I took another deep breath and I maked I curtsy properly. Then I bowed down and kissed her sneakers.

“Hello miss Kelly and welcome. “I said with a shy voice.

Kelly was already thrilled by me . The slightest dose of discomfort on her face could not be noticed. She was so relaxed as if it was normal for a man dressed in a woman's dress to stay in front of her.

“Hi George, how are you?” she asked me as she took off her sneakers.

“I am fine miss Kelly and you ?” I tried to sound like it was everything normal in our conversation.

“When I saw you I feel much better, Sara is in the living room ?” She said and already heading towards the living room. I had to admit that by seeing me, her mood was visibly enhanced. She did not even wait for my answer if Sara was in the living room and even less waited for my permission to enter the room. She was moving quite relaxed as if she were at home.

“Yes she is waiting for you in the living room.” I answered trying to follow her, I suspect that my answer was important.

“Hello hello girl you finally arrived, I'm glad to see you how you are?”My Sara got up and thay hugged  as if she had not seen her for 2 years. These two were too close friends. while they were laughing and hugging for a welcome I stood behind them with a look at my toes.

“Sit down, relax  girl, you'll apologize  me for  a second, I have to fix something.” Said Sara and headed  toward  me. She stood in front of me and grabbed my ear, pulled my ear while my head did not straighten out and our eyes did not meet.

“Do you need something, Sissy ?” she asked me with irony.

“Mmm no ma’am” I was confused and afraid.

“CrackkkkKkkkk !!!!” Suddenly darkness appeared in my eyes. The left side of my face was burning from Sara's right hand. While I managed to figure out what exactly happened.

“CrackkkkKkkkk !!!!” the second slap arrived in less than a second but this time on my right side of the face.

“Hahahaahah oh my god !!!” Kelly could not restrain and began to laugh hysterically in full voice. it contributed to a whole situation being even more humiliating for me.

“Then move  right now your syssy ass where it belongs and wait there until you are called” Sara screamed at me.

“Yes ma’am I am realy sorry.” with the bent head I headed toward the corner, for a moment I found myself in a precarious position and everything I could do was stand and listen to their conversation.

“Come on, Sara, why did you do this?” Kelly asked the question that I was putting in my head at the same time. I was sure Sara did it only to show who was in charge here. Was not it clear enough who was in charge here? We need more evidence?

“Do not worry about him he deserves it.” Sara resolutely answered.

“Come on, you have the most obedient husband around the world, see how sweet he is in that uniform.” Kelly tried to pity me in a way that made me feel even more humiliated.

“Look, girl, why do you think I have exactly that husband?” Sara asked Kelly.

“So probably because George allowed you to do this.” Kelly tried to hit the answer.

“Mm okay it's partly true, I would not have succeeded if George was an alpha male, but have you seen another woman succeed in doing this and is married to a beta man??? Sara tried to explain.

“Mmm definitely not, I know several marriages where a woman has a mild dominance over her husband but definitely this is far too far from it.” it seemed like Kelly was slowly retiring.

“Discipline training and control, these are the three key factors to succeed in having a sissy husband. What happened a little before was a discipline. He must always know his place and that will always remind him of regular training. “My wife explained while Kelly listened very carefully .”And this here, is called control.” My wife showed the key of my chastity cage. If you drop the strings from your hand, your husband will begin to abuse it, become lazy, and chase his own interests, am I right BITCH? She cried out in a loud voice that made me a little bit dizzy.

“Yes ma’am” I immediately agreed.

“Believe me, this is nothing with the beating that comes later, oh, I think we have many more interesting topics for conversation.” At last it seemed that I would not be a topic of conversation.

“Yes, you're definitely right” Kelly agreed.

They started chatting on several topics to talk about singers for actors, in the next 15 minutes I stood in the corner as if I did not exist.

“Oh do you want something for drinking and snacks?” Sara remembered that the table was empty.

“So I don’t know, I could have a cup of juice” Kelly answered.

Dingalingalingaling !!!” It was the Sara’s bell.

click, clack, click, clack, click, clack  Yes ma’am” I said right away from when I did curtsy.

“Be dear and bring us 2 juices, snacks and 2 puddings.” Sara ordered me.

“Strawberry, vanilla or chocolate for puddings, ma’am ?” the last time I brought the wrong taste of pudding I had to lick it all from the floor.

“For me Strawberry” Kelly chose, “Chocolate!!!” Sara was a little tougher.

“Yes ladies” I said while I did curtsy. I immediately disappeared into the kitchen. I drank 2 glasses of water to ex, I was too thirsty. I immediately started preparing the puddings because they took most of the time. Before I made beverages and snacks, I suddenly heard the Sara’s bell.

Dingalingalingaling !!!” What do they want now? I asked myself.

click, clack, click, clack, click, clack  You rang ma’am?

“Yes, Kelly needs an ashtray, be dear” Kelly needs help to park the car, be dear and help. This would be a completely normal request from a normal wife. Be dear and offer your mouth to Kelly to use it as an ashtray was my wife's request.

“Yes ma’am” I said and kneeled beside Kelly with a wide open mouth. Kelly immediately took advantage of my mouth.

“Thank you Miss Kelly. “I learned yesterday's lesson. “You're welcome dear” Kelly was so pleased that she enjoyed every moment.

“OK then, go back to the kitchen we're thirsty chop chop” she snapped with her heands.

“Yes ma’am” I made a quick curtsy and with the quick steps I went to the kitchen.

click, clack, click, clack, click, clack

In a short time I returned with a tray and left the drinks snacks and the poundings  on the table.

“Anything else, ma'am?”I asked.

“No, you can dismiss” it meant that I was returning back in the corner.

One second after I got a position in the corner I heard Kelly's voice: “Ashtraayy !!!” it was the first direct order I received from Kelly, at the moment when my nose touched the corner she called me back, did she do it just to play with me? Of course, I never found out the answer to this question. As I moved towards Kelly I noticed pleasure on her face, she undoubtedly enjoyed the power she had on me. I kneeled in front of Kelly in the ashtray position and waited her to use my wide open mouth.

“Thank you miss Kelly.” I was grateful when she finally used my wide-open mouth. I hated being an ashtray.

“So dear, what are you doing Saturday night?” Kelly asked Sara, ignoring my gratitude.

“Oh, we will make a party for the birthday of George of course you are also invited, is it so, George?” My wife answered and asked me a question for which my answer was already very clear.

“Yes ma’am , miss Kelly it will be my honor if you  attend to my birthday party.” I invited Kelly, but I did not want it.

“Oh, that's wonderful, I'm happy to come to that party.” Kelly immediately accepted the invitation. “Hmm, I wanted to go out with the guys on a drink, are you free on Wednesday or Thursday?” Kelly asked Sara and she  ignore the fact that I was on my knees just before her.

“Oh, that would be nice, but I can not, I promised George that I would help him  about cleaning the house and preparing his birthday.” My wife apologized.

“Oh, come on, girl, will you clean? Laughter asked Sara.” Oh, I am done with the  cigarette, what should I do?” Now she asked again.

“The ashtray is in front of you, use it, but first spit it a little, that tongue is quite useful for other things, if you know what I mean?” Sara did not think for a moment, gave her a green light, when she said that my tongue was useful she winked at Kelly.

“Okey.” Kelly immediately accepted. They treated me as if I were subject, they were so cruel, cold and without any kindness to me. Every next moment, Kelly increasingly fit in the role of dominant over me. Of course my wife offered motivation for it. Kelly spat a large amount of saliva in my mouth, and quite cold just threw the cigarette inside. It was really disgusting, somehow I managed to swallow. I saw pleasure on Kelly's face.

“Thank you miss Kelly.” I immediately thanked. By completing the smoking it meant that I no longer needed around them and I had to go back to my place in the corner. But I did not want to leave on my own, so I decided to ask for permission from Sara. “May i go back to the corner, ma’am?”

Kelly ignored my gratitude, and Sara did not speak anything just move with her hand in a sign that I had permission to go into the corner. I made a curtsy, and in complete silence I went into the corner. All these actions tortured me more than this standing in the corner.

“So you said you would clean?” Kelly laughed.

“Come on, of course not. To be all in my standards, George needs complete control and inspection, and of course a smarter head to plan it all. But even if I was not busy, my husband forbade me to go out.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH “Suddenly a hysterical laugh from the two very attractive ladies in the room began. Although Sara tries to sound seriously, Kelly does not believe it at all. In fact every true man would forbid it to his wife.

“Today, when we talked about Steven and Bryan, he spy on our conversation.” Sara manipulated skillfully.

“Oh, how dare you George, shame on you!!!” Kelly sounded upset.

“Do not worry about it , he will be punished accordingly” explain Sara.

“For the first time I must agree that this time he really has a deserved punishment.” Kelly agreed.

What the hell? I wanted to interrupt them. I wanted to say something in my defense. But what I was doing was standing with my nose in the corner and listening. I was silent as if I were just an ordinary pussy.

“It sounds like your husband is a little jealous?” Kelly added.

Dingalingalingaling !!!” it was the Sara’s bell . I immediately ran towards them and I made Curtsy.

“Yes ma’am ?”

“Kelly have several questions about , can you answer?” This seemed more like an order than a question.

“Yes ma’am , with my pleasure.” I knew that the questions would be very humiliating to me, so Sara asks me to answer them personally.

“Kelly wants to know, are you jealous of the guys?” Sara asked the question until Kelly was waiting for my answer.

“No ma’am” I answered immediately.

“Why not ,George ?” Sara continued with torture. I felt like I was being questioned by a teacher.

“I can not be jealous of them, ma’am” my face was red with shame.

“Why you can’t ?” she did not want to stop until they got the final answer that meant, saying many humiliating words to herself.

“To be jealous of real men’s first I have to be a man, ma’am.” I finally said what was needed. “ “HAAHAHAHAHAHAH “Laughter started, Sara was proud of me, while Kelly was thrilled.

“I must admit that this theory makes sense.” Kelly agreed.

At that moment my heart froze, it was time for something really physical and psychic hard. It was 21 o'clock. That meant it was time to ask for my punishment.

“Ma’am ?”

“Yes George ?”

“May I get my punishment, ma’am?” I asked shyly.

Sara looked at me, pointing to me that something was wrong. Even Kelly wondered what was happening here.

“Please ma’am may I get my Punishment ?” I corrected myself.

“You want  to get your punishment in front of  Kelly?” Sara was acting as if she did not know anything. Kelly enjoyed the show.

“Yes ma’am.” of course ,I was forced to love it, 21 o'clock was not selected without  reason.

“Okay then, it would be fair to ask Kelly whether it will bother her.” propose Sara.

“Do you mind if I get the punishment , miss Kelly?” if anyone is bothered, that is for sure was me.

“So if you insist, and that's so important to you, of course, I have nothing  against it.” Kelly enjoyed the pudding.

“Tell me something, George? If I drink wine, is it okay not to offer a glass of wine to our guest?” Sara asked me.

“No ma’am, that's wrong.” I did not know what was going on.

“Tell me how do you expect me to accept this without offering my friend to?” She sounded so cruel. I could not believe it, literally I was just an ordinary toy for my wife.

“Miss Kelly , would you like to punish me with my wife?” I wanted to go deep down in the ground so that nobody could find me.

“Oh, no, it's too much for me, I do not beat your ass, forget about it.” Kelly retreated. For a moment, I relieved a little.

“If Kelly does not participate in the punishment, then there is no punishment for you, forget about it. But you know the price right ?” It was horrible, if the punishment was canceled it meant that every blow would be replaced by one more day in a chastity and that  was + 40 days. It was really to much I could not agree with that.

“Please miss  Kelly, I beg you to take part in the punishment, I beg you.” I was very serious, I really begged her.

“Come on George, you heard your wife, forget about the punishment everything is fine.” Kelly tried to calm me down.

“No miss Kelly, please if you do not accept I will have to pay price.” I was desperately trying to convince Kelly.

“Look George, I really can’t, I'm sorry, it looks like you will have to pay that price.” Kelly denied again.

Then my “man heart” could no longer endure, I fell to my knees in front of Kelly and I start to cry and beg her even more. Kelly could not believe what was going on. Before her, the husband of her best friend, dressed in a yellow sisy dress, was kneelling ,cried and  begging her to participate in his punishment with a belt so he did not have to pay the mysterious price.

“What is happening here, Sara,  what price he need to pay?” Kelly was upset.

“Nothing special, for every stroke he  will get 1 day in his chastity if his punishment is canceled.” Sara explained quite coolly.

“Come on, Sara, you’re so cruel , how many strokes you should get George?” Kelly tried to help.

“40 strokes , miss Kelly” I answered with crying.

“These are 40 days, come on Sara why  you can  not just punish him while I enjoy the show?

“Look Kelly that's not a problem, I'm trying to teach him to looking at you with respect,believe me while you were not here, he showed no respect at all to you. Of course I can fix it myself, but I also think you need to help a little if you expect respect from this bitch.” Sara slowly reached the turning point.

“What did George do?” Kelly asked curiously.

“Hmmm today he complained that you know too much about him, he thinks you do not deserve to know our secrets. While he talked about you, he showed no respect, never used the miss before your name. Of course, I punished him for this, in my house my best friend will be treated just like me. So I think that you are the one who will decide for his fate.” Sara slowly got the case, and I was in big trouble.

I cried and watched her with puppy eyes, with a look I beg for mercy. Kelly was cold, she did not pity me anymore.

“You know what Sara , you're completely right, men are real bitches, if you show some mercy, they abuse it. I think that 40 days would be the real punishment( My heart will explode when I hear it, 40 days were really a lot) but at this moment I really want to hurt that ass.” Kelly  chosed the punishment  that was more acceptable to me. I was happy I kissed Kelly's legs and I thanked her without  stop.

“You heard her? Bring 2 belts and get ready for beating.” Sara ordered me

“Yes ma’am” for a moment I stopped crying, I immediately went to the bedroom and in a short time I returned to the room. I left the belts on the table, picked up a chair and placed it in the middle of the room. I leaned over and bowed to my chair with my hands, showing my ass. I was in a position everything I could have been waiting for them to start beating me. About 10 minutes they ignored me completely, they talked about Kelley's lost condoms and the situation that I had.

“Okay, girl, are you ready to hurt that ass?” Propose Sara

“Absolutely!!!” Kelly agreed immediately.

I listened to them walking around me like sharks around their victim. I was nervous, my ass already hurt from yesterday's beating. My wife raised my dress and lowered my panties.

“Oh Sara his ass does not look very well, is this a good idea?” Kelly was worried about the look of my ass.

“Definitely, he will not be able to sit for a long time.” Sara did not care at all.” I'll start first, one stroke me , than one stroke you .” added Sara.

Craacckk!!!  “One, thank you ma’am”  Crackk !!! “ Two ,thank you miss Kelly “Kelly's shot was significantly weaker but still hurt.

“No no no , I  want you to count 40 strokes  from each of us , start all over!!!” Sara told me a pretty bad news. Now, instead of 40, it was 80 strokes.

Craccckk !!! “One, thank you ma’am”  Crack  “One ,thank  you miss Kelly “
“Much better !!!” Sara was pleased.  CRAAACK !!! “two thank you ma’am “ Cracck !!!  “two thank you miss Kelly “ CrackKK!!! “Three, thank  you ma’am”

 Craaackk !!!  “Tree thank you miss Kelly “

“You are to soft with him, relax your hand as you play tennis just like this “ CRAAACKKK !!! “awwwwww Four ,thank you ma’am”    Craackkk!!!! “ four, thank you  miss Kelly “Kelly's blows were getting  stronger.

CRAAAAAACKKKKK !!!!! “ AWWWWWWW TWENTY FOUR , Thaaank you ma’am” if 15 minutes ago I cried because of the possibility of being locked up for another 40 days in chastity, now I started to cry from pain.

CRAAACK !!! “ AWWWWW Thirty nine  ,thank you miss Kelly”

Craaaackkkk !!! “Aawwwww forty, thank you ma’am”  Craccccck  !!!! “ awwww forty ,thank you miss Kelly” Finally they ended up, my ass burning I was in agony.

“Kiss our feet’s and thank us” Sara ordered me.

“Mwaa thank you ma’am , Mwaaa thank you ma’am , mwa thank you ma’aam , mwa thank you maa’am” After each kiss I thanked.

“OK, enough” she kicked me with her foot. As a dog, I began kissing Kelly's feet.

“Mwaa thank you miss Kelly , mwa thank you miss Kelly , mwa …”

Sara caught me by the ear and pulled me up. She just pointed towards the corner. With the bent head I went to the corner. My panties were still down, so they could see their final result without any problem. I stood and cried. An adult man dressed in a yellow sissy dress cried in the corner because his wife and her best friend beat him with a belt for the past 30 minutes.

“So tell me, how is the feeling of beating an adult man? Sara was curious.

“Magically, a feeling that I can not describe. This is better than good sex.I must admit that if I did not do this, I would make a big mistake.” Kelly enjoyed describing this feeling.

Did anyone ask me how I felt? Am I allowed to feel something without the permission of my wife? While those two enjoyed the pudding and the conversation I cried. I was so humiliated that I did not know how I would see Kelly in the eyes during my birthday party.

“Girl, I'm a little tired of the gym and my legs are tired, I think it's time for me to go.” Kelly was ready to go. I accepted the news with great pleasure, but Sara did not think so.

“No no no wait, girl, I have a surprise for you.” Sara sounded like she had some idea. I already had a bad feeling about it.

Dingalingalingaling !!!” it was clear that I was again needed.

“Yes ma’am?” I answered when I did curtsy.

“Kelly's legs are a little tired, be dear and massage them.” Sara sounded kindly, as if she wanted a completely normal service from me.

“Yes ma’am.” I knelt down to Kelly's feet and began to massage them. I was angry. I'm the one who needs that massage. I was the one who was locked in 5 inch heels for the past 12 hours. While the two of them enjoyed the comfortable armchairs, I was the one who stood in the corner. I wanted to sit down, but my injured ass did not allow that either ,even when I would have a seating permit. I was tired, I wanted everything to stop. I wanted to leave me alone. As I massaged Kelly's legs, the pain in my right hand reminded me of the hit from the  fork this afternoon. I felt pain in my whole body. I really needed a mental and physical rest.

“His hands are fantastic. Your husband, if I can call him so, has a really great talent. “Kelly could not hide her enjoyment.

“Only constant and strong training is the key to success, girl.” My wife sounded like an expert.

As I massaged her legs, I accidentally raised my head to Kelly and our eyes met’s. I immediately pulled my look down, while Kelly continued to watching  every step of mine. In her eyes, I watched a thirst for domination.

I heard the sound that meant Kelly lit a cigar. At the same moment I got her first smoke directly into my face. Kelly was getting a bigger bitch every next moment. Immediately afterwards they started a random topic while I massaged Kelly's legs.

“Ashtrayy !!!” Kelly asked for my mouth after a while. I wanted to take the belt that was standing next to us on a chair and to stretch her nice ass just like they did with me. But instead of that I stood in front of a Kelly with a wide open mouth in the ashtray position.

“Thank you miss Kelly “I thanked and continued with the massage. They continued with their topic of conversation as if nothing had happened. Several times Kelly used my mouth as an ashtray when she finally finished and put it in my mouth and I had to swallow it.

“You know what Sara? All this turn me on  like nothing else. I think it's time to go home and to make love with my vibrator hehe ” Kelly sounded very excited.

“No girl, I promised you that you would feel the tongue of my bitch.” Sara remembered. It was clear that Sara would make me lick Kelly's pussy. Of course it did not surprise me at all. It was clear that Sarah was doing everything to humiliate me even more before her best friend. She did not have mercy on me, it was the same whether we are alone or Kelly is here.

“No Sara, I… “Kelly tried to avoid that topic.

“Shhhhhh !!!! Believe me, you will be grateful for this.” she explained. “George I decided to give you another chance through a game to cut some of your time into chastity.” she talked as if I wanted to play that dirty game in which I was just a loser.

“Thank you ma’am. “Whatever, I thanked.

“What kind of game, what are you talking about?” asked Kelly.

“Oh he really loves this game,be dear and explain the rules of the game to Kelly.” Sara manipulated, I did not like that game at all, I was forced to play it.

“ Alright miss Kelly “I started to explain. I have 15 minutes to make you to cum .I only have to do it with my tongue, I can not touch you with my hands.”

“Are you allowed to touch her with your cock?” Sara cut me off.

“No ma’am “I answered sadly. Kelly could not stop laughing.

“Hahah how he  can touch me when he is locked in that cage?” Kelly joked.

“Hahaha of course he can not, I just used the opportunity to remind him that his cock belongs to me. Okey , bitch continue!” Was it necessary? In the last month, my biggest desire is to cum like every normal man on a planet earth.

“So if I manage to finish faster than 15 minutes, then I cut one day in my chastity,but if I do not do it within 15 minutes then I get a plus one day for every minute.” I continued from where I was interrupted before.

“Hahaha  you're completely crazy Sara, hahaah I can not believe that any other man does all these things. “ Kelly laughed in full voice, of course my wife did the same. They had real fun, of course I was the main victim. “It's clear to me, I think I know who is the creator of this fair play. When are we at your Chastity, how many days  you have George?” she asked me curiously.

“11 Days miss Kelly” I answered sadly.

“Someone was pretty bad with his tongue today, yesterday they were about  a week .” Kelly sensed what was happening today .

“19 minutes, he can much better, unfortunately  he earn 4 days more “Sara explained.” Okey bitch wipe that ridiculous  lipstick, and immediately come back to start with your favorite game”.

“Ma’am while I'm in the bathroom  can i piss?” I did not want to be late without knowing what I was doing, I was very careful.

“Of course, sweetheart, but if you promise that you will sit while you are pissing.” She took another opportunity to humiliate me.

“Thank you ma’am I promise .” I immediately headed towards the bathroom.

“Hahaha I bet he can’t  even piss otherwise .” Kelly added while I left the room.

“That's my point.” laughed Sarah.

I stood in front of the mirror and was ashamed of what I was looking at. I washed my lipstick, and  I sat down to piss like a real sissy  bitch. It's been a long time since I last had a normal male urination with standing. I wanted to piss a hard dick. I wanted to piss and enjoy, I wanted to miss the VC shell from time to time and all of that to be  clean by my wife. I wanted to shower my butt with cold water but I did not have time for that before me was a game that I did not want to play. I did not want to go back to the living room, I wanted to stay in this bathroom and never get out. But of course this was not possible. Finally, I ended up and returned to the room where the two ladies waited for me with no patience. When I got into the room, Kelly was with stretched legs ,naked from the waist down. My wife was sitting with the phone in her hands, I guess the stopwatch was ready.

“Did you arrive ,Pussy licker.“ Sara asked me.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ok then go to your position chop-chop” she ordered.

I knelt before Kelly, her pussy was only 2 feet away from my head. Her well-depilated pussy was  already wet. The smell slowly awakened my sleepy cock, who desperately wanted to break through the plastic barriers. All this pressure caused pain in my balls. I wanted to grab the key and fuck them both. It was pretty fantasy, it was time to concentrate. I wanted to finish the job as soon as possible and get one day less in this plastic.

“Okay, before you start kiss that pretty pussy and say hello.” Sara suggested.

“Mwa hello pussy “I felt really retarded. She made me talk to Kelly's pussy. Of course this has caused laughter and satisfaction with both ladies.

“Ok Hands behind your back, ready, go!!!” she hit the phone and my game started.

I decided to start gently and slowly. I initially licked around the pussy and did not put my tongue inside. That was what excited Kelly even more. Unlike Sara, this was something new for Kelly. All the situation excited her much more than Sara. It was a situation that I had to take advantage of. After about 2-3 minutes I slowly began to lick my pussy and dig with the tongue inside. My cock was my enemy. All the time I pressed and pressured my balls. All these uncomfortable moments I ignored (pain in the ass, in the balls, in the legs, in the tongue, in the hand) I was concentrated on just one thing, on Kelly's pussy. Kelly followed every movement with exciting breathing. After 5-6 minutes, I decided to change my tactics and make the last shot. I started digging strongly with the tongue deeper and deeper. I started making circles inside. I licked so hard and fast that I was listening only to my licking.

“Shlurp!!! Shlurpp!!! Shlup!!!” I licked her harder and harder. I stopped so rarely that I was stopped for just a moment when I took the air.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  “She explodes directly into my face.

“Ohhhhhhh my God, Ohh this is fantastic,Ohh  this is real magic, art. That tongue has a talent.” Kelly barely talked.

Maybe it's funny and stupid, but at that moment I felt special, I was so proud of myself. I continued to lick her pussy until they told me otherwise.

“Tell me the time, girl?” Kelly was curious, though I was not, I knew that I was under 15 minutes I knew I had succeeded.

“Okeey, bad news for you girl, you lost ,12 minutes and 14 seconds. George is the winner this time. Congratulations, sweetheart,you  just cut one day off your sentence.”

“Twhank  wyou mwa’am”I mumbleed trapped in Kelly's pussy. Kelly held my head with her hands and did not let me take my head off.

“I want this to last forever ...” Kelly said sadly. Finally she released my head and my wife pointed to the corner. I immediately left there and stood. Now I could only listen to their conversation. Theme  was me and my tongue . My face smelled of Kelly's pussy, it did not allow my penis  to calm down and leave my balls  alone. Finally came the moment when Kelly decided it was time to leave. I was happy, I was proud of myself. I rejoiced that this heavy weekend is before the end.

Dingalingalingaling !!!”

“Yes ma’am ?”

“Kelly goes home, do you have to say something before she leaves?” Sara sounded quite okay.

“mmm yes ma’am” I answered and kneeled before Kelly. I raised my head to her and began to speak. “I wanted to thank you for being a guest in our house. I want to tell you that it was my honor and pleasure to serve you.” While I was talking Kelly caressed me for the face and hair as if I were a dog. She was upright in front of me and stood proudly. In her eyes there was love.

I want to apologize if in a way I made a mistake and insulted you. For the end , I want to invite you to come back  againe  and have a wonderful time together with us.” I ended up, I bowed down and kissed Kelly's feet.

“Oh George , you are the best husband of the world. Sara must be happy that she has you. I enjoyed every moment, you two are a wonderful couple, I love you.” Kelly kissed me on my forehead and climbed with Sarah as if thay  were two sisters. All this was very emotional, I felt comfortable, as if I had accepted Kelly in our world.

Sara left to make Kelly's company up to her car. I washed my face so as not to smell of a pussy, While I cleaned up the desk and went to the kitchen where I washed everything that was dirty.

Shortly after Sara returned , was 22:40 o’clock. When I finished I went to the living room where Sara watched TV.

“I'm not hungry, tonight we will sleep without dinner. Now you can go and finish your duties for tomorrow  work” She told me as soon as I entered the living room.

“Yes ma’am” I answered and immediately went to our home office where more than half of the tests were waiting for me. If she was not hungry, I was but ,who  cares about that . I was happy because I was able to start the tests 20 minutes earlier than the predicted time. I worked as I stood because my ass hurt when I was sitting. From time to time I knelt, in order to rest my legs which surely had wounds from the shoes. I loved my profession, and it was not hard at all,after a long day, this was like a kind of rest for my brain. After about an hour and a half work in total silence, my Sara came to me.

“Hello, sweetheart, how the work goes.” She was kind and friendly.

“Oh, it goes somehow…”I tried to joke.

“Come on I believe in you, you can do it.” She said and hugged me from behind me. Behind me, she tried to figure out what exactly I was doing, I was pleased to say what exactly I was doing, we were happy. We had a wonderful 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes we looked like a true love couple, except that I was dressed in a Sissy dress.

“You can take your heart for 10 minutes and come to the living room, I want to be together.” she said and went to the living room. Those 10 minutes meant a lot to me, but of course, after a rude day, I need a little friendly moments with Sara.

“Of course I am coming right now , just to finish this test.”

“Take your time, baby.” she was very sweet and sexy.

As soon as I finished I went to Sara. I was in a good mood, for my luck and Sarah too.

“You can sit beside me.” she pointed to the armchair next to her.

“May i kneel ,please?” my ass was in a bad condition.

“Oh, my poor little husband , Of course you are an adult man , if is  better for you to  kneel then kneel.” Sara enjoyed.

“Thank you ma’am”

“Sara , call me Sara , it looks like we did a good job with your ass?” Sara asked in a joke.

“Oh yes Sara, I have to admit it.”

Suddenly Sara’s cruel  face appeared.

“Can you explain why your lips are without lipstick, young man?” nervously yelled at me.

I was afraid, suddenly my mood disappeared, I did not know what to answer. I knew that today I got 10 strokes because of that. How could I have been so stupid and forgot again?

“Mmm I …”I tried to say something.

“Hahahahaha Just if you could see your face, haha, relaxed dear, I will not punish you for lipstick just kidding” Sara’s mood returned, and then my own.

“Come on Sara, you scared me to death.” it was true.

“I know, I noticed that, tell me, can I be sometimes a real bitch with you?” Sara was proud of that.

“You're always a real bitch with me, Sara.” the conversation was humiliating for me, but we talked so friendly as to make a picnic plan. We both enjoyed it.

“Come on , Do not be like that, I'm not that bad.” Sara tried to deny it.

“Yes, Sara, but I love you most in the world, even though you're really the biggest bitch in the world sometimes .” I was honest I was in love with Sarah and she knew it well and used it.

“Oh, it's so romantic, I love you to  George.” She said and she gave me a French kiss of a few seconds. I was in paradise, besides everything we loved each other.

“You see, it's always good to be the old George who forgets. If you did not forget the lipstick now, you would not have received such a kiss. But do not let it become your habit. “She joked.

“Not Sara, I  will try to forget less.”

“I hope so. Okay, let's unlock those heels, I think it needs it on your feet.” For a moment, she unlocked the Shoes. I felt real freedom.

“Okay, sweetheart today you made me very proud, besides everything was really obedient and I'm very pleased.”

“Thank you ma’am, I did my best”

“Before I go to sleep I decided to give you a small reward for it. I decided to cut you one day into your chastity.”

“Thank you ma’am”

“So now is 9 days right ?”

“Yes ma’am “I was happy, although when count all  together, at the end of the day, I got 2  more days in Chastity.

“I also decided to cut 5 days of sleep in a cage and using of cutlery” she continued.

“Thank you ma’am “I still had many days without  cultery and without a comfortable bed but but still it was  a good news. “Because for the next 5 days you will need a lot of energy and quality sleep, I decided that you will start to sleep in the cage after your birthday, you will sleep in our bed by then.”

“Thank you ma’am” I must agree that this was a really good decision.

“Okay then I'm going to sleep, you can go back to your job.” She said and went to the bedroom.

“Good night , ma’am”

“Good night , baby , and be careful when you come to bed, you do not want to wake me up!!!” she said and left.

“I went to finish the tests. Without the high heels it was much easier for me. It was almost 2 o'clock when I finished. I was getting ready for bed, I finally got rid of these funny clothes. I was completely naked, only my chastity belt and a yellow dog  collar around my neck. I set the alarm on my old-fashioned phone and in complete silence I lay down to my wife. I stuck to her, I hugged her carefully without waking her. My locked cock was rubbing from her nice big ass . Before I fall asleep I quietly whispered.

“Finally this long  Sunday  is over.”

to be continued…

Sissy ­ George

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