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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sissy under control

Everyone does his job. This Sissy husband knows his place in the house, in case he forgot here is the hot wife to remind him.

Monday, December 10, 2018

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Payne Mansion part 3


                                    Payne Mansion part 3



She sat at her desk wearing a black leather vest, short black leather skirt with a slit up the left side, and black Chanel knee-high boots with a 13/4 inch sturdy heel, chrome buckle straps that do up the back with spaces in between so the droolers and limpers can be teased by my beautiful legs. Monique didn't typically dress in all out fetish garb, she saw no reason to dress the part when cruelty was part of her everyday life. However, she woke up feeling especially sadistic that morning, and this outfit, especially the boots, made her feel powerful.

A limper crawled into her office, kissed each of her boots once, and, without looking up, handed his mistress a small bottle.

Monique took the bottle from the pathetic naked wretch, being sure not to thank the waste of flesh. "Do you know the difference between you and my boots?" she said.

"Y-y-you like y-y-your bootsth," he guessed.

"For a stupid piece of shit, that's actually a good answer. I love my boots and nobody cares about you at all. These boots are worth quite a bit of money, whereas you're completely worthless. What are you?"

"I-I-I'm w-w-w-worthless Mistressth."

"And who cares about you?"

"N-n-nobody cares a-a-about me Mistressth."

"Who?" she asked with a devilish grin.

"N-n-nobody cares a-a-about me Mistressth!" he said louder.

"Again," she commanded. Inflicting physical pain was fun, but it was also important to strip her residents of their dignity and self- respect. It's why they were kept naked and forced to crawl on all fours unless they were performing a task which required them to stand.

"N-n-nobody cares a-a-about me Mistressth," he said again, only this time with tears streaming from his eyes.

Monique felt her loins tingle with pleasure as she watched the broken thing sob at her feet. She pointed at her feet, and the wretch obediently began to lick her beautiful boots. As he continued to grovel, Monique turned her attention to the tortured head resting on her desk.

"Time for your eye drops," she said with glee. His eyes were already held open by a set of wires clamped firmly to his eyelids. He could only watch helplessly as a bottle labeled "Tabasco" moved slowly toward his face. His terror stricken face made Monique's smile grow until it seemed to reach both ears.

As the burning liquid dripped onto his exposed eyeballs, Ashpan's piercing screams of searing agony sent waves of orgasmic pleasure through Monique's body. He wanted desperately to beg his captor for mercy, but with his jaw clamped open he couldn't do anything but scream.

"Ah, poor baby," she said with mock sympathy and a pout. "Here, let me make you a little less comfortable." As she spoke, her superbly manicured hand turned the screw on his mouthpiece, forcing his already aching jaw to slowly open wider. Once it was stretched as far as she wanted it, she pushed the screw back into place, locking his mouth agonizingly open.

His knees were digging into the hard surface of the cabinet's floor, under his body's full weight. His eyes, jaw, knees, and legs all radiated with excruciating pain, which delighted Monique to no end. Ashpan tossed his head from side to side in violent fits painful desperation.

"No, that won't do. That won't do at all," Monique said. Ignoring the limper beneath her desk, she rose and walked to a closet on the far side of the room. After she dug through an array of bondage equipment, she found a meshwork of leather straps affixed together with chrome studs. A steel ring hung from every other intersection of the straps.

With a happy skip in her step, the joyful tyrant fit the harness onto Ashpan's head. Then she took three pieces of rope from her desk drawer and tied an end of one of the ropes to the ring on the right side of his head. She tied the other end of the rope around a brass handle on the right side of his head, and did the same thing on the left side. Finally, she used the third piece of rope to secure the back of his head. She flirted with the idea of a fourth piece to secure the front of his head, but she was willing to sacrifice letting him be able to tilt his head back slightly in exchange for an unobstructed view of the pain on his face. As it was, he wouldn't be able to move his head forward or from side to side to relax his neck muscles. His neck wound lock-up in no time and ache constantly.

Contented with the pain she had caused, she sat back in her chair and, crossed her feet comfortably on her desk, directly in front of Ashpan's tortured face. The blonde sadist bobbed her foot to the rhythm of his screams as if she was listening to music on the radio.

"Piss off," Monique said with a casual flick of her wrist.

"Yes M-m-m-mistressth P-p-p-payne," the limper replied respectfully and crawled from the office without looking up.

Monique closed her eyes and let herself soak in the beautiful music of the screams. His abject misery washed over Monique Payne like soothing warm water, giving her a series of delectable orgasms.


Copyright © 2018 by Madison1982

Monday, November 26, 2018

Payne Mansion part 2

                                                              Payne Mansion part 2



She still had her MMA gloves on from her workout as she strolled back to her office. Monique had worked up quite a sweat on the heavy bag. Of course, the punching bag in question was a drooler hanging by his wrists in the workout room. She had fun delivering painful blows to the head, kidneys, liver, and groin area. When she heard a rib crack, and felt his nose break against her knuckle, waves of pure pleasure filled her nether regions. Leaving him hanging there bloody and broken amused her.

The sadistic head mistress was dressed in a black sports bra with hot pink piping, black workout shorts, and $400 black leather high top sneakers. She needed a shower, but there were time sensitive stock trades which needed her attention.

Turning a corner she came across a limper crawling on all fours. Obeying the house rules, he crawled to her and kissed her foot.

"That's a good maggot," she said. "Where are you going?"

"T-t-t-to limpers' q-q-q-quarters M-M-Mistress," he said without looking up. "I have f-f-f-four hours t-to eat some s-s-s-scraps before m-m-my next w-w-work d-d-detail."

Monique smiled wickedly to herself, snapped her fingers, and pointed to the floor behind her. "Follow me," she ordered.

He was exhausted from scrubbing floors for the last sixteen hours and his stomach growled with gnawing hunger. He badly wanted to eat his share of bread crusts, skins of baked potatoes, bits of gristle and go to sleep. Yet, this was the head mistress giving him an order, the head mistress. He knew better than to disobey her.

She stopped in the doorway and let her groveler lick her shoes. It was the only thing he was ever used for. When her feet weren't in range to be kissed and licked, he was expected to keep his nose to the floor and wait, that's it. He was a groveler, and when he wasn't being used he was to be silent and still like the rest of the furniture.

The limper followed his mistress into her office, and knelt under her desk as she instructed him to. Monique sat at her desk, opened her laptop, and took a marijuana cigar from the humidor beside her computer. "Take my shoes off," she said without looking up from the stock ticker which ran across her computer screen.

His rigidly spastic fingers shook as he struggled to work the laces. He fumbled with the shoes for a few minutes before finally slipping them off her sweaty, but perfectly pampered, feet. Now that he'd taken her shoes off, surely he'd be dismissed to eat and sleep.

"About fucking time," she said. "Now massage and kiss my feet."

Without thinking, the hungry limper muttered, "B-b-but..."

"But what?" she snapped. "You don't want to massage my feet after my workout? I see. You want to make me sad. You know that when I get sad I punish limpers."

He quickly took her right foot in his crippled hands and began to rub and kiss it as best as he could. It was immensely difficult for him to stretch his fingers enough to grasp and hold the foot, but he managed to force his fingers around the foot enough to cradle it as he rubbed and kissed it. The foot stunk sweat and his tight fingers ached from the strain, but he knew that punishment for disobedience would be far worse.

He knew a limper who accidentally splashed mop water on her shoe. She ordered his ankle to be broken and made him finish the floor with a scrub brush while the break was still fresh. Another limper had his tongue cut out for talking back.

Monique relaxed contentedly, enjoying the massage and cigar. It wasn't the best foot rub she'd ever had, but knowing how hard the poor slob was struggling to perform the simple task filled her with sadistic glee. A quarter inch of ash had formed on the end of her cigar. She casually held it just inside Tony's mouth, tapped the cigar with her forefinger, and let the ash drop onto his helpless tongue.

He screamed as the hot bitter ash burned him. Then, once he tasted the bitterness of the cigar's waste product, he gagged and coughed uncontrollably. The brace still made it impossible for him to close his mouth and swallow properly, forcing him to let the ash slide down his throat a bit at a time.

Monique took another satisfying drag of her smoke and closed her laptop. She'd made a profit of thirty million by the time the market closed. It wasn't much, but she told herself it was better than a loss. She'd do better tomorrow.

Taking another long drag of herb, she looked over at Tony. "You know what," she said. "I need to quit calling you Tony. Tony is the name of a person, and you're not a person. People can walk and talk clearly. You can't do anything so you're not a person. You're a thing, a possession, a slave. Let's see, what's a good name for a subhuman piece of trash like you?" She dropped some more ash into his mouth and thought for a moment.

"I know," she finally said. "I'll call you Ashpan. Yes, that's it. Your new name is Ashpan. That should be demeaning enough." She looked around the room and back at Ashpan. "You don't exactly go with the rest of the decor though. Here, let me give you a touch of color." With her fighting gloves still on, Monique delivered a flurry of sharp crisp punches to Ashpan's eyes and nose. Blood trickled from his nose and his eyes quickly began to swell shut. "There, that's a nice touch of red, and in an hour or two those eyes should be a pretty purple color. I just love interior decorating."

Monique was admiring her handiwork when she heard the limper's stomach growl loudly. The growl reminded her that the piece of shit at her feet had been on his way to eat when she found him. Her lips curled into an evil smile as she reached for the phone. She pressed one to call the kitchen. 

Melony, the head chef, answered, "How can I help you Mistress Payne?"

"Do you have any of that fabulous lasagna left?"

"Yes Mistress, shall I send some up?"

"Yes, and a glass of wine." As soon as the order was placed, Monique took one more drag of her cigar, and put it out on Ashpan's face, just below his left eye. He screamed as she twisted the hot end into his upper cheek. The resulting burn looked quite painful, which broadened her smile. 

The aroma of savory sauce and spicy sausage filled the office as Melony entered with Monique's meal. "Oh, you didn't have to bring it yourself, one of the wastes of flesh could have brought it."

Melony had earned her fourth Michelin star by the time she was thirty. She could have worked at any restaurant in the world, but when she saw the ad, on the dark web, for a sadistic chef, she had to apply. Monique paid her a generous six figures to cook gourmet fare for Monique and her staff. She was also responsible for making an array of delectable treats (cookies, brownies, crab puffs, etc) to leave around the house for the staff to nibble at and the residents to look at and smell. 

"I didn't want one of the rejects to spill the wine," she said as she put the tray on the desk and removed the cloche. 

"Good thinking," Monique said then dismissed her from her office. As she ate the pasta, the limper drooled and licked his lips between kisses. His ravenous hunger made each bite she took that much more delicious. 

She was near the end of her lasagna when Charlotte raced into the office, her red pigtails bobbing up and down. She liked keeping her hair in pigtails; looking young and innocent while committing unspeakable acts of torture tickled her funny bone. "Come quick!" she said excitedly. 

"What happened?" Monique asked. 

"Just come, you'll see."

Monique ran behind Charlotte until they reached the TV room. A crowd of staff members were gathered around a drooler who was convulsing in the middle of floor. He was having an epileptic seizure. 

"Thanks for coming to get me," she said. "I wouldn't have wanted to miss this."

As the drooler writhed and twisted in random contortions, as the cruel onlookers clapped and chanted, "Twitch twitch, twitch,...."

"Look," Charlotte said tapping Monique on the arm. "He keeps popping his tongue out. Twenty bucks says he bites it off."

Three minutes later, sure enough, the tongue flew a good ten feet and blood squirted from his mouth. "Damn it,," Monique said jokingly. "By the way Charlotte, I have a limper underneath my desk. When we're done here, tell him his work shift starts early and assign him to a particularly difficult task."

"Not a problem," Charlotte said. "Your horse stables need a thorough cleaning."

"Perfect," Monique said. 

"What are we punishing him for?"

Monique shrugged. "No reason. He's been working without food or rest for quite a while. I just thought it would be fun to make things worse for him."

They laughed together and enjoyed the rest of the seizure they'd been watching.


Copyright © 2018 by Madison1982

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Payne Mansion part 1

                                                               Payne Mansion part 1


She opened the large oak door with a deceptively warm smile. With her long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail and dressed in a white tailored V neck T-shirt, form fitting khaki slacks, and superbly polished brown leather riding boots Monique looked like your average twenty-five year old debutante. Her pants and boots hugged her strong, yet shapely, legs, and V neck superbly showcased her ample bosom. "Is this our new resident?" she said.

"This is Tony Blair," the ambulance driver said pointing to the wheelchair bound forty-eight year old man. Tony had been born with cerebral palsy. His mind was sharp enough, but he couldn't control his body well enough to walk, feed himself, etc... His father, the last of his family, had died recently, and the state had placed Tony in the group home Monique owned and managed.

"I have him," she said as she took the wheelchair's handlebars in her hands. Two staff members dressed in white tight fitted V neck Tees, white spandex yoga shorts, and red polished leather pumps carried in his boxes of personal stuff while Monique brought him into the house and closed the door. As soon as the door was closed, Monique picked up a riding crop and two more staff members began to take Tony's clothes off.

"Hey!" Tony objected. "D-d-don't..."

His words were met with a sharp blow to the back of his head. "You will only speak when you're told to speak, which won't be often," Monique said. "Nobody cares about what you think or feel. You have no rights here. My name is Monique Payne, and I own this mansion."

Monique was the daughter of William and Mary Payne. William had made his fortune in textiles at an early age. He had a hundred room mansion built twenty miles outside of Portland to give his family privacy. Surrounded by forest, the house remained free of prying eyes.

Monique grew up wanting for nothing. Anything she wanted, or even thought she wanted, was instantly provided for her. Toys, clothes, concert tickets, and cars were given to her by her father whenever she made her desires known. Her parents ignored her penchant for causing pain to others; their princess could do no wrong.

When she was twenty- three years old, her parents were killed in a car accident giving her total ownership of the Payne fortune. Being rich and bored, she had her family home turned into a group home for crippled adult males with no family. Thanks to generous contributions to the Department of Human Services, spot checks were rubber stamped sight unseen. Since the residents had no family to oversee their care, Monique was free to do as she pleased.

"You're here for my amusement and the amusement of my all woman staff," she continued.

Terror filled Tony's face. He scanned the room trying to process his situation. A red headed staff member was relaxing with a book on one of many luxurious sofas in the ornate living room. Stretched across a footstool was a gaunt looking handicapped man with the red head's casually crossed on top of his back.

Another staff member was listening to an IPod and using a handicapped man as a dance floor. A man with a severe limp and spastically deformed hands from a milder form of cerebral palsy was struggling to sweep a section of the floor.

"Ma'am," a staff member said. "What should we do with his belongings?"

"You girls can pick through it and take whatever you want, then incinerate the rest."

"N-n-n-no....," Tony said only to be interrupted by Monique's riding crop landing across his face.

"I told you not to speak!" she said. "From now on, you are a possession, a sub-human thing to be used and abused as I see fit. You will own nothing because you are nothing. Residents that can walk are classified as limpers. Limpers do the housework and are fed daily so they can work. Residents like you are classified as droolers and are used as play things for me and my beautiful staff."

"Picture p-p-p-please," Tony said.

The staff member closest to Tony slapped him hard across the face and forced his head down by grabbing the back of his neck. "You'll stay quiet unless you're screaming in pain. Got it worm! Mistress Payne owns you!"

"Well said Charlotte," Monique said. "But, just for shits and giggles lets see what picture he's talking about." She looked through the boxes until she found a framed picture of Tony's family dressed in their Sunday best. "Is this what you want, a picture of your family?"

"Y-y-y-yes p-p-p-please," he said.

Monique smiled, dropped the picture on the floor, and stomped on it. She twisted her foot back and forth pulverizing the glass beneath the hard block heel of her boot. Tony began to cry which made Monique and her sadistic minions roar with laughter. The broken glass cut the picture to shreds as she ground her boot into it. "Your family is all gone, nobody loves you." She turned her attention to the limper with the broom, pointed to the demolished picture, and said, "Clean that up maggot!"

The slave hobbled obediently toward the mess. One of the girls stuck her leg out as he went by, sending him crashing onto his face. "Trip the crip," she said with glee, spawning another round of uproarious laughter.

Monique turned and left the room. Charlotte pushed the wheelchair, following the head mistress down the long hall. Mistress Payne stopped at a heavy metal door. Beside the door was a shelf with a jar of camphor ointment. She put some of the ointment under her nose and handed the jar to Charlotte who did the same without offering any to Tony.

The sickening stench of feces and urine assaulted Tony as the door creaked open. Six crippled men, of various ages and races, lay strewn on the floor covered in their own waste and odd scraps of food. "This is where we store most of our droolers." Monique explained. "We toss them scraps of food a few times a week, and otherwise ignore them. If we want to use one, we simply rinse one off and do what we want with the thing."

"P-p-p-please don't p-p-put me i-i-i-in here," he begged her.

Monique lifted Tony's head with the tips of her manicured fingers and grinned. "No, you have an indwelling catheter and colostomy bag. I have another plan for you." She lead Tony and Charlotte back into the hall and closed the door to the storage room.

A moment later she was opening the door to her private office. She stopped just inside the doorway and a tongue began to lick her boots. The licker's body was confined in a polished wooden box, which was locked shut. Only his head stuck out of the end near the door, and it was his job to kiss and lick his mistress's feet when she entered the room. Other than that, he was ignored and was expected to stay silent.

Chained facing the far corner of the office was another drooler. He had been hung by his wrists so that his feet dangled just above the floor. Catheter and colostomy bags collected his waste and an IV delivered enough nutrition to keep him alive. Thanks to the bags he never had to be moved and could simply hang there as her personal whipping post. His eyes and mouth had been sewn shut and his ears had been completely filled with wax. Unable to see, hear, or speak, he had nothing to focus on but the pain of the whip on his back.

"Feet to hips, arms at sides," was all Monique said as she took a bundle of ropes from the cupboard. Upon hearing the command, Charlotte took Tony's seat belts off, picked up the back of the wheelchair, and dumped the terrified newbie onto the hard wood floor with a thud. He saw stars when his unprotected head hit the ground.

Without delay, Charlotte helped her boss tie their victim's ankles together. Then they bent his knees so that his feet were touching his butt cheeks, and tied them in place to prevent him from straightening his legs. Once that was done, and his arms were affixed to his sides, Monique opened a cabinet at the end of her desk. Their helpless prisoner was placed inside the cabinet so that only the tips of his knees supported his weight.

They closed the cabinet around him so only his head poked out from the top. It looked like the bust of a head was resting on her desk. His knees dug into the unforgiving wood and hurt more than they had ever hurt before. "P-p-p-p-please," was all he could say before receiving a punch to the face.

"No, that won't do," Monique said. "I can't have this thing yapping while I'm trying to work."

"Ball gag?"

"No Charlotte, I have something better," Monique said with an evil gleam in her eye. She shuffled through her desk drawer until she found a brace with straps. The brace fit into her slave's mouth. A series of steel prongs fit behind his teeth to keep him from spitting it out. Once the straps were secured around his head, she used the screws on the sides of the brace to crank his mouth open. When it was wide enough that she was sure his jaw ached with pain, she pushed the screws in to lock it in place.

"He won't be able to talk, but he can still scream," Charlotte said. "Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all," Monique said. "Some people listen to music while they work, I'll enjoy listening to his screams of pain." The sadist dismissed her helper, sat contentedly in her desk chair, leaned back, and crossed her feet directly in front of her new play thing's face. "Scream for me maggot, go ahead and scream."

Copyright © 2018 by Madison1982

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"corner time" is the place what Sissy George hate most.Have you been punished with staying in the corner??? If yes tell us with comment how long you stayed .
 She crouched  down and grabbed me by my hair, She turned my head so hard so she could look me in the eyes. I stared up at her and i quickly reminded how incredibly beautiful she is.I could feel the dried oatmeal on my face and my hair.
"I want you to stand in the foyer with your nose in the corner at 5 o'clock. Do you understand me, mister?" She said with a smile on her face.
“Yes ma’am.”

She released my head and straightened up.

“I think you're trying to get back your position as a man in the house again?.” She says with a giggle.
“Why? Why? You still think that you have the right to ask me  "why" when I state my demands. Hmm, I think it’s time to remind you how much of a man you really are. Before you go to your corner I want you to wear  French maid’s uniform. I want you fully made up, and I want you locked in your 5” pumps. Let’s see how confused you are about your position as a man of the house then.” She said as she grabbed her briefcase and walked out of the house.

 “Oh would you like some wine ?” my wife asked Kelly suddenly

“Sure would be nice”

“You heard us bitch? ,bring us Merlot” My wife ordered to me

“Yes Ma’am” I made little curtsy and disappear to the kitchen. Both ladies continued to laughing and made the conversation going on.I returned with two glasses of wine,and  returned to the same position completely silent. The view before me was a completely normal every day occurrence of two very attractive ladies enjoying a wine together. The two chatted about the mundane as two friends will do. I occasionally saw kelly looked at me. There was no shyness when she looked at me. She didn’t look away when she felt I knew, instead she was unabashed, bold, obvious. She only looked away when she wanted to. This was absolutely surreal to me! After some time, perhaps 2 minutes, my wife took the first sip of her wine. She placed the glass down gently, snapped her fingers and pointed to a corner in the room. I immediately went to the corner and stood there.
You may kneel.” My wife said after some time, in the same way she might say, “Sure, you can go out with your friends,” or “You can go to the game.” Her tone of voice, her inflection, her demeanor, was all very normal when she gave her bitch husband permission to kneel in the corner because she felt some amount of sympathy for her husband’s feet after standing in his red 5” patent leather fuck me boots for the last hour.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Should I thank her and interrupt their conversation? Should I just kneel and be as inconspicuous as possible?

I was so confused as to what I should do!

Their conversation had resumed and I didn’t want to interrupt. I slowly dropped to my knees and felt the immense relief as the balls of my feet were finally free of all my weight. I couldn’t believe how much the balls of my feet were burning. I couldn’t believe the pure bliss as my calves loosened up for the first time in over an hour.

“Stand up bitch.” She said quite forcefully just as my knees hit the carpet.

I jumped back up on my burning feet. I was mad. I felt upset. I was hurt. My feet were really aching. I would like to ask why she was doing this. I wanted this game to end. That’s it I thought to myself, I really need to be a man and stop this. I stared at the corner simmering. I was angry. I pouted. I thought about just walking away. I thought about going upstairs, taking off this ridiculous outfit, throwing on my jeans and work boots and taking my rightful place as her husband, a man. I wanted to demand that she serve me a cup of coffee! I worried that the seams on my fuchsia stockings were crooked.

They resumed their conversation. They resumed their conversation just like there wasn’t a 5’ 11” man dressed like a slut maid standing in the corner that they were playing like a yo-yo. Kelly started asking questions about our arrangement: what I would do, how I got to be where I am today. My wife was open and honest about everything. The conversation had the air of any other conversation among friends, except that instead of talking about the weather they were talking about my innermost secrets.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

MIss Kelly use George's mouth as an ashtray. (Read the stories "Cruel wife part 1" and"Cruel wife part 2" to know what this beautiful picture tells us.)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

 Sissy George prepare for his work.(. Read the stories "Cruel wife-part1" and "Cruel wife -part2"to know what this beautiful picture tell us.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Angry wife and worthy sissy husband.Just a normal Sunday in the house . 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

          Cruel Wife – Humilation in front of her friend     

Sissy George


Would a woman really do this to the husband she loves?

I’ve prepared her a small breakfast and served it to her in bed. I made the bed and tidied up the bedroom while she was in the shower, and then I cleaned the bathroom when she was done with her shower. I was now kneeling before her massaging her feet while she was putting the finishing touches on her hair at her vanity when we heard the doorbell ring. I hated these interruptions in our weekend time and angrily went to sit on the bed to wait for our guest to leave. I didn’t even make it to the bed when my wife snapped her finger and pointed to the corner. I don’t know if she does things like that just to see me pout like a little child or, simply because she can. I have always wondered how it would feel to have someone follow every command's, no matter how humilated and  ridiculous thay are. So as I slowly and dejectedly walked over to place my nose ever so closely to the corner of the room she sauntered out and closed the door.

My wife’s subtle cruelty is prevalent in every menial task I’m required to do. Luxurious carpet covers every square inch of her spacious bedroom except for a 1 square foot piece of rough granite tile in the corner of the room. I thought my wife was insane when she told me to remove a 1 foot square of carpet from the corner one Saturday afternoon. After I was done with that she told me to go to the garage and return the contents of her trunk. Inside of her trunk was the single piece of tile, and everything I needed to install it. After I completed my task as she stepped onto the tile in her low heeled sandals. I was still on my knees from laying the tile and I stared her beautiful feet as they tested out my work.

“This is going to suck.” she said laughing as stepped off the tile and walked out of the room.

So I stood. I stood because that is what she told me to do with a simple snap of her beautifully manicured finger. I’m not sure how to explain what if feels like to be a grown man being put in the corner, other than the fact that you don’t feel like a grown man at all.

I could hear the outside door opening and barely audible conversation. I could tell that our guest was female, but I could not tell who is it. I could hear conversation but I could not discern what they were saying. My feet were starting to ache. I wanted our guest to go away. I wanted to step back 6 inches and place my burning feet on that soft luxurious carpet. We seem to always have these little interruptions when all I want to do is be alone with my wife. I shifted my weight to one foot to relieve the ache in the ball of the other foot. I tried to hear what they were talking about, more I wanted to hear that tell tale change in the pitch of their voices that meant the conversation was coming to a close. My calves started to burn. She was right; standing on this tiny piece of rough tile did suck.

I really wanted to see my wife. If this is going to take a while why doesn’t she gracefully slip away and release me from her last order. My legs were starting to feel like jelly. I really did not want to be standing in the corner anymore. I was in mental turmoil as I thought to myself that I should just go and sit on the bed, I’m a man for God sakes. Would a real man be doing this I thought?

Would a real man be standing in the corner on a hard piece of granite tile in a pair of 5 inch red fuck me boots because his wife snapped his fingers and pointed to the corner?

I got aroused at the thought that my wife had so much control over me. I stared at the corner in front of me shifting my feet from side to side, and shifting my thoughts from my discomfort, to my overwhelming desire to be in the presence of my wife like real husband.


I was awakened from my submissive trance. I didn’t hear her guest leave. The blood drained from my face; my mouth became instantly dry. She couldn’t really be doing this, could she? My legs, rubbery from standing there for so long, seemed to be paralyzed. It took all my will to pick up my foot and turn around. It seemed like hours before my legs started moving forward.


Oh no, two rings weren’t good. I minced as quickly as I could to her den.

I got to the door. It seemed as if I were entering another world when I opened the door. Time was slowing down. Everything was crystal clear, yet a blur. It was not my will that had me walking toward her and this guest. It seemed so automatic, like it was her will moving my legs. I wanted desperately to run back to her room and change my clothes, but  I walked forward.

I turned the corner and stood before my wife and her guest with my head bowed.

‘You rang ma’am.”

“Oh my God! George!?” Her guest was laughing hysterically.

“Oh my God it’s Kelly !” I thought to myself.

I could feel my face turn red from the humiliation. My mouth was completely dry. I wanted more than anything for this moment not to be happening. Please just let me shrink down to nothing and crawl into a tiny crack in the floor. I just really wanted to crawl into some tiny little hole and not be seen by anyone especially not from a beautiful woman like Kelly.

I have no doubt I hardly looked like a husband as I stared down at my fuchsia colored stocking clad legs balancing precariously on my stiletto heels. My hands crossed demurely in front of me, resting on my pink vinyl french-maids uniform. My eyes were fixed on the pointed toes of my red fuck me boots. It seemed like I stood there for an hour, but it was perhaps 15 seconds.

“Kelly would like a cup of coffee. Be a dear and make her some” my wife stated matter of factly.

“Yes Ma’am”

“Cream and sugar,” Kelly demanded, giggling.

“Yes Ma’am” I responded as I started walking towards the kitchen.

I could not help but hear the laughter as I walked away. I don’t think there’s much more that can humiliate a grown man like two beautiful women laughing at him.

My legs were wobbly and I was completely flustered. The simple task of making coffee was quickly becoming overwhelming. I could hear the hushed conversation but could not make out what they were saying. I was shaking as I poured the coffe beans in the grinder. I’m glad there was a timer on the grinder. Pouring water into the decanter, pouring that into the coffee maker was difficult. Separating the coffee filter was impossible. I was shaking. I spilled the coffee trying to pour it into the filter. DAMN!

I would have to start over. I dumped the grinds and started over…this was way too much.

I returned to where they were seated and placed the serving tray on the table. I placed a cup before Kelly and a cup before my wife. I picked up the coffee pot and poured them each a cup of coffee. After I placed the coffee pot back on the serving tray I returned to my demure stance. I was praying that I would just melt to nothing but life was not that kind. I’m not sure how long it was before my existence was acknowledged; seconds seem to stretch into eternity when you’re in situations like this. After some time my wife removed the top from the sugar and gently laid it on the serving tray. She removed a spoon from the serving tray and added sugar to her coffee. All of the motions seemed to take forever. The gentle tinkle against the side of the cup as the coffee was stirred. My wife returned her spoon to the serving tray. This is pure agony! Please make everything move faster so this will all be over!

Kelly removed her spoon from the serving tray and went about the mundane task of fixing her coffee. I could sense the arrogance building within her as she performed this simple task. She knew that our prior egalitarian relationship was never to be the same again after this simple event. Even though I had my eyes to the floor I could clearly see she was studying me. She sat there with her legs crossed, nonchalantly looking at me as if she were looking at a vase. She finished stirring her coffee and placed her spoon on the serving tray. She took a sip of her coffee and returned her complete attention to my wife.

"oh, can I get an ashtray?". Kelly asked and lit her cigarette.

"Оh no". I said in my head. I knоw what  coming next.

"Of course my dear, but the only ashtray in MY HOUSE  is his I mean her mouth"
My wife emphasized "my house" just to prove who's in charge here.The both ladies started laughing at me.I just stood there and waited for the order of my beautiful wife. I was trained as a dog to act only after the order of my owner.

"Kelly need an ashtray"said my wife snapping her fingers and pointed to the Kelly's place.

"Yes ma'am"I responded as I started walking towards the Kelly.I knelt in front of Kelly, put my hands behind my back, my head was lifted up and my mouth wide open. It was a position that I rarely used because my wife smokes very rarely, only when she is nervous or when she is at a party where 99% I'm not there.The both women started a conversation enjoying drinking their morning coffee completely ignoring me. Shortly after, Kelly used her ashtray for the first time. Suddenly she blew smoke straight into my face.Helpless I started to cough.Kelly laughed pleasantly.In the focus of my view I saw my wife, she was angry

"George!?!" She yelled at me with an angry voice.What is my mistake? was the question that swirled in my head.

"Yes Ma'am?" I answered immediately  scared.I felt relaxing my mouth with lipstick when I was talking.

"What you need to  say when someone gives you something?!?" My wife talked to me like I was a 4-year-old child in front of Kelly . I was humiliated and turned on in the same time .

"mm i need to say "thank you" Ma'am" I hated this mind fucking games.

"Say sorry to Kelly"Kelly could not believe what was going on here.How the fact that I served them in a pink uniform was not enough to be good humilated.

"I am sorry Miss Kelly"I said as if I were 4 year old child.

Suddenly I felt that something pulled my ear and I felt a hot slap on my face. It was clear that this was my angry wife.Kelly could not believe what she saw.

"Are you fucking kidding me ???Do it properly now" My wife yelled at me.

"Please ma'am no " I begged her.

"Kiss her ass now !!!" .My wife  slap me one more time , but now in the other side of my face with her right hand, the strongest one.When i turned to the Kelly i saw her already standing and presenting her ass.I  feeled so humiliated.I realy  wanna to cry right now.  I wanna fucking them both.Мaybe if my wife releases my cock.Suddenly i remember that i have 6 days before she will release me from the chastity belt.6 is the number who can easily become 10 or 15 or any higher number only if my wife need that pleasure. Just 3 days ago i got 6 more days in my chastity belt just because i ask my wife "why" when she ordered to me to eat on the floor.

"Im so sorry Miss Kelly" i said once again ,but this time after i kissed Kelly"s ass.The both ladies agreed that now is better and i was again in my ashtray  position.

"Thank you Ma'am" i said when Kelly used my mouth again.I saw pleasure on my wife's face.

"Kelly  can i get a cigarette???" 7 was the number in my head when I heard that.

"Of Course"responsed Kelly.I jumped right away and i lit  my wife's cigarette.Without  "thank you" i went  back to my ashtray position but this time in the middle near the table, the ashtray must be in touch for the both ladies.Finally i was not the topic of the conversation. They talked in some girl's topic ignored me, just my mouth was in use.
"i have finished with my cigarette , what to do now" asked Kelly

"you can use his mouth,  he will swalow"

"please dont Ma'am"I start to beg  my wife.

"We can use you'r ass if you want" My wife give me the option.

"It's ok Sara we can use real ashtray" Kelly feel sorry for me.

"We will extinguish cigarettes from your mouth or from your  ass, but you will not swalow the cigarettes  butts " My wife make the deal.First one was Kelly She chose the mouth .

"First spit in his mouth"said my wife. Kelly did as she was told, she spat a big spit in my mouth. At last the cigarette was extinguished, now it's my wife's turn.

“Show me your ass”. She said softly. Things got worse and worse for me, but girls no doubt had  fun. I swallowed my pride, did I have any pride at all? I picked up my pink skirt,dropped my stockings and  my panties down and laid out my ass in front of my wife.Is she going to far ? How many lines she passed? She burns my ass with her cigarette.

“Owwwww!” I screamed

“Oww? Oww?” she said sarcastically.

“Stand up!!!”

I stood before my wife and her guest with my head bowed,My mouth was completely dry.I stared down at my fuchsia colored stocking clad legs balancing precariously on my stiletto heels.My hands crossed demurely in front of me, resting on my pink vinyl french-maids uniform.My eyes were fixed on the pointed toes of my red fuck me boots.They started some conversation and i was completly ignored by them. I feel pain in my shaved legs .I stood about 20 minutes when my wife ordered me to clean the cups from the table. I cleared the table and returned to the same position completely silent.
“How many days before you’ll have the opportunity for release from your chastity device?” I could feel my face turn red from the humiliation.

"Seven days ma'am" I said quietly

“Did you count the day because of my cigarette?” Asked my wife .Kelly listened impatiently and curiously.

“Yes ma’am”

“Make it plus one i didn't trust you”

“yes ma’am” I meekly reply. I got 2 days more in mine chastity belt , just because I forgot to be grateful when a wife's guest used my mouth as an ashtray.My wife explained to Kelly that whenever I am a reason to smoke cigarettes, I always get an extra day in my chastity . My wife thinks it's a fair price that I must pay for her health. And here I was standing with pain in my feet slandering all the humiliating conversations of both attractive ladies. Definitely not a place where a man would like to find himself dressed in a dress and red high heels. am I a man?

“Oh, can I see his cage???” Kelly asked excitedly. All I can do is stand there and wait before my wife ordered to present my chastity belt to our guest.

I l see the key at my wife's ankle, the key ever so close to me. I could just grab it I think to myself. I could grab it and unlock this infernal device! I could bend my incredibly sexy wife over the damn table and take her! I could make her scream with passion as I have my way with her!

“Kelly wants to see your little clit, be sweetheart and show her” my wife wake me from the trance.

“Yes ma’am” I picked up my  skirt,dropped my stockings and  my panties down and laid out my chastity belt at Kelly.

“Oh hahahaha  its so small “ Kelly can’t stop laugh.

They talked about my chastity belt , about how often I can get orgasm and similar subjects. My wife was very open on that topic. Celly inspected my cock and  my balls, I felt pain after every touch, I answered questions like “Do you want to have orgasm” and many other troubling questions.

“How long has it been since you have cum George???” Asked Kelly while she was inspecting mine balls.

“27 days ma’am” I responded immediately

“Whaat  27 days ?!?!? hahahah you’re such a bitch Sarah , can’t be fucking true!” Kelly screamed and laughed a lot. I was standing humiliated and tired about 40 minutes on high heels, my legs burning.

“Oh would you like some wine ?” my wife asked Kelly suddenly

“Sure would be nice”

“You heard us bitch? ,bring us Merlot” My wife ordered to me

“Yes Ma’am” I made little curtsy and disappear to the kitchen. Both ladies continued to laughing and made the conversation going on.I returned with two glasses of wine,and  returned to the same position completely silent. The view before me was a completely normal every day occurrence of two very attractive ladies enjoying a wine together. The two chatted about the mundane as two friends will do. I occasionally saw kelly looked at me. There was no shyness when she looked at me. She didn’t look away when she felt I knew, instead she was unabashed, bold, obvious. She only looked away when she wanted to. This was absolutely surreal to me! After some time, perhaps 2 minutes, my wife took the first sip of her wine. She placed the glass down gently, snapped her fingers and pointed to a corner in the room. I immediately went to the corner and stood there.
You may kneel.” My wife said after some time, in the same way she might say, “Sure, you can go out with your friends,” or “You can go to the game.” Her tone of voice, her inflection, her demeanor, was all very normal when she gave her bitch husband permission to kneel in the corner because she felt some amount of sympathy for her husband’s feet after standing in his red 5” patent leather fuck me boots for the last hour.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Should I thank her and interrupt their conversation? Should I just kneel and be as inconspicuous as possible?

I was so confused as to what I should do!

Their conversation had resumed and I didn’t want to interrupt. I slowly dropped to my knees and felt the immense relief as the balls of my feet were finally free of all my weight. I couldn’t believe how much the balls of my feet were burning. I couldn’t believe the pure bliss as my calves loosened up for the first time in over an hour.

“Stand up bitch.” She said quite forcefully just as my knees hit the carpet.

I jumped back up on my burning feet. I was mad. I felt upset. I was hurt. My feet were really aching. I would like to ask why she was doing this. I wanted this game to end. That’s it I thought to myself, I really need to be a man and stop this. I stared at the corner simmering. I was angry. I pouted. I thought about just walking away. I thought about going upstairs, taking off this ridiculous outfit, throwing on my jeans and work boots and taking my rightful place as her husband, a man. I wanted to demand that she serve me a cup of coffee! I worried that the seams on my fuchsia stockings were crooked.

They resumed their conversation. They resumed their conversation just like there wasn’t a 5’ 11” man dressed like a slut maid standing in the corner that they were playing like a yo-yo. Kelly started asking questions about our arrangement: what I would do, how I got to be where I am today. My wife was open and honest about everything. The conversation had the air of any other conversation among friends, except that instead of talking about the weather they were talking about my innermost secrets.

“What is that on your boot?” my wife asked Kelly.

“I don’t know. I guess I stepped in something.” Kelly replied.

I heard a snap of my wife’s finger and quickly minced over to my wife. I knew what was coming.

It appears Kelly has stepped in something. Be a dear and lick it off.”

“Be a dear and get us some drinks.”, “Be a dear and open a window” were normal requests asked politely by a person who loves and respects you. “Be a dear and lick this crap off my friends boot.” asked in the same manner creates cognitive dissonance.

“Yes Ma’am”

I kneeled before Kelly and stole a quick glance in her eyes. I felt so meek and timid as I saw the power in her eyes. I saw her subtle grin that was giving away the way she felt about the mornings events. I quickly looked down and I know without a doubt she did not avert her gaze as my head dropped down below her knees. I could feel her eyes bearing down on me as my lips made their way to her leather boot. Her legs were crossed and the spot was on the boot that was in the air. The spot was just behind where her pinky toe would be, on the upper leather and on the side of the sole. She made no attempt to move her foot to make it any easier or harder on me. Her foot was where she was comfortable and she felt no need to move it, simple as that. The spot was off white. I didn’t have a clue as to what it could be. I gently ran my tongue across it to no tongue was in pain already from the cigarettes. I kept increasing the pressure I was applying with my tongue. I could feel her pushing the boot against my tongue. The spot started to disappear ever so slowly with each lick. The bitter taste of her shoe and the stuff I was licking up was disgusting.

The two women kept talking, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a grown man in a pink vinyl maids outfit was on his knees licking goo off one of their boots.

“So you say a man will do anything if you control his orgasm.” Kelly reiterated.

My tongue was getting raw as I lapped away at the goo on her boot.

“I don’t think it will work on the alpha males, they would never go for it. The weaker males on the other hand need a woman in their lives to tell them what to do.” My wife replied.

My neck hurt because of the way I had to twist it to get my tongue in the right spot.

“I can’t believe that you could get most guys to do this. And you say he ENJOYS this?”

My tongue kept digging into her boot. Her foot kept pressing against my tongue. I was getting used to the bitter taste. I was trying to drive out of my nonstop mind what this could possibly be. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

“Are you sure that it’s not just that your husband, if I may call him that, is just a completely perverted wimp?”

The hardest part was that place where the upper meets the sole. It took everything I had to grind my aching tongue into that little nook to get the last of the goo off her boot.

“He may be. But I think his kind is more prevalent than you think.”

I think I was done. My tongue hurt beyond description. I was fighting my body’s natural reaction to gag at the disgusting taste in my mouth. I kept my head lowered near Kelly’s boot. I was wondering if I would ever be able to face Kelly again; I was praying I would never have to. A couple of minutes after I stopped grinding my tongue in Kelly’s boot I saw my wife’s hand gently turn Kelly’s foot so she could inspect. Nothing was said so I assume I did at least an adequate job.
I believe I need to reiterate:
I, a grown man, dressed in a pink vinyl maids outfit has kneeled before my wife’s friend and lapped up some unknown goo from her boot until my tongue was raw and….nothing was said. No “Thank you”, no “Good job”…it was just expected.

“Would you excuse me for a moment while I take care of something?” my wife asked Kelly.


“Get over here bitch.”

I crawled over to where my wife was sitting.

“Your insolence will not be tolerated. You’ve embarrassed me in front of my friend and now I must embarrass you in front of her.”

Embarrass me?? Embarrass me in front of her??? What exactly have you been doing to me for the last two hour's if you haven’t been embarrassing me I thought.

“I don’t understand Ma’am”

She stood up, towering above me. She roughly grabbed my face in her hand and tilted my head up so that I was looking up at her. Her face was so far above me. My cheeks were all scrunched together making my mouth look like a fish out of water. This really hurt and I was caught off guard. I don’t’ think I’ve ever felt so weak and powerless in my life.

“I was thinking that you must be tired standing in those heels for so long and out of the kindness of my heart I gave you a break. All I expect in return for my benevolence is a little courtesy and respect. Do you think you can just take advantage of my good nature? Do you think you can just step all over me like I’m some little wimp?”

“nnnnno mmmph” I tried to say through my painfully squeezed cheeks.

“When I was so gracious to you earlier what should your reply have been?”

She grabbed my hair with her other hand and pulled my head back and let my cheeks go.

“Thank you Ma’am.” I cried out.

“Well it appears you haven’t lost your mind. Then why might I ask were you so disrespectful of me then? Do you think that just because we have a guest here you don’t have to show me any respect?”

“No Ma’am. I…” 
SMACK!!!! She interrupted me with a strong slap before I finished the sentence. I could hear the sound of her palm against my cheek reverberate through my ears. It seemed so loud that even Kelly was surprised by the slap I got. My right hand now instinctively grasped my right cheek, as my head was tilted to the left , my face in shock.
“Shut up bitch!!!”She yelled at me

“I think you were just trying to show Kelly you how much of a man you are.”

Wait a minute…I was standing in the corner in a pink vinyl maids uniform and red patent leather 5” fuck me boots are locked on my feet. I was worried that the seam of my fuchsia stockings weren’t straight and that you would later punish me. You were telling me to kneel. I didn’t feel at all like a man.
“No Ma’am” I meekly replied.

“Go fuck yourself.”

My face must have turned completely white. My mouth had gone completely dry.

“Please Ma’am…please no…I beg you.”

She reached in her pocket pulled out a set of clover nipple clamps. She pulled my dress down and placed the clamps on my nipples. Kelly giggled as I gasped with the placement of each clamp. My dress was trying to ride back up putting pressure against the clamps, causing quite the amount of pain and discomfort.
I pleaded with my eyes as I stared up at her.

“Please don’t.” I whimpered.

She reached down and grabbed a single stiletto pump from the floor by her chair and hung the pump on the chain between my nipple clamps.


“Oww? Oww?” she said sarcastically.
“You better go fuck yourself before you’re really fucked.”

She sat back down and resumed her conversation with Kelly. The argument, if you could call it that, was simply over. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. She has never been dominant to this extent. She’s always been quite creative but this was another level entirely. My raging manhood was abruptly restrained by a tiny steel chastity tube. I knew what I was about to do would be the pinnacle of my debasement and I was horrified and disgusted at myself for allowing it to happen. The feeling of the steel biting into my restrained erection gave away my equally strong arousal.

I walked over to where a decorative column had been ingeniously (or sinisterly) bolted to the floor so that it could be turned but not moved. I turned the column so that a dildo base was facing the room. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I walked over to the curio cabinet and opened the drawer. I stared in horror at what I already knew would be there. I was shaking as I tenderly picked up the 6 inch realistic looking penis. They both sat in their chairs, quietly sipping their wine, watching me. I slid the penis into the base and set the snaps that would hold it secure. Please let me wake up!

I kneeled before the penis and gently stroked it. Oh damn, how long has it been since anyone, including me, has stroked my penis. You can’t imagine how badly I needed someone to do this to me. This is how I made love to this fake penis; it’s the way I was instructed to by my wife. I didn’t have a watch, I had no idea how long I did to this fake penis what I so longed to do to my own. It had to be at least 5 minutes. I had to gently stroke and lightly kiss this vile thing for at least 5 minutes before I was allowed to move on. My nipples were burning at the pressure of the clamps and the weight of my wife’s sexy pump. I had to tease this fake penis like I would like to have mine teased. I was desperately hoping my 5 minutes were up. If I moved too quickly I would be severely punished.

I placed both hands on the floor and was now on all fours before my lover. My mouth was dry but I had to get some lubricant on this or it was really going to hurt. See I have one choice in this whole scenario, I could either give this penis a blow job and lubricate it with my spit or I could use the KY Jelly that was sitting right next it in the drawer. The Jelly came with a price though…50 strokes. I only chose that once.

I placed my mouth around this fake penis, which was going to get absolutely no enjoyment out of this, and bobbed my head back and forth. This caused the shoe that was dangling below me to gently rock back and forth, tugging at the clover clamps pinching my nipples, causing me a great amount of distress. I started moaning due to the pain.

“Oh my God! He’s really getting off on this.” exclaimed kelly.

“I told him he can use lubricant whenever he wants but he seems to always want to give his lover a blow job. And trust me - he’s not getting off anytime soon.”

The both giggled.

I tried desperately to get enough spit in my mouth to give it some lubrication. I was moaning like a bitch in heat as the dainty pump tugged at my nipples. I couldn’t simply suck on the fake penis, I had to face fuck it. I had to please it like I was its $20 whore.

“Ok slut, I think that’s enough foreplay. Now fuck yourself.”

I slowly pulled my mouth away from the penis, making sure my lips didn’t wipe off any of my precious spit. I could see the lipstick stains against the base. Would I ever see lipstick stains against the base of my penis?

I quickly turned around and backed up into my lover. My legs were kept apart by the column. I reached behind me and pulled my panties to the side. I backed into my lover until he had just entered me. I put my other hand on the floor and pressed in a little more. I gasped as I felt the intrusion. I pulled out a little bit and pushed back again, this time a little farther. Each time I did this I let out a grunt. I repeated this scene until I felt my ass cheeks pressed into the column. I felt impaled, violated, humiliated, and completely filled with lust.

I slowly rocked back and forth, just far enough out so my lover didn’t come out, and all the way back in. The pain was excruciating. I could feel myself starting to sweat. I was moaning and gasping uncontrollably. I could feel my face contorting. I was bucking faster. My knees hurt. My nipples hurt. My ass hurt. My cock tried to swell. I was humiliated beyond belief. I looked up and saw my wife pour herself another glass of wine. Spit came out of my mouth. I was nearing exhaustion. I could hear the tinkle of the glass. I could feel the sweat bead up on my nose. My ass was on fire. She took another sip of her wine. I was making totally incoherent noises as I was loosing total control over my body except for the wild bucking of my hips. She gently placed her glass back on the  tablle and casually sat back in her chair.

After a short pause she just stated, “That’s all.”

I pulled myself away from my intruder and collapsed on the floor in a heap of contorted flesh, my body racked with pain and exhaustion. I curled up into the fetal position before these two beautiful women feeling totally humiliated. A snap of my wife’s finger brought me back to reality and quickly kneeling where her pointed finger instructed.

She gently removed her stiletto pump from the chain between my nipples. She very gently removed the clamps from one nipple. I cringed in pain and she gently rubbed my nipple as the feeling rushed back. She reached for the other clamp and I instinctively pulled away. She gently pulled me back and removed the other clamp. I gasped and held my tight fists by my side. She gently massaged my nipple, the sensation was overwhelming.

“You’re not going to humiliate me in front of my friends again are you, young man ?” she gently asked. Wait a minute , i was in pink sissy uniform full make up and with high heels serving she and her friend the last 2 hours , they use me as an ashtray  , inspect my chastity and god knows what else and you tell me that i humilate you in front of your friend.

“No Ma’am” I replied.

“You’re going to treat me with courtesy and respect from now on, aren’t you?” she lovingly asked.

“Yes Ma’am” I replied.
She stopped massaging my nipple and patted her lap. I crawled over and placed my head in her lap. My arms wrapped around her calves and I held them like a teddy bear. She gently petted my head while she and Kelly continued their conversation. I was facing Kelly. I didn’t want her here. I didn’t want to face her but I didn’t have a choice. My wife had brought me to a new level of submission. Every time Kelly would look at me my eyes would turn to my wife’s lap. It was difficult look away, the natural place for my eyes to look was directly at Kelly. I felt like a little boy.

She was a beautiful woman dressed in causal elegance normal for a Saturday morning. I was dressed like a slut. She was sitting casually on the loveseat I purchased, no different than any normal person would. I was kneeling before my wife with my head in her lap being petted like a dog. I couldn’t help but notice the spot on her stylish boot where I had painstakingly licked some sort of goo off. She moved her foot around as if to punctuate that she knew I was starting at it. I noticed her glancing at the red patent leather fuck me boots locked on my nylon clad feet. She was enjoying the sensation of red Merlot Wine. I couldn’t get my mind off the burning, yet empty sensation in my ass. Her jeans concealed what I knew to be a very sexy pair of legs. My tiny pink French-maid outfit had ridden up my leg revealing my fuchsia panties. I saw her wry smile before I quickly glanced away trying to pull my dress down. She looked over at the column which was still displaying the object of my debasement and I knew things would never be the same between Kelly and I again.

"Oh let's go to the shopping,im already tired of this pathetic sissy whore and its only 12pm "my wife suggested

“Yea would be nice” agreed Kelly

“George i want the lunch ready around 3 pm, i want your ass to be busy with your daily chores ,no excuses are we clear young man ???” She was so cruel , so beautiful, she was my queen . I feel pain in my ass .

“Yes ma’am”

“Oh and you have something to tell at Miss Kelly before we leave ???” she manipulated with me so hard.

“yes ma’am” I was well trained .

“So what you waiting for, we don't have all day”

“Miss Kelly i want to say that i enjoyed this morning , and i want to say that it was my honor to serve you in any way , and to be used in any way just for your pleasure and fun.I hope you will come again and be our guest  its gonna be my honor to serve you again” I said and kissed Kelly’s shoes

“Oh George that’s so cute , i'm really happy because i finally meet the real you , you're perfect sissy and i really enjoyed today, in fact you made my day . Be sure that i coming again soon ,a lot of fun waiting for us” she said as she petted my head like i was the litle dog

The both young ladies left the house , I was left alone with my chores .I must hurry up !!!
I still did not understand what exactly this Saturday afternoon happened, I was  broken, wounded, humiliated, excited were part of the mix of feelings in my soul.
I sorted out the mess that ladies left. I cleared the table and I washed out all  the glass and cups.
I hate to wash dishes, but I rather hate to clean my sex toys, which was my next task. How I became a cheap bitch???, I wondered constantly. I started to clean the 6 inch dildos with a realistic look of real cock . Even this dildo gets more pleasure than my locked cock. I got it for my 36th birthday, guess from who. I noticed a red lipstick on it, oh I have to makeup my lips again I told myself. Finally “my lover” was clean and restored to his place. I did not have much time almost at 13 o'clock and I did not even start cooking lunch. I rushed to the bedroom where I had to repeat my lipstick, I hated the sound that the heels left. I looked like a thrilled teenager who arranged his appearance in front of a mirror, only I was a 37 year old man.

Finally I was ready to start lunch, I had to think something fast because I had less than 2 hours before my wife returned from shopping. Her sissy Husband is sitting at home doing homework, cooking lunch, while she enjoys shopping with her friend spending our money, life must be good for her. When was the last time I bought something for me and that's not makeup or female underwear ??? I asked myself

I decided to make a fresh salad, pasta with 2 kinds of cheese and a sauce with chicken and mushrooms. I really became a great cook cheat I was punished so I would have to enjoy the remains of my wife's food.
Was 2:45, the lunch was ready and the table served. I used the time before She arrived to pour water into our flowers in and around our house, it was my daily task, I was happy that I now had one less. I Just finished, I heard my wife's Lexus. By running I got to the front door where I was waiting for her to show respect and to greet her. Damn my feet hurts, my balls are on fire.

Finally she  appeared, was beautiful, her perfume made extra excitement on my locked  penis, she wore sunglasses and too many bags with a wardrobe I guess. I greet her properly by kissing her shoes.

“Welcome home ma'am”

"Hey honey , take care of those bags"She bumped my head like a dog and she gave me bags from shopping. I took the bags in  bedroom and I went back to the living room where my wife waited for me.
“look honey, i'm really sorry for ....” I tried to apologize for the afternoon

“shhhh do not say anything, I'm in a good mood, do not spoil it and please do not try to find excuses” she put my finger on my lips and interrupted me. Damn, what power does she have on me, but I was happy that she was in a good mood, as if she was not in the mood after 3 hours shopping with her friend. Shopping always helps.

“My lunch is ready?, am I really hungry. “She asked me and headed to the kitchen.

“Yes ma’am all is ready” I followed her  like a faithful dog.
Was pleased with what she saw.
“Bring your bowl George i bet you hungry to"she say in the same time when she sat on the chair.

“Yes ma’am I am” when I come back with my bowl ,she snaps her finger and I see her pointing her well manicured finger to the floor just to the side of her right foot. I crawl under the table and place my bowl where her finger was pointing. I feel her pat my head a couple of times before she start eating. My look was focused on the ankle of her right leg. There was the key that desperately needed me, it was so close and so far away. The key that opened the doors of this inferno.I only listened to my wife how she enjoyed the pasta and wine in the color of my lipstick. She eats really slowly, enjoyed every bite, enjoyed her gaze under her table, enjoyed the helpless position I was in, enjoyed her power.
About 20 minutes later she began to fill my bowl with the rest of the lunch, finished with 2 large spit and at last mingled with the soles of her shoes. She placed the soles of the heels and knew that I need to to lick it with my tongue until it's clean.
“Wash the dishes and bring your ass to the living room”  she went out of the kitchen , in one hand she held the wine and in the other my bowl.
The clock touched 4 washing dishes I thought how my friends were having fun  at golf where I was invited to . I heard how my wife had already enjoyed watching TV. Was Saturday and everyone enjoyed their own way, only I washed dishes. After I finished I returned to the living room where my wife was lying on the couch, my bowl was left in the middle of the room
“Did you finish with the dishes?”
“Yes ma’am”

“You can eat your lunch”

“Thank you ma’am” I shook my head deep into the bowl and started eating like a puppy, I was really hungry. This was only 4 days after I got the ban on using cutlery, there were 26 more.

“I'm really happy with the lunch, now I'm tired, be quiet as you can,I wanna sleep.wake me at 18:30. We will go to the cinema at 20:30 with you’r  friends, I have arranged with Anne the wife of Jack, Robert and Samantha will come to” I could not believe it, I was overjoyed, i really miss my friends.
“Do the laundry when you finish with your  lunch” After a short time Sara fell asleep.
The next 2 hours I worked the laundry, I worked and whistled for joy. I was really happy, finally a social life with my friends. the two hours passed really slowly, but finally it was 18:30.

“Honey wake up , its 18:30” i tryed to wake up my wife

“Mmmm  massage my feet”she  said sleepy. Damn, I'm the one who needs a massage, I'm in my pair of 5 inch red fuck me boots for all day long .

“Yes ma’am” I started to massage her bare and beautiful feet. It took about 10 minutes, I was exhausted, the weekends are for rest, not in my case.

“You wanna make love with them?!?!?” she asked with a gentle smile.

“Yes Ma’am with pleasure  “I was so excited, my penis tried to break through the plastic barrier locked with a metal paddle. Sarah had athletic legs very gentle and smooth, legs that many women would desire.

“Start it bitch, we do not have a whole day” she ordered it ready for the pleasure that was coming. I started to kiss her with great passion, I kissed all fingers one by one, I sucked her finger like a penis, she looked directly at me in the eyes. I began to lick them, I must admit that her legs had an unpleasant odor, but I was all the same, I enjoyed. I was burned up as a young teenager at his first meeting. With her finger she showed me to move up. I licked up and I was closer and closer to her pussy, which was a forbidden zone for my locked dick. She aroused, began to trim, began to emit sounds began to roar like a cat. After that she pulled me to my ears and I found myself deep in her skirt. I took off her panties and began to lick her like never before. I began digging with the tongue deeper and deeper, She pressed on my head.

“Awwwww yea bitch” she screamed at last, the juicy juices of her cum were poured directly on my face.

“Clean me up George , It's already 19:00 we have to hurry, I will wear a new black dress, with black heels tonight. While I'm showering you have time to clean up these funny makeups and get changed,  prepare my clothes and wait for me completely naked in  corner of the bedroom. I'm clear bitch ???“ -Do I have to stand in the corner again? I told myself

“Yes ma’am” I mumbled trying to clean her pussy completely. The tongue hurt me at the places where I was burnt out of Kelly's cigarette. Finally she pushed my head and headed into the bathroom. I cleared my face, and for a short time I was completely naked except my chastity cage. I prepared her black dress and black heels. I stuck my nose in the corner of the bedroom and waited. I waited for my queen as she was showering. I stood for about 10 minutes, but this time the pain was not strong, because I was with bare feet. Finally she appeared in a bathrobe. She slapped me on my naked ass and proceeded to the big mirror where she had a real wealth for women. She had very expensive makeup lipsticks and cosmetics. I was angry, why she keeps me in the corner when it's already here, why it does not give me permission to get ready or to help her with the preparation. I heard her walking around, she was completely naked, her smooth and beautiful body. I listened to a movement from my naked wife,in the  room and I did not have the permission to turn around and see her. She was so sexy. My cock was desperately trying to get through the plastic cage, my balls were in fire. She fanned her long hair.

Dingalingaling. !!! Dingalingaling!!! I walked quickly to my wife with quick steps and stood beside her and waited for an instruction.

“Bring me the black panties and the boots and my black stocking”
“Yes ma’am” I was moving as fast as I could, I knew we had little time.
“Hurry up bitch!!!Otherwise you will stay at home” she yelled at me. I bring everything .

“Come on  help me with my black sexy stocking, so I'll help you with your corset”.

“You will help me with the corset ???“ I ask her in angry tone.

“Yes, your pink satin corset combined with your pink satin panties. Any other questions stud?”

I attached her black sexy stocking to the her black garter belt. . She was really hot. I wondered why she dresses like this when we go to the cinema only.

“But ma’am I'm really uncomfortable wearing a corset under my clothes” I almost cried

“One more word  about your corset and you stayed at home , am i clear ?”she interrupted any debate about it.
"Yes, ma’am, I'm sorry," I said, defeated

She tied my pink corset so tightly that I barely breathed. I was wearing jeans and blouse, but under me I carried pink panties and pink corset. The fact that I wear a women's underwear did not give me peace.

“Sara we go somewhere after the cinema?” I asked her, because she was too provocatively dressed for the cinema.

“Do not ask many questions, and move your ass, you see that we do not have time.” she said while proudly walking in front of me.

“Yes ma’am” I followed her as a faithful dog to her car. She was a good driver, much better than me. She was so sexy as she drove, I wanted to fuck her, who would not want to fuck my beautiful queen. At least we got there. A group of people awaited us at the door, those were our friends.

“We go dear?” she told me and grabbed me by the hand. We looked like a real couple, I walked proudly with her, in the parking lot, many mens were jealous of me. I knew it was acting on her side, but I still enjoyed it, for a moment I forgot that I was her bitch. I noticed that in the group there are 2 mens probably my friends but there were 3 women, I wondered why 3.
“Oh dear, Kelly invited me to go for a drink tonight, so I invite her to come with us to the cinema, I hope you will not bother her presence. And I'll forget after the cinema the guys will go to bowling,you better think of an excuse because after the movie you go right at home, if I'm pleased with your pronunciation you will get money for a taxi otherwise you will walking to the  home.” she explained to me.

“But dear, will we go home together??” I was sad

“Of course not, are you so stupid? Did you think I dress like this for you? Kelly and I will have fun tonight, in fact, I can not wait to finish the movie.” The way she said it all was quite normal for her, she enjoyed humiliating me. I was angry, What doing Kelly with us, she is a friend of Sarah and she was not so close to any of us. If she did not know our little secret, her presence would not be a problem, but how could I look her eyes when only 8 hours ago I served her  as a SIssy maid, I made love with my dildo in front of her, I licked her  dirty boots. How to speak with the same mouth that she used like an ashtray .

“Hey” we greeted them together, finally we met our friends.

"Hey" they answered.

“George, are you angry with us ???” asked Robert

“Yea buddy,why you dont coming  to play  golf with us anymore???” Jack asked too.

“Hmm no no no at all, i mean i'm little busy with the work ,you know, but for sure i will join soon.” My cheeks were red, I lied to my friends. I did not know what to say and suddenly I heard Kelly.

“George is your mouth better? , do you still hurt your tooth? Boys do not get angry at George, today I was at their house as a  guests and really he was busy, I barely saw him, not even had time to join us in the coffee.” Kelly tried to help, but with a look she was sent a hidden message, a hidden message we knew only I, she and my wife.

“In fact my knight hurt his tooth so hard that I barely persuaded him to come to the cinema, He really wanted to stay at home tounight , but I persuaded him 2 hours to come just to offend you. My poor George, he really was not able to come to play golf. Dear, did you have any pain in your mouth?” My wife barely refrained not to laugh while telling all these lies. Kelly fit perfectly in my humiliation, the two girls really enjoyed. Any contact with our views between me and Kelly was so unpleasant to me, always reminded me of our encounter. I could not hold that view for longer than 1 second, while she enjoyed looking at me directly in my eyes, her gaze was so deep, she enjoyed the power. The Corset tightened me so much that  made me really  thirsty.
“Oh yes, I almost forgot about the pain, I'm fine now”. I was lying. I was an accomplice in my lies. My mouth hurt, but not because of the tooth, it hurts because my mouth was used as an ashtray by my wife and Kelly, it hurts because I licked Kelly's boots.

“Oh well then, let's take popcorn and drinks and enjoy the movie”. Propose Robert. Everyone told him what they wanted to drink, someone wanted a Coke, another wanted a beer, I decided to go for a cold beer.

“Nothing for George, because of the tooth he can not eat and drink. right, dear?” She cut Robert before he could ask me for my order. With her gaze she clearly showed me that she was not joking. Her green eyes told me that I would be in big trouble if I did not agree.

“Oh she is right, nothing for me, I better not wake my pain in my teeth.” I was sad and thirsty. I saw the pleasure of the faces of Sarah and Kelly. While everyone enjoyed the movie, popcorn and drinks, I was thinking about the whole humiliation, about how I stood in the corner, much of the day. my feet hurt, I thought about what kind of man  wearing pink panties just because his wife ordered it. I thought so much, the two hours were fast, I thought so much that I did not enjoy the film at all.
Everyone laughed and told the experiences from the movie we watched, only I could not fit into any conversation.

“Boys now is the time to send our wives home, and we go to bowling haha.”Jack announced his plan

“We will only drink juice hahahahaah, Samantha baby I'll be home before 4, I promise hahahaha. “Robert is having fun. Samantha and Anne were already reconciled with the fact that they would go home, unfortunately I was reconciled with the same fact .. The only difference is that they could play video games at home or watch tv or do whatever they want, I did not know what kind of order awaits me. Will I clean, stand in the corner? Will I sleep in the bedroom or in the cage?

“Oh, it would really be great guys, but I have to go home, I'm really tired and tomorrow I have to do tests for exams for students”. I tried to give a good excuse, I did not want to go walk to my home.

“Come on George, we know you want to stay”Robert  tried to change my mind .

Come on sweetheart, do not refuse the guys. You do not have to stay up to 4 like them haha. My wife acted well, I knew it was a trap, but the guys saw her as a cool wife full of understanding.

“You heard this, Anne. I want to have this type of wife, start learning from Sara”. Jack was impressed by my wife. “Oh jack trust me. you dont want to have a wife like Sara” I said to myself

“You are the best wife ever Sara”, Kelly praised Sara
Now in the eyes of my friends I was an ordinary pussy, while Sarah was a real hero.
“I'm really tired my decision is final, I going home ”, I tried to be cool and sound like it's my decision.  I wanted to stay up late, I wanted to drink beer, I wanted to send Sara home at 22:00 o'clock, I wanted to be like Jack and Robert, but I also wanted to have free orgasm like any normal man, even watching TV would not be bad, but I can not watch tv without permission.

“Well, then, we really did have a great time, we look at the next opportunity. If you change your mind, you know where we are George” the guys said disappointed and finally our roads have changed. I was alone with my wife and Kelly

“I'm not happy with your excuse, bitch.But I will give you the opportunity to choose, if you choose walking  you must be  home before your  bed time. If you late, for every minute you will receive 10 strokes per ass and you have to wait for me nacked in the corner until I come ,to get your punishment. Or you'll get 10 $  for a taxi, but you have to sleep in your cage”My wife was cruel. The cage was definitely not an option, but was I ready to walk? after a long day in the heels, my legs were killing me.There was no way to get on time before my bed time. But before making a decision, something that I did not really expect happened, not here in the parking lot.

“George I need an ashtray”.- This time it was not a please, this time it was a direct order by Kelly. Kelly  fit perfectly in the role of my supervisor, there was no more thrift in her eyes, she simply acted without respect to me, enjoyed to humiliate me and give me orders, she enjoyed the power she had. For a moment, I was confused, the timr stopped, I could not believe what I heard, Kelly was so cruel that she asked me to go through the lines that my wife had not even reached. Are they really ready to go so far. Was I ready for this? I looked at my wife with a sad look like a pet. With my gaze, I begged her not to allow this humiliation.

“Have you heard her, bitch? Come on, we do not have much time, the party is waiting for us”.My wife yelled at me. Sarah could not wait to send me home, in her eyes I really saw a great desire for that party.

"But ma'am what if someone see us , please don't make me to do that."I beg her

“No no no , stop , shut up  , stop complain !!!“She was angry and she pulled  my  ear .”On your fucking knees , now !!!” The position was clear, this whole action lasted about 2 minutes, it was  eternity for me. For my happiness in the parking lot, nobody appeared. Kelly enjoyed the cigarette, they talked about the club where they planned to have fun. My mouth was full of ash, my knees burning, at last Kelly spit and put out the cigarette.

“Did you make a decision bitch ???” Sarah was curious

"Yes ma'am i  go with taxi"I answered quickly after I swallowed all the ashes

“Someone will sleep in a dog's cage!?!?!” Kelly sang to me

“Okey bitch , there is your ten bucks” My wife  said and put 10 dollars in my pink panties.” are they enough?”

“I hope Ma’am” I collected the money from my panties as if I were an cheap stripper.

I have an idea, if they are not enough, give a blowjob to the taxi driver” The both ladies laughed at me so hard.

“What will you do if you do not have enough money, bitch?” She roughly grabbed my face in her hand and tilted my head up so that I was looking up at her. Her face was so far above me. My cheeks were all scrunched together making my mouth look like a fish out of water.

“I'll give him a blowjob ma’am”. I was so scared to give another answer , the both ladies scream from the laugh .

“That’s my girl “Sara said , and slaped my ass . “Go right home bitch!!” They entered the luxurious Lexus, and left me alone in the parking lot. Nervous, hungry, thirsty, angry, humiliated, lonely were only part of the feelings I had at that moment.

I took a taxi, on the way I prayed to have enough money to pay. I thought and did not speak a single word with the taxi driver. I felt pain throughout my body. Several times the taxi driver asked me if I was good and was all right.

“We arrived at your location sir” Taxi driver woke me up from trance. “9 dollars please,”it was close damn…I was happy and got 1 dollar for the black days, i have place where i  hide some money from my wife. Most often they were small money, which my wife did not know. With this dollar I had 4 dollars and 37 cents. How much should I be pathetic and desperate to be happy about it. As I said before, all of our financial income was owned by my wife, I did not have access to them. The only money I received was a dollar for a snack at work. I finally got rid of the pink corset that was stretched. I felt great freedom, I was completely naked except my chastity cage. I put my pink collar on my neck. I had 15 minutes before my time in bed. I came to WC and soon I found myself in my cage quite naked. I set up the alarm and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I do not know how late it was , but I heard the high heels of my wife. The steps were quick and louder and louder, it was clear that my wife came to me. She turned on the lamps in the garage. The light blinded me, my wife's perfume spread across the garage, my penis tried to grow, but my chastity belt did not allow that. She bent down in front of me, she laid her chin on my collar. She was drunk, she did not say a word. In her eyes I saw anger and fury, I was really scared.” Where did I make a mistake?” I wondered myself as I follow her on my  all four as a faithful dog. We arrived to the living room.

“Stand right here!!!” She pointed with  her finger right in the middle of the living room. She pulled out the chain and went to the kitchen. She returned with a glass of wine. Will she still drink? I asked myself. Sarah began to spin around me, she looked like a shark watching her prey . It was about 1 minute, but it was for me all eternity. She was drinking a glass of wine up to half and left the room. Where does she go, why this drama at 3 in the morning. Where was she, damn it until 2:30 in the morning? Can I ask her? I wondered what would happen if Samantha or Anne return home at 2:30 in the morning. They will probably be in big trouble. Will Sarah be in big trouble? I do not think so, I think I'm in big trouble, but why? I was tired , why I had to wait around 15 minutes in the middle of the room naked, why I was not left to sleep in my cage, I really had a long day. I do not need to  much, just a little peace in my dog's cage. Finally, the door opened, this time she was wearing silk pajamas. The sound of her high heels disappeared, she was barefoot. In her hands was my belt, and her wooden hair brush.

“But  Sarah, what did I do now?” I was scared, I did not want to be beaten for no reason.

“Oh really? hahaha you are really fucked now. I really did not have the reason to beat you, I just wanted a little fun. But you're stupid enough, I just got good reasons to give you a bit that you will hardly forget. 10 strokes, for thats “but”, 10 strokes for asking a question, 10 strokes for not addressing me with respect. How many strokes  are that, young man?” my wife talked to me like I was a litle child.

“30 strokes Ma’am” I answered with a low voice

“good” my wife took the belt

Crackkk!!!    Crackkk !!! ,  “Awwww” I screamed in agony Crack!!!… Crackkk !!! Crackk!!!

“How many times have I hit you , George ???” my wife asked me while she rested her hands crossed on her stomach.

“5 times Ma’am” My ass burned already, and we were at the very beginning.

“We start all over again.I give you  10 more strokes for not counted , and 10 more strokes for not being  thankful.” my wife manipulated me.

Crackk!!!! “ One, thank you Ma’am” , Crackk!!! “Two, thank you ma’am”,  Swishhh !!! “Theeree, aww thank  you ma’am”  Crackk !!!” Four, thank you ma’am” Every next blow was stronger and stronger, I barely refrained from screaming, my ass burning. exactly at 28th stroke, I could not take more and began to cry and Beg.

Crackk !!!! “Aaawwww  please ma’am , I can’t more ,mercyyy pleaseee I beg you”tears flowed on my face.

“No no no, you better count, don’t  lose the pace ,or we have to start from the beginning again” Sara did not joke

“awwwww twenty eight, ma’aaaaam”

“Okey  concentrate George, this one  does not count, try again”

Crackkk !!! “Aaaaawww twenty eight , thank you ma’aam”

“Much better” CracK !!! “Aaaaaaaawwwwww  TwenTy!!!!!!  NineeeEEE !!!!  , Thankkkk !!! you Ma’aam” I screamed very loudly.

“Shhhhh we do not want to wake up neighbors right? Open your mouth” I did as I was told, my wife took off her panties and put them in my mouth. Thay haved taste on her pussy, mixed with the dirt from her ass. She gagged my mouth.

Swishhhh !!! “wwww Thwirty Twhankk wyou Ma’am” I tried to speak correctly, because of the panties.

“Such a loser, hahaha”

My ass burned, I will probably have problems to sit on it. Finally the fifth hit came to the line

CrackkKKKKKK!!!!”awwww mha mhaaa  Fifthyy , Twhank you Ma’am” last but very strong blow.

“Bent over my knees!!! now, i'm not finished with you yet” how humiliating is , to lie on your wife's knees, as a little child with a red ass.

“Ywes Ma’amw” .This was a real nightmare. Why my wife hates me so much??? All I did was to please her, besides everything I was doing, I received only hatred, humiliation and punishment in return. Life was not fair, but did I have the power to change something? I soon found myself on my wife's knees. Started a second part of my nightmare, but this time the difference from the belt that counted 50 strokes was without limit, just until my wife's right hand was tired. The fact that Sara trained Tennis in her young age meant she had a lot of fitness and power in her hand. My ass was in trouble.

“The belt was after your mistake, but the wooden brush is just for my pleasure, just because I can, because you're my bitch. Are you ready pantywaist ??” She asked as she stroked my red ass. My ass was in fire, and she had not even started with the brush.

“Yes Ma’am”

Crackk!!!  Crackk !!! Crackk !!! Crackk !!! CrackKk !!! CracKkk !!! Crackk !!! Crackk !!! Crackk !!!

“Awwww !!!” I screamed  Crackk !!! Crackk !!! Crackk !!! “

“Please Ma’aam I beg you , I can’t take more please merccyyyy pleaseee awww !!!” I cried like a little kid.

”Shhhh shut up George “

Crackk!!!  Crackk !!! Crackk !!! Crackk !!! CrackKk !!!

After about 10 minutes she finally stopped. She pushed me with her hands. I was lying on the floor completely helpless. I could not stop crying. I tried to stop crying but the tears just went down my face. I was broken. I feel pain in my ass, I did not actually feel that I had an ass. I was lying on the floor completely helpless. I could not stop crying. I tried to stop crying but the tears just went down my face. I was broken.. An adult man with a red butt cries on the floor in front of his wife. The same man is completely naked except his pink dog collar and his penis locked in chastity, the next 8 days. It was a situation that is not seen in a normal family.

I heard a snap of my wife’s finger and see her pointing her well manicured finger to the floor directly on her feet. She uses commands with her hands as if I were an animal that could not speak.

“Kiss my feet, slut !!!”

“yes Ma’am”

“So, how is being a man in the house?” It was a question that I gave an answer just a few days ago

“Mwa!! Mwa!!! I don’t  know Ma’am Mwaa! Mwa!” I answered kissing her feet.

“Hmmm you don’t know?Okey . We must ask Jack and Robert some day.Ohh  how is your ass???”

“Mwaa!! Mwaaa! It really hurts me a lot ,Ma’am” it was true

“Hmm, do you have pain from the beating , or because of the crazy sex with your lover this morning?” She enjoyed the conversation,she really knew how to play psychologically.

“I think of both Mwahh! ,Ma’am”

“hahaha Such a slut you are . Really suck to be you. I bet you will not be able to sit on your ass until the next week. Folow me monkey!!” (she made that joke because my ass was red). Sara caught me by the ear and dragged me to our bedroom. She pulled me to my ear. She was moving with quick steps. I barely followed her on all four like a faithful dog. She hooked her long nails in my ear. Really this walk was painful for me.

“Between my legs, now!!!, my pussy will be your pillow tonight” She said she slipped down her pajamas and lay down on her back with her legs spread.

I did not say anything, I knew what my job was. I started licking her wet pussy, she was really excited, and I was tired of even doing the one I was best off.

“hahah you lucky bastard,don’t worry you are banned  from using furniture around the house, when you pass the ban, I will beat you again, do not worry” she pressed my head firmly into her pussy

Awww Lick it bitch !!!“

“Slurp!!! Shlurpp!!! Shlup!!!” I licked her harder and harder

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  “She explodes directly into my face.

“Clean up my pussy and it is better to fall asleep, tomorrow is Sunday, awaiting you a long day hahah haha” She sounded really frail.

I cleaned up her juicy pussy, and I lay down to her, she slept as a little baby. Did after this day, I could sleep without care? I did not have time to think, I quickly faced the reality ,my wife was right tomorrow is Sunday, real hell for me I needed strength. I kissed my queen on the forehead and quietly whispered  "Good night my queen, i love you".  Soon i fell asleep

to be continued…

Sissy ­ George

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