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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Cruel wife part 5 - Long day

                                              Cruel Wife- long day

Sissy George


I was sitting in my old-fashioned car parked in front of a pharmacy on the way home.I held the five dollars in my hand. This time there was no beer, there was no delayt. Immediately after the last school bell, I headed home. The whole terror I experienced yesterday was a good reason not to gamble again. I looked at the money and I remembered everything I got to earn them. I was not at all proud of that, which man would be proud of such a thing? I entered the pharmacy, before me there was a row of about 5 peoples. I stopped at the end of the row, and everything I could was then was waiting for my turn. I watched the pharmacist, she was a young blonde. My guess is that she was no more than 25 years old. She was very handsome and beautiful. On her face I could see that she was lazy. Everything went slowly that caused nervousness to me. I did not want to be late again. The cream was also very important to me. Sara was completely right, although the way she told me that was humiliating.” While I fucked you, I noticed that your ass needs a cream” These were the words that a wife without fear told to her  sissy husband. Time pressed me, Kelly should come to our home because Sara will have to stay up late at work. My wife's best friend will keep me in my own home as I am a little child. Kelly will be my babysitter whether I agree or not. Should I say how degrading it is? However, if Kelly gets to our home first before me, then I will be in big trouble.

“Can I help you, sir?” A young  female voice woke me up from my trance.

“Yes, I need a skin wound cream.” I answered slightly angrily. I hated people who are unprofessional doing their job.

“Mmmm for what kind of wounds do you speak, can I see them?” she kindly asked.

“Is it important? , are you a doctor?” I sounded like a real idiot, probably because time pressed me more and more. All these days and all this pressure made me to be just one big idiot,poor girl.

“Of course it's important  to know what cream I recommend to you!!!” The little girl showed a little nervousness.

Before I could say something , her phone rang. She coldly just answered the call, completely ignoring me. I could not believe what was happening here. I was nervous and furious as she laughed at the phone conversation completely ignoring the fact that a customer is waiting for her service. After about 3-4 minutes she finally stopped the conversation.

“Sir, are you planning to tell me what kind of wounds it is or no ?” She nervously asked me as soon as she stopped her conversation.

That question spilled over the glass. I was furious and I started screaming in full voice.” What's important is the wounds, just give me a fucking cream that will help for damaged skin.

“Relax, sir, nervousness will not help!!!” She tried to calm me down.

 “I'm waiting for more than half an hour for a fucking cream and you tell me to calm down? What kind of  pharmacy is this ? What kind of worker are you? This is simply unprofessional !!!”

“What's going on here, George?” A female voice surprised me from behind me. For a moment I got stuck. I was terrified. I was terrified. I suddenly turned to the voice.

At the entrance was a woman wearing black rubber pants who were very tight at her feet. She wear  a red sexy blouse through which half of her breasts were easily seen. In combination with black leather  boots with  5 inches high heels. I stayed with my mouth open. You must be wondering who was the  woman who was dressed as Sadomaso Dominatrix. Probably in your heads spin 2 names? I did not know what surprised me more at that moment. The wardrobe worn by that woman or because that woman was the reason I had to buy a cream for my ass. It was Kelly, the best friend of my wife. It was clear that she heard most of my conversation with that young pharmacist.

“Why are you screaming at this young girl?” She asked me again with a strict vocabulary.

“Mmmmm I  mmm” I did not know what to answer, I was surprised by her presence. Before I succeeded in composing a sentence, I heard the voice of a young pharmacist.

“This idiot screamed and insulted me only because I asked him for what kind of wounds he need a cream. I think I will call the police”

I could not believe what was going on here, the gentle and innocent little girl turned into a real devil.

“You are lying!!!”

“Well, lets see what the police have to say about it???” She said and she took the phone.

“Wait, it's unnecessary, I know you're not lying, madam!!!” Kelly calmly spoke to the girl.

“But Kelly, she's lying!!!” I was fighting for the truth.

“Stop right now, George, or I'll have to call your wife. . This drama will be solved by  two womens, is it so, Madame?” I could not believe what I was hearing. The young pharmacist smiled.I could not look them  from shame. The work went out of control that allowed Kelly to publicly humiliate me this way. But still I decided to keep silent. Although all this did not make sense, I did not want Sara to find out about this incident.

“I have no problem with this gentleman, if I know what kind of wounds it is, then he will get a suitable cream and you can have a nice day.” The young pharmacist said.

“His wife beat him with a belt on his ass.” Kelly calmly answered the question.

“Oh, my God hahaha , I have a cream that I think will help!!!” the young girl could not hide her surprise.

“Come on Kelly you …”I was angry at Kelly and I wanted to stop this humiliation.

“Silence!!!” She screams loudly at me . I was humiliated as never before. Kelly used my situation and imposed more domination on me.

“Okay girl, we want a packet, how much is it?” Kelly wanted to finish this drama.

“Sure, this is 3 dollars.” The girl was satisfied and looked directly into my eyes.

“Did you hear, George? pay it !!! This was an order.Without talking, I left five dollars before the pharmacist. The girl took the money and took  two dollars  to get my change .

“George wants to leave you a change in sign to apologize, Is this true George?” Kelly said before I took the money.

“Yes miss Kelly.” Two dollars for someone it was nothing but for me it was a whole treasure.

“Oh really there was no need for that, but still thank you.” The girl said and put the money in her pocket with pleasure. I sadly watched my 2 dollars. Kelly was pleased, she knew well that I had no access to the domestic budget. She probably knew how I earned those 5 dollars.

“You can wait for me in front of your car!!!” She gave me permission to finally leave.

“Yes miss Kelly” .I took the cream and headed for the exit door.


“Goodbye, I wish you luck with your ass !!!” The girl greeted me laughing.

What Kelly did inside for another 5 minutes was a mystery? The fact that no one entered the pharmacy during this drama spoke well of how lucky it was to run into such a fuss. Finally, she left the pharmacy and moved proudly towards me.

The first thing I could say was “Please, dont  tell Sara.”

“Shut up, We will decide for that at home!!! Now I want you to go right at home, I'll come in about 15-20 minutes just to finish something!!!” she enjoyed the role of supervisor.

“Yes miss Kelly” It was the only thing I could say.

On the way home I was only thinking about one thing. What will happen if  Sara finds out about this drama. I decided to be obedient and worthwhile. I decided to make a deal with Kelly not to tell her. But of course it did not depend on me at all. I could not believe that another young girl knows about my status at home. Still the fact that that girl was nothing and no one in our life gave me a little peace. In one I was sure that I would never enter the same pharmacy again. I finally got home. I suddenly stripped naked completely apart from my chastity belt. I put a cream on the wounds of my ass, I had a belt marks everywhere. Immediately my ass get  soft, really nice feeling. I decided to collect dirty laundry and let them wash in the washing machine. Before I managed to finish that task, I heard the doorbell ringing.

“”Ding Dong “” must be Kelly I think in myself. I opened the door, and Kelly stood in front of me in the same outfit. She held something interesting in her hands. These were two wooden canes with a thickness of a child's finger.. It was clear that they were not the support of an old man, they had a completely different purpose. I immediately bowed down and kissed her beautiful black boots. She stood proudly in front of me. I wanted to keep kissing and licking those boots. I've always been weak on a female high heel.

“Welcome miss Kelly”I greeted her.

“Stand up straight, hands on your head and spread your legs!!!” She strictly ordered me. I immediately found myself in that position. She left her purse and one of the canes of the footbags that stood next to the front door. She began to move around me. Only her boots were listening. She held a wooden cane  in her hand. She started waving with it and  started to swish the cane through the air. With the tip of the stick she touched me for the lower part of my jaw, it was a sign that I should raise my head and not look in the floor. She was like a knight with her sword and I was just one helpless man in my own home.

“This is your new toy, kiss it” she said and brought the wooden Cane to my mouth.

 Without  thinking I kissed the wooden stick.

Are you afraid George?” she continued to move around me and waving the cane. The sound coming out of the wooden stick was terrifying.

“Yes miss Kelly” Of course I was, it looked 10 times worse than Sara's belt.

“You have to be, but do not worry, I will not beat you for now, maybe a little later depends on you. I hope Sara will like the gift.”

I was sure that Sara would be pleased.

“I see you already tried the cream? How  is the feeling?” She asked probably since she noticed the cream on my ass.

“The feeling is nice, miss Kelly”

“I hope that I will never have to try that feeling”Keely said.

“Probably you are tormented today's incident in which I accidentally witnessed???” she fired directly into the target. It was clear that she had learned a lot from my wife.

“Yes miss Kelly, will you tell Sara?” I asked with fear.

“No, I will not tell her anything.” for a moment, I was relieved a little.” But I think she deserves to know what her husband is doing outside of her home, so you will tell her.” This was done in the style of Sara. I could not believe what I was hearing, but Kelly kept the strings in her hands.

“But miss Kelly I …” I tried to rebel.

“Silence!!! I'm not here to be a judge !!! I am here to make sure everything is fine with the preparation of your birthday while my best friend is at work. I'm just doing it for her happiness, I would not want to be here now, but I'm doing it for her. As long as you think only of yourself and you do not care about the happiness of your wife at all. Shame on you, you selfish pig!!! On Monday I will come back to you and expect you to tell to  Sara exactly what happened in the pharmacy!!! Am I clear !?!. She screamed at me

“Yes miss Kelly.” it was the only thing I could answer.

“Well, by Monday we are only concentrating on your birthday !!! is that right?”

“Yes miss Kelly”

For a moment, she calmed down, and I was still in the same position. She began to touch my locked penis with the tip of the stick.

While I'm in the house I do not want to see this little worm between your legs. We need to cover it with something.”

“I can wear panties,miss Kelly.” I suggested.

“No, I think the upron will be more appropriate while you work.” She said the final word.

“While we are at your locked worm, how many more days?” She asked me as she touched my locked penis with her cane.

“Ten days miss Kelly” I answered sadly.

“If I am pleased these days I will urge to Sara to cut you one day.” I could not believe my orgasm became a market of blackmail awards and penalties as if it were an item that was constantly being sold and bought.

“Thank you miss Kelly I will try my best “

“Ok, go make me a coffee with milk and some sugar!” She ordered me and at the same time headed for our living room.

“Yes miss Kelly” I said and headed for the kitchen. Why did not she just leave me to do my job? I was not sure how Kelly's presence would help me with my tasks. I quickly ended up with coffee and with  tray I appeared in the living room where Kelly waited for me. I brought some cakes too. She sat on the armchair with her crossed legs. Her right hand was almost completely covered with a tattoo. Red long nails and red lipstick. My dick simply wanted to explode. Her ex-boyfriend was a biker, and they had the same tattoo, so she was in love with a black and leather wardrobe. In the left hand he held a list. The HBO was already found on the TV and there was a famous TV series on the screen. It was clear that Kelly was willing to enjoy while being in the role of a Babysitter. I served coffee and cakes and kneeled before her. I wore a white upron with red flowers. She watched the series and mixed the coffee with the spoon completely ignoring me for about 2-3 minutes.
“Sssssssssssssp!!!” She finaly takes a first sip of her hot Coffee.

“Ashtray !!!” It was her first word after a few minute silence. She was no longer ashamed to use my mouth as an ashtray. It was quite normal for her.

“Thank you miss Kelly” I immediately thanked her as she shook a piece of ash in my mouth.

“Ok George, it's time to start your assignments. I propose to start things that can not be broken up or destroyed over the course of these days, we do not want to do the same thing 2 -3 times?” She explained as a mentor.

She was right, which is the point to clean the bathroom today knowing that Sara will destroy it 10 more times until Saturday.I kneled and in my complete silence i listened to my supervisor.

“This is the list of the guest numbers you need to invite, I suggest that you start with it right away.” Kelly gave me her phone.

“Yes miss Kelly” I immediately started inviting our guests from the list. The list was made by Sara and I did not have any role in it, she did not ask me who to invite, she simply does it by her own will. It was clear she decided on everything. Many names from my good friends were missing from the list. They were not invited for the simple reason that Sara did not like them or their wives.Kelly completely ignored my conversations, she enjoyed the movie series. She interrupted me only a few times when my mouth was needed instead of an ashtray. She did not choose a moment when she used my mouth. She simply used it when she wished, so I was forced to leave the conversation for Kelly to use her Ashtray. Slowly but surely she showed power over me. It was clear that slowly but surely I became her bitch, her servant, and she enjoyed it all.

Finally the last name on the list was invited. She was watching  tv, and her legs were stretched out on the table. It was clear that she felt as if she were at home. I don't remember when I last time i  enjoyed it in my own home like this. Her coffee was over.

“I'm done with the invitations, Miss Kelly”. I said and left the phone on the table in front of her.

“Okay, before we get on with the business I think we deserved a cold beer, you have beer’s in the fridge, right?” She talked as if watching TV in a comfortable armchair is a very difficult job.

“Yes, I have a cold beer, but I am afraid that I do not have permission to drink.” Sadly I refused cold beer, I didn't wanted to have a problem with Sara.

“Oh I'm so sorry for you, but don't worry I'll drink one for you .” Of course she enjoyed my ban more than she wanted a cold beer.

I didn't say anything, I knew it was another sarcasm in my head. With my head down I went into the kitchen and quickly returned with cold beer, a glass and snacks. I left the beer and snacks on the table in front of her. She didn't waste a time and started filling her glass with cold beer. Golden cold liquid and white foam. Soon her sexy lips with red lipstick touched the cold glass. As the cold beer passed through her throat she stared directly into my eyes. I saw a mockery in her eyes as she enjoyed the cold beer. She enjoyed the power she had over me thanks to my wife. I wanted those lips to touch my cock just as they touched the glass. I wanted beer but I had to be content with a glass of water.

“Well, Sara told me you have 2 guest rooms??? She also told me that in one room there is your whole sissy wardrobe, is that true, George?” Kelly asked me after refreshing herself with the cold beer.

“Yes miss Kelly , that is true”. I answered. In one of the guest rooms was my whole women collection.

“So Sara ordered you to move your entire wardrobe to your bedroom, and after that you have to clean the two guest rooms in detail”. She explained to me my next task.

“Yes miss Kelly”. I have to admit that it was quite clever, these were rooms in which my wife rarely went(The main culprit for the whole mess in our house). Of course, in the rooms where our parents would sleep, it wasn't very clever  to have Sissy's clothes.

“Okay then we can go there, I'm just curious to see your whole collection, of course if that doesn't bother you ???” She got up from her comfortable armchair.

“No , miss Kelly  of course not”. I lied, the last thing I wanted to see an attractive woman like Kelly do was my Sissy collection that I wasn't proud of at all.

I headed to the room where my entire wardrobe was. Kelly followed me. I could imagine what a picture was moving in front of her. She could enjoy my beaten ass, which she herself participated in. When we got to the room i opened the regal with sissy dresses.

“Woooow!!!” was her comment. She began to touch and see them all my dresses one by one.

“Tell me which one of them is your favorite???” She didn't miss the opportunity to humiliate me.

“Mmmm I really love them all I can't choose”. As if it wasn't enough that she knows all our secrets so I have to answer these questions as well.

“Come on, are you ashamed of me? So I'm already a part of your life whether you like it or not.” She noticed that I was uncomfortable and helped me to face the harsh reality.

Before I could answer anything she started to open the drawers where all my female panties, make-ups, tights and other sexy female clothes were.

“Oh you pervert !!! You have more panties  than me!!! I must admit that every woman would be proud of such a sexy collection, lucky you !!!” She did not stop humiliating me, and I listened and could say nothing.

“I find that it will take you a long time to sort out the two rooms, so it is better for you to start right away, and I'm going to enjoy the cold beer.” she winked at me and left the room.

Waiting not a second I immediately started filling my plastic laundry bin. The wardrobe in our bedroom was 80%  with Sara's clothes and only about 10% with my men's clothes. I had to get organized and manage to fit everything in that 10% space left, which was not easy. As I sorted all those clothes, I was thinking about how unfair life was. At home I had a very cold beer and a very hot woman as Kelly was. Is there anything missing here? It's every man's dream. In my case it was like a nightmare. In my own house, I was watched by my wife's best friend as if I were a little baby. I felt like I was a 4 year old and Kelly was a babysitter who told me what I was allowed to do. When i finally finished my laundry after about 30 minutes i decided to vacuum the rooms. I just thought how strange it was that Kelly hadn't appeared in the last 40 minutes then the sound of the vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped. I turned to the vacuum cleaner reflexively.

“Are you fucking ignoring me? How many times do I have to ring a bell to get ashtray service,George?” she started yelling at me.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this was funny but I was so scared that I responded with fear in my defense.

“Mmm no miss Kelly  I didn't hear the bell because of the sound of the vacuum cleaner I apologize.” That was the truth. At that moment, we both heard Sara's car.

“Whatever Sara is already here so you will explain to her !!!” She said and headed to the living room and I headed to the front door to meet Sara.

“My goddess is home.” I told in myself. The sound of her car always gives me a special feeling of pleasure. I always rejoice when I hear that sound. I can describe the feeling as when a pet hears its owner coming home. It's no different I'm a pet and Sara was my owner. I knelt at the door as a faithful dog waited for my Sara. This act was always very important in our home. In my head I started counting her steps and listening to the sound of her heels becoming louder and louder as she got closer. The door finally opened and my goddess appeared proudly in front of me. She was beautiful as ever. She was dressed in a black tight skirt and a white shirt, really sexy. A dress that was too provocative and any husband would forbid her to wear that . Unfortunately I didn't have that power.At first glance i noticed that she was in a good mood.

“Welcome home ma’am.” I greeted her and kissed her black heels,and helped her take them off immediately.

“Hey George ,how are you ???” she asked with her angelic voice.

“I'm happy to see you, ma'am.” it was obvious that I always enjoyed her presence no matter how difficult it was sometimes.

“Oh my poor little husband.” She told me mercifully and kissed me on the forehead.

“Take these and take them to the kitchen.” In his hands there were two boxes of medium sized pizza. I picked them up and headed to the kitchen. The smell of hot pizza overwhelmed me. I was hungry. As I walked through the living room the smell deceives sweet commentary by Kelly.

“Ohh Pizza “she said excitedly.

I left the pizzas in the kitchen and returned immediately to the living room. A few minutess later  Sara  appeared. She was dressed in home clothes but she was still the most beautiful woman to me. Immediately they began kissing and hugging with  Kelly as if they had not seen sisters for a year. I was standing bya side and watching that miserable act.

“So how are you people, how did your day go?”Sara asked.

“Working and filled with humiliation.” I whispered to myself.

“Amazing, I really enjoyed helping George  with the tasks,I will definitely come tomorrow as well.” Kelly was pleased to explain.

“Helping me ? all day you enjoy a comfortable armchair, you stupid bitch.” Again, a conversation in my head.

“I bet you're hungry than ?”

“I'm starving” Kelly sounded as if she were tired from work.

“What's going on with you, George? Our guest is hungry and you are standing and just watching, quickly bring us pizzas and cold beers.” Sara nervously ordered me.

“Yes ma’am.” For a moment I came back with both pizzas and 2 cold beers. The smell of hot pizza was killing me. I was dead hungry.

When I returned to the living room I saw something I did not want to see. Sara held a small plate of cup in her hands. There were two cigarette butts and ashes in the plate. I knew where they came from. Before I served the meal and drinks on the table, I got a direct question.

“Is the ashtray service out of use today George??? She asked ironically, as if it were a subject.

“No ma’am .“

“Then can you explain to me what this is?”
she asked again, pointing to the plate. Kelly followed the whole situation with satisfaction.

“Mmmm while I was cleaning the guest room with the vacuum cleaner,miss Kelly used the bell but unfortunately I didn't hear it because of the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner, I'm so sorry Ma’am.” I was scared trying to explain exactly what happened.

“Are you hungry George?” Sara changed the subject of the conversation, in her style.

“Yes ma’am.” she played with my feelings and enjoyed it, completely ignoring the previous topic as if it had not happened.

“Okay then, bring your bowl!!!” she ordered me and started enjoying pizza and beer.

“Yes ma’am” Immediately I went into the kitchen to pick up my dog bowl, which was standing on the floor in a corner.

“I bring it to Sara who enjoyed  the pizza. Without saying anything she spilled the ash and cigarette butts from the plate and she pointed with her finger to the floor next to her right foot where it was the key that meant everything to me. Immediately I put my bowl there.

“Kneel here !!! She gave me the next instruction and I knelt next to her.

“So you didn't hear the bell?” she asked me, while both ladies ate pizza so passionately.

“No ma’am ,I'm really sorry about that.”

“I believe you are sorry George, but that doesn't change the fact that I have a deaf husband in my house!!!” She was talking with her mouth full of pizza.

“I'm not deaf  Sara just didn't hear the bell because of the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner that’s all!!!” I reacted a little nervously and it was a huge mistake.

“CRAAAAAACK !!!!!” Immediately I received a strong slap in the face.

“SARA am I Sara to you !?!?!” she nervously let me know why I got a slap.

“No ma’am , Im sorry” I replied with a red cheek.

“That's right MA’AM!!!  I am Ma’am to you !!!So Kelly what do you think , need to improve his hearing? Sara sounded like she had something in her  mind.

“Absolutely!!!” Kelly immediately agreed. Cold beer, hot pizza and such drama, it was clear that she enjoyed these moments.

At that moment Sara grabbed my ears, She started pulling  my ears very hard . My head just followed the movements of her hands completely helplessly. Kelly was laughing so hard that she could hardly breathe. What a humiliation, I was just an ordinary toy in my own house.

After about 2 minutes of hard pulling on my ears Sara decided it was enough. I felt pain and ringing in my ears.

“Are you finished with the guest rooms?” Sara asked me right away when she released my ears.

“No  ma’am , I I still have work to finish there.” Of course if it wasn't for this interruption and this drama I might be in the end.

“Okay then go back to work, you'll eat when you're done with those rooms.” This meant that I would be left without food for at least 1 hour. I was disappointed that I missed the hot pizza.

“Yes ma’am.” I said and immediately headed out of the living room.

“Before you start I want you to wear red panties, they will match the color of your ears and face!!!” She said with a smile on her face just before I left the room.

“Yes ma’am.” I swallowed this humiliation just like millions before.

“HAhahahah “Kelly's hysterical laughter was heard.

I went to the bedroom where my wardrobe was now. I took the first red panties I saw in the drawer and put them on. They were classic female mini panties that barely covered my locked penis. For years I do not know the feeling of men's underwear, and a free cock. In the mirror i noticed that Sara was right. The color of my ears and my face was no different from the panties. An empty stomach reminded me that it was better to get to work.

Dingalingaling!!!!” Just 2 minutes after I started cleaning the windows of the rooms I heard Sara's bell.

“What a  bitches!!” I said to myself.

“You rang, ma'am?” I asked as soon as I got into the room. I saw Kelly smoking a cigarette but I was still well educated and asked what kind of service thay needed.

“Well , well I see that my method has improved your hearing !?!? she sounded pleased with my timely arrival.

“Yes ma’am , thank you.” I had to pay attention to every word I spoke so that she would be satisfied.

“You are welcome bitch !!!! Kelly need an  ashtray be dear !!!”

“Yes ma’am.” Immediately I knelt beside Kelly with my mouth wide open. My eyesight was limited but from the focus I had I saw Kelly proudly smoking and using my mouth.

“Thank you miss Kelly “I thanked her the first time when  she used my mouth.

“So Steven and Bryan invite us to a Saturday night  out ???” Sara continued the conversation that probably started before I appeared.

“Yes but unfortunately George's birthday is then, but of course we can go out next Saturday or during the week, of course if your husband allows it.” Kelly said and shook the cigarette in my mouth. A larger piece of ash fell on my tongue.

“Thank you miss Kelly .“ I  as soon as I swallowed the ashes. The taste was bitter and sour, probably completely unknown to all normal people.

“You are welcome,dear.” Kelly was perfectly normal as if she were bowing to me or doing me a favor.

“He's a little busy these days, of course I'll ask him for permission after his birthday.” Of course it was just a dirty irony after which the two attractive women smiled sweetly.

“Seriously, Brian's cock is the best thing that has happened to me since the days when we were college students.” Immediately there was general chaos, the two girls started laughing  hysterically.

I wanted Sara's story about having a deaf husband  to be true. I really wanted to be deaf and not be able to hear all these conversations about the cocks and meeting those young guys. While my wife was talking to her best friend from college days for cock’s and dates with young guys all I could do was keep silent and kneel to my wife's friend with an open mouth full of the ashes of her cigarette. I was waiting for Kelly to finish her cigarette and finally to get permission to continue cleaning the two guest rooms. I was hungry and I wanted it to happen as soon as possible. The fact that the conversation was spoken without any shame or fear of my presence. I was treated as if I were just an ordinary object without emotions, in this case an ashtray. Of course I didn't plan on discussing this conversation because I would be accused again of spying on them.

“Thank you miss Kelly .“ While the two women were hysterically laughing, Kelly nonchalantly used my mouth like an ashtray again.

“Come on Kelly, I'm a married woman, I'm happy with my husband and his tongue.” Sara stood in my defense and reminded  that she is not a free girl like Kelly was. I was happy that she is still happy with me and proud of my tongue.

“I agree that George's tongue  is magical, but still I think it's funny to compare it to a  hard and long cock as these guys have. Those muscles that passion in them, I'm sure you can't get them from your sissy husband, I'd let them fuck me all day.” Kelly sounded like a real nymphomaniac.

 She was too insolent. She talked shamelessly about sex as if I wasn't here. She literally convinced my wife to cheat on me with younger guys. I wanted to hit her, why the hell do I let this conversation take place before my own eyes in my own home? I was trying to calm myself down, I didn't want to do nonsense. I knew I would be the only loser if I reacted. At times I could barely manage to calm myself down and not explode , Kelly spat directly on my face. I have to admit I was surprised and didn't expect it. She missed it and just said “Upppsss” and spit once more this time directly into my mouth. She just left the cigarette butts in my tongue.

“I bet you're right, George has no chance with them. Especially not with that locked cock hahaha .“ Sara said and thay  both started laughing.

 While they were sweetly laughing I chewed Kelly's cigarette butt. My face was completely covered with Kelly's saliva. I was constantly wondering what kind of man would allow all this humiliation and torture. The answer was clear “Sissy husband like I was”. It was ridiculous to expect any respect and mercy from Sara’s friend. I was beaten by my wife in front of her eyes. I sucked cock and fucked in the ass in front of her eyes. My cock is locked and the key proudly hangs on my wife's ankle. I wore female clothes and ate dog food and slept in a cage like a dog. I stood in the corner for hours in my own house. What kind of respect do I expect after all this?

“Thank you miss Kelly.” I thanked  right away when I swallowed everything in my mouth.

“Okay George you can go back to your job, dismiss !!!” Sara ordered me and she continued to laugh and talk to Kelly on the previous topic

“Yes ma’am thank you .”Finally I got permission to leave. I was happy because I no longer had to listen to that conversation.

“Ohhhh, and as long as the rooms are not cleaned, your face doesn't deserve to be clean as well!!!” Sara added just a moment before I left the living room. Kelly was pleased.

“Yes ma’am “With my head bowed I gave the expected answer. And I left the room leaving behind me two very attractive womans  talking about cock’s and sex with younger guys. By the end of the hallway I could hear hysterical laughter very loudly. It was clear they were in the mood.

 The next hour and a half as I was cleaning the rooms I was interrupted another 3-4 times. I often served cold beer and served them as an ashtray. The saliva on the face had already dried up, but Kelly's fragrance was still present. I was humiliated, tired, hungry and furious. I was so nervous that I wanted to beat them at any moment. I was so tired and broken that despite their provocative appearance I felt no desire to have sex with them in those moments, I just wanted to beat them and report to the police and this humiliation would finally end. Of course I would not have found myself in this situation in the last few years if I had been such a dangerous fighter. I was just a pathetic man who had no ball to change something in his life that was completely controlled by his wife. In every aspect of my life there was a dose of humiliation involved. I couldn't even fulfill my biological needs without being humiliated. For example, I don't remember when I last urinated as a real man without sitting and doing it as a woman.

Finally both rooms were clean and ready for the guests. Happy that I would finally have a meal I went into the living room. There I found Sara and Kelly in the same mood as they had the last time. As soon as I stepped into the room, Sara snapped her fingers and pointed to the corner. Without even saying a word, I immediately went to the place where my wife was pointing her finger.

I was terribly hungry. The two attractive women continued their conversation completely ignoring me. I could hear them talking about young guys looking at Kelly's instagram. I had to hear all those compliments and all those conversations about those handsome guys. It was so awkward and humiliating but I still had no choice.

“I think it's time to check out George's work.” Sara suggested after about 20 minutes and Kelly immediately agreed.

The two girls went in for inspection and left me waiting in the corner. I was upset, knowing Sara's high standards and her cruelty,  I was afraid they would find something I would probably be punished for. After about 5 minutes they appeared in the room and took their seats on the comfortable sofa.

“Come here bitch!!!” My wife called me.

I immediately went out and stood in front of her. She was standing cross-legged and holding one of Kelly's canes in her hand. I was scared as a young child. These canes looked 10 times more dangerous than leather belts.

“Look sweetheart, we got a wonderful gift from my friend. Do you think you will like it?” Sara was visibly excited.

“I guess so.” somehow I managed to speak, my voice trembling with fear.

“So there is only one way to find out, Turn around !!!”

Please, my ass really hurts please Sara , don't do that to me I beg you, please Sara !!!” I tried to find some mercy.

“Show me that ass, young man!!!” Sara didn't give up.

“Please don't, Sara, please!!!” I knelt down and continued to beg her. I was afraid of those canes, that was true. My butt was in a terrible position after the beating I received just 2 days ago. Kelly drank cold beer and enjoyed the show.

“You have 3 seconds to show me your ass, one!!!, Two!!! ...” Sara ordered cold and began to count.

Just a moment before she reached number three, a red-black-blue ass appeared in front of her face.

“You know what would have happened if you were only a second late?” she asked calmly.

“No ma’am.” I trembled.

“I would beat this ass in red pantyhose so hard until the cane broken, just for that one second, but you probably learned the lesson of being late !!! Sara was so strict about my accuracy.” So how is your ass, did the cream help you?” She was curious. While my ass was in front of my wife's eyes, my face was in position towards Kelly. She looked me straight in the eye. From her eyes I could see today's event at the pharmacy.

“It hurts me a lot, ma'am, I can't sit … The cream is really good, thank you for giving me the idea to buy cream.”

“I really wonder why? I fucked you only one  hour yesterday.” There was total chaos in the room. The two women began to laugh hysterically, probably carried away by the amount of alcohol they had consumed through the cold beer.

“Hahaha only a hour ? Come on George one hour is not big deal .” Kelly added and continued to laugh. Whenever I thought "Probably this is the biggest humiliation in my life" My lovely wife and her best friend were here to cross the boundaries of humiliation. I didn't see any discomfort in Kelly's eyes, she enjoyed every moment, she laughed straight in my face. I was a man with no pride and no rights.

“Your ass is in bad shape, I think he won't meet his new friends this evening.Turn around George !!!“ I turned immediately to Sara. “Show me your hands!!!” I reached out my palms to her immediately.
K-tch !!!! K-tch!!! Two quick blows to my left and right arm. It was a terrible pain. The laughter continued.

“What is the feeling  George?

“It really hurts a lot ma’am.” It was a pain that could not be compared to the belt. This was a level of pain that i was not ready to bear.

“That's good, I like it, whenever you plan on playing a man in the house remember what awaits you. Am i a clear young man?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Good , you can eat now.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

I crawled like a dog to the middle of the room where my food was on the floor. Remains of cold pizza, a little ketchup saliva and lots of ash. This was my food tonight. Still, I was so hungry to enjoy every bite. I ate like a dog, without any rest. While I was eating their conversation continued quite normal.

“Hahaha, one  hour ?I really don't trust you girl !!!” Kelly was already drunk.

“Haha I fucked him so hard he was crying and begging me to stop.If you don't believe me  we can bet in 1000 $ and I'll show you right away.” I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Of course the whole conversation was just a joke in order to humiliate me even more.

“You actually fuck longer than Brian, Probably your poor George  has not fucked an hour in his whole fucking life career.”

“Haha he uses his ass and tongue more than his cock.” Sara replied.

My plate was empty and I was still hungry.

“I think it's time to go home.” Kelly was obviously drunk.

“George !?!?! do you have something to say before she goes?” Sara asked me and expected a little speech from me.

“Yes ma’am.” On all fours I went to Kelly's feet, she stood proudly in front of me. I started talking right away. Both attractive women looked at me from a bird's eye view. I was level on their feet, I belonged there.

“Thank you, Miss Kelly, for helping me with today's tasks, thank you for caring for my wife's happiness, and thank you for the wonderful gift you have given us.” I was talking as I kissed her feet.

“I'm really jealous, Sara. You live in a real paradise.” Kelly, just reminded Sara how happy she was to have a husband like me.

We headed to the front door. Kelly was visibly drunk and unable to control her movement.

“I think it's not a good idea to drive in this situation girl, George will take you home.”

“Oh no it's not necessary, I'm good.” Kelly tried to sound like she was okay.

“Georgie, dress something and get your driver's license, you'll drive Kelly to her apartment!!!” She strictly ordered me.

“Yes ma’am.”

I wore jeans, a black shirt and a jacket and I was ready for a night ride. Kelly's apartment was only a 15 minute drive from our house. Kelly waited for me with the keys in her hand and immediately gave them to me as soon as I showed up.

“Your wife is very good, you see how much she trusts you ??? She lets you drive a drunk girl like me.” Although Kelly was drunk, she did not stop humiliating me.

“Don't worry you're safe with him.” Sara said, looking at the key on her ankle. Of course, Kelly and I both knew what she meant.

“Sara can you give me money to take a taxi to get back?” I felt like a little kid asking for money from his parents for snacks. I had no access to the domestic budget. Only Sara had access to our domestic finances and she independently decided on any money spent.

“Taxi ??? No, the weather is nice and it would be good to walk a little.”

“Come on Sara, it's over 30 minutes walk, please don't do it to me !!!!” I was sad it was about a 45 minute walk, I was really tired and I didn't need it. I was furious, I had to debate for  money for a taxi.

“Are you hurry for  somewhere, George?” She coldly asked me and waited for an answer that  she knew well.

“No ma’am “

“In that case a 1 hour for a  walk will be not a  problem!!!” It sounded like the last word. Sara was the one who had the last word in every debate.

They hugged, and Kelly and I went out. In the car Kelly didn't stop talking at all. I was tired and just automatically answered yes and no. I was angry at Sara, I didn't want to walk, it was enough to be on my feet all day. Finally we arrived, and I helped Kelly  to get to her bed safely.

“I would invite you to bed, but a man like you unfortunately has nothing to give me.” Kelly began to get excited and scratch her pussy.

 I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My cock pressed desperately. I got more than a penalty, all I needed was to kick the ball into the goal. after all the torment I received from her, sex with her would be the best revenge I could give her. But unfortunately Sara was right, she was safe with me. My cock was safely locked and my wild fantasies would only stay in my head. I helped her get dressed in pajamas. She started kissing me on the neck and says her ex-boyfriend's name.

“Stop Kelly, I'm George, it's time for you to sleep.” I lay her safe on the bed.

“Ohhhh, George there's no pussy for you tonight, you're locked up.HAHAHAha.” With the last force she humiliated me for the last time before falling asleep. For about 2-3 minutes I sat next to her and watched that divine female body covered in many tattoos. It was still time to head home, however, and there was a long road ahead of me, and Sara must have been waiting for me with a humiliating serving.

Along the way I had time to think about many things. I was thinking about the chance I had with Kelly and missed it. I was thinking about my birthday. About the event in the pharmacy. Time passed and I was more and more tired. My legs hurt terribly.

 I finally got home, it was almost time for bed. I took off my clothes, only the red panties remained on me. I went into the living room where I could hear the sound of the TV. Sara was lying on the couch with a beer in her hand, she only had a silk sleeping mantle. I could see her legs stretched out on the bed. She was like a real fairy.

“Oh, George, did you arrive? You're so fast.”

“Yes ma’am “I answered and sat down on the armchair next to her. I hoped she would finally let me rest from the long day and the long walk.

“Sweetheart I had a long day today, prepare the tub I want to relax a bit before we go to bed.” She sounded cold and a little sleepy. After only 20 seconds after I sit down, she continues to play with my feelings without shame and mercy.

“Yes ma’am.” Although I was furious, I managed to calm down and just got up and headed for the bathroom.

“She had a long day? She needs relaxation?” I was constantly wondering as I was preparing the bathtub by Sara's standards. The water had to be at an ideal temperature and have enough bubble bath soap.

“Sara the bath tub is ready.” I told  to Sara and I headed to the comfortable armchair. I thought I could finally rest she shocked me again.

“You can wait for me there, I'm coming in 3 minutes!!!” She told me nonchalantly when I was just a step away from the armchair. I decided not to listen to her and sat down on the armchair. I was angry and nervous and very tired, my feet needed rest and I decided to give him that rest. Deep down I knew I was making a huge mistake but there was no turning back.

After about 1 minute she replaced the comfortable lying position with a seating position.

“Well well, Someone is trying to prove that  he is a man in the house!!! Really interesting.” she made a monologue half-loudly, but quite enough for me to hear.

I was scared, I knew what was going on in the past when I made the same mistake.

“Come on Sara, I really don't want it, I'm just tired I need some rest, my legs hurt. I don't really understand why I you need me  in the bathroom when you sayd you want to relax.” I almost cried.

“Do you want your wife to have hairs on her body,at your birthday party?” She coldly asked me and raised her eyebrow?

“No ma’am.”

“No ? Then do you expect me to shave my legs and my armpits by myself?” she made the last move and I got chess mat.

“No that's my job, ma’am.” I answered still sitting on the comfortable armchair.

“In that case I suggest you to wait for me in the bathroom. But of course you can stay and enjoy that comfortable armchair. You are still an adult man and a man in the house, you can make decisions on your own. Just don't think long because in 2 minutes I'll be inside and it'll be too late to change your decision.” She said and closed the living door behind her.

I was in a panic, I ran to the bathroom. It was good that she wasn't inside. I knelt beside the bathtub and waited for her with my head bowed. I knew I was in big trouble.

After about a minute she went into the bathroom. She was probably not surprised to find an adult man dressed in red female panties kneeling on the tiles. She left the beer and her phone beside the bathtub and took off the silk robe. i could notice she was wearing red panties similar to mine, but they were perfect on her body. She took them off with the red bra and put them in the dirty laundry basket. She was completely naked. She was the most beautiful female figure I've ever seen in my life. My cock was desperately trying to escape the cage that had been bittering my life. My wife knew well what was going on down there. Before she entered the tub she raised her right leg and placed it on the tub wall. Her foot was only  one inch of my head. On her ankle was the bracelet where  was the key from my manhood. She unzipped it with her long nails and left it on the chair where the razor and shaving foam were. She was a mistress of provocation. Without saying a word she entered the bathtub and emitted a sound of pleasure with the first touch of water and her soft skin.For a moment all her curves sank deep in the water and thay  hide under the foam. She took the phone in one hand and started looking at something. She probably read something. It was quiet, I could only kneel in silence. I was breathing as quietly as I could, I was afraid. I didn't want anything to upset my queen. Only the moment when Sara take a sop of beer spoiled the ideal silence. I hated these moments of silence the most. The moments when I knew I was going to be punished and I had no idea what my punishment was. Sara always made sure to go so slowly. After about 10 minutes she left the phone and broke the silence with a completely unusual question.

“The leather armchair is not comfortable enough for you sir?” Cold as a stone.

“Mmmm no ma’am. The armchair is very comfortable.”

“Hmmm those tiles probably are  more comfortable once you've decided to kneel here instead of sitting on that  armchair. How are your knees by the way???

“No ma’am , thay are not  and my knees hurts me a lot.” I already had knee wounds caused by hard tiles.

“I'm confused why a man like you would choose these tiles instead of the comfortable armchair in that case. To be honest there is nothing on planet earth that would make me kneel on those hard boards.”

I just listened and didn't answer anything, I knew this was just a trap.

“You know what? I do not care. Probably a man like you has his own reasons for making the choice. To be honest I'm personally happy with your choice. I wouldn't want to think what would happen if I found an empty bathroom when I come. I hope it won't be a problem for your knees to stand still for a while while you shaving my legs. You can start!!!”

I carefully applied her right foot with the shaving cream. If I didn't want to know what would happen if I stayed on that armchair I probably didn't want to know what would happen if I cut her with a razor. I worked slowly and carefully. As I touched her beautiful long leg it was difficult to ignore the pressure on my balls by my cock who wished to escape that cage. I was tired and the pressure on my knees made shaving even harder for me. Finally I finished her right leg. She sank it into the water and took it out again. She checked with her hands.

“That's not good enough,do it againe!!!” She was not pleased.

“Yes ma’am” I started the same procedure again, I was even more nervous, my position was killing me. I gently covered her leg with the shaving cream. I have to admit that even though I was tired, and this job was killing me mentally and physically, part of me was glad that I had the privilege of touching those beautiful legs.

“Go get me a cigarette!!!” She ordered it the moment I wanted to start shaving her leg.

“Yes ma’am.” I responded with disappointment. I knew that cigarette meant another day in this terrible cage. That was a clear rule in our house.

I quickly returned and served my wife with a cigarette as if I were her butler. Like a real gentleman, I lit her cigarette. Of course there was no “Thanks” for my action. She blew the first smoke directly into my face. She looked me straight in the eyes as she did so. She knew well how much I hated that. Sara enjoyed the power she possessed over me and the smoke in my face was just a demonstration of  her  power. With the hand holding the cigarette she just pointed to her leg that was ready to shave. I picked up the razor and carefully started  with shaving.

“Today I was pleased of you and wanted to reward you for your obedience and well done work. I was especially proud of you when you were silent despite hearing our conversation with Kelly.” she said and stretched out her hand with the cigarette straight to my mouth.

“Thank you ma’am” I said after I swallowed the ash.

“But unfortunately as always you have decided to destroy it all.” She continued with her speech. Slowly but surely she was heading towards the goal.

“I don't understand what made you  to behave like that, You probably wanted to prove who the man in the house is”

“I was tired, Sara!!!” I decided to deny  that thesis about who is the boss in this house.

“Did I tell you that this week you will have many responsibilities and that your time will be full of tasks?”

“Yes ma’am “

“Then it makes sense for you to be tired and I know that well. But if you think that gives you freedom to ignore my direct order in that way like you did today , then I have to think you want to prove to me that you are a man in this house.”

“No ma’am I am sorry …” She stopped me again with her cigarette.

“Thank you ma’am.”

“You could just tell me you're tired and ask me to rest for 10 minutes. Why didn't you just tell me that?”

“I was scared, I’m so sorry, sorry Sara for reacting like that. I didn't want to show disrespect to you at all.”

“Bullshit! What am I here? A monster? If you were really scared you would not forget your status in my house, Bitch !!!Are you done with that leg ? She was yelling at me.

“Yes ma’am”

“Bring my bathrobe” She ordered me and straightened in the bathtub.

“Yes ma’am” I was confused by the order, we were not finished yet, and I did not have the courage to ask what was going on here. She proudly was waiting for me completely naked. I confusedly helped her to dress the bathrobe.

The water is already cold, call me when you prepare it again so we can continue. Behind her, only the cigarette smoke remained.

“Your  water is ready ma'am.” I called her after about 5 minutes.Without  answering  anything she headed for the bathroom, I just followed her.
She took off the bathrobe and threw it on the floor and gently entered the bathtub. Of course I took the bathrobe off the floor and left it on the hanger. I knelt by the bathtub. My knees were in very bad shape. I waited for her sign to continue for about 2 minutes. Two minutes may  are not  to much but for me they were really long. Finally she raised her leg to me and I gently placed her in front of me leaning against the tub out of the water.
For a moment the time stood for me, she again extended her right leg to me, which I had twice shaved. Without even saying a word, I just looked at her quite sadly.

“What ???” She asked coldly when she noticed that I had not started yet.

“This is the right leg, Sara?!?”

“So?”She asked coldly again.

“I shaved this leg twice already !!!” I couldn't believe what she was doing to me.

“So ? I’m not satisfied, do it againe!!!” She was strict and without mercy.

“Yes ma’am” I didn't object  although I wanted to drown her in the bathtub. I started the same procedure for the third time. I no longer had the strength to enjoy her beautiful legs and naked body. I was angry.

“You're going to sleep in your cage tonight.” She told me without a little care.

At that moment she threw oil on all that fire. For a moment I was furious and could not control myself.

“Are you  kidding me Sara ?” I asked her angrily.

“Do I look like I'm kidding, bitch?” She yelled at me, quite enough for my anger to turn into fear.

“No , but come on Sara this is too much, it’s not fair i don't deserve this.” I started to complain.

Really? You're the one who decides what's fair and what's not. Do you really want to talk about it? Okay keep complaining come on? She angrily asked me.

I just kept silent and shaved her leg.

“Come on, I want to hear you keep complaining!!! Do you have anything to say at the end?”

“No ma’am I will sleep in the cage.” The 2 minute sitting on the comfortable armchair already cost me a lot.

“Of course you will sleep there!!! Because you're a fucking dog and your place is in that fucking cage!!! What the hell is going on with you today Georges? You really want to piss me off?” She was already screaming so loud that I stopped shaving, I just couldn't shave while she was screaming.

“No ma’am, sorry I …”

“You know what ? I don't care. I'm tired of you today, that's enough. I don't want to hear a word from you anymore. Bring the panties that I left in the dirty laundry basket.”

I brought them in immediately and gave them to Sara. I knew well what was next.

“Open your mouth!!!” She ordered me.

After I opened my mouth, she aggressively started to put her panties in. The taste was quite familiar to me.

“Disgusting!!!” she said, nodding in disgust

“From this moment, I do not want to hear a word from you, You will only answer when I ask you something directly . Am I clear ?”

“Yhees Mwa’aM” Somehow I managed to answer with my mouth full of dirty panties.

“Good , Go back to your work!!!”

The next few minutes were complete silence. Only the movement of the razor on her already smooth skin was heard

“Did you finally finish it?” She asked when she noticed that I was done with her leg.

I just nodded and she did her usual checkup. Fortunately, she lifted her left leg and gave me an order to start. I was happy because I finally finished with her right leg.

“Pig do you like the taste of the panties which I wore all day?”

I just nodded my head and continued with my job.

“Good , while you sleep in the cage tonight  that  taste will remind you who locked you there. Because very often you started to forget things that should not be forgotten”

Do you like the taste of the cookies I prepared for you? Do you like the taste of the lunch I just prepared for you? Those were questions I could rarely get from my wife.

After a second try, Sara was satisfied with her left leg and i could continue on her armpits. As I shaved them she looked me straight in the eyes with contempt. What did this beautiful woman think as she watched her husband endure all these tortures and humiliations. In my focus I could notice her hard and ball ideal tits. I wanted to be able to touch them whenever I wanted, not just when I had to serve as a masseur. I wanted to lick them and crush them. I wanted to cum on  these hard boobs after wild sex with my wife. I wanted to spill that sperm that had been gathering in my balls for more than a month. I also fantasize that I will ever have any rights in my own house. I fantasized about my wife having the same knee wounds after a long blowjob. Finally I finished and Sara dressed the bathrobe for  a second time.

“Follow me .”

I followed her to the bedroom.The next task was body lution. Sara was very attentive to her care. Specifically, I was forced to pay attention to her care. I smeared  her all body . You can imagine what was going on down there in the red panties while I was doing  that.

“Go clean the bathroom, and get ready for sleep. I'll wait for you in the living room.” She ordered me after she was satisfied with all the care she received.

“Yhees Mwa’aM.” It was clear that after each use the bathroom had to be completely dry and clean. Of course it was only my obligation. After about 20 minutes, I finally finished. I got ready to sleep and in my pajamas I appeared in the living room. Sara was dressed in a sleeping mantle. SHe was sitting on the armchair which caused me so much trouble. How funny was the fact that I was already seeing that armchair as my enemy.

“Oh sorry I'm sitting in your place.” She said and immediately got up and acted as if she were afraid of me. Of course it was just bad acting.

“You're probably tired, it's already 1am. Let's go to your cage.”

I followed her to the garage. She opened the cage door and ordered me to get in. I went down on all four  and headed to the cage like a dog. When I got inside she kicked me in the ass. That  surprised me and I hit my head in the cage. Of course Sara laughed at my accident. I settled into the cage and covered myself somehow with the blanket inside .From my position I could only see Sara's smooth legs. I heard the sound of a padlock. After she locked me she knelt down.

“I hope you don't think your punishment  for today is this cage. I will think of something that will probably make you cry and beg for mercy. Sleep well bitch!!!” She winked at me and the next I could see were my wife's legs moving toward the exit. Before she went out she turned off the light.

I was so tired that my brain could not register this threat. I just wanted to sleep. It was dark. Finally I was alone. Although I was in the cage I was finally happy to be able to rest my body. It was a really long day. Somehow I managed to find a position and fell asleep.

to be continued…

Sissy ­ George

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