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Friday, March 27, 2020

Cruel wife part 6 -Birthday gift

                                                             Cruel wife – Birthday gift

Sissy George


I was lying in our bedroom, I looked at Sara straight in the eyes as she sucked my cock. After a short time she climbed on my hard cock and start riding  passionately. She was completely naked and excited, I touched her smooth and naked body while she was constantly fucking herself.

“OH Geeeorgeee Yeaaa fuck me !!!” She was screaming in full voice.

A loud blow in the cage caused a loud sound to pop out of my mind. Scared I opened my eyes and there were two smooth legs in front of me. Those were my wife's legs that I could only fuck her in a dream. On her  right foot I could see a flicker of the key proudly resting on her ankle.

“Wake up bitch !!!” Although I couldn't see Sara I heard her haunting voice right after the heavy blow that awoke me.

I was trying to wake up from my sweet dream which fortunately had to end. At that moment my nightmare started, which unfortunately was not a dream, it was a cruel reality.

Then she knelt down and asked me with a sleepy voice. “Are you planning to go to work today, professor?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Good , than hurry up !!! You don't have a lot of time.” She told me coldly as she unlocked the padlock from the cage door.

I was confused, I wondered why she wakes me up before my alarm ? At that moment I remembered that I had completely forgotten to set my alarm this night. For my luck Sara obviously noticed it. I got out of the cage and followed my wife. I had no time orientation so I asked the question that was routine for me every morning.

“Sara what do you want for breakfast  honey ?” I was trying to sound like nothing had happened the last day and I wanted to look like a normal couple at least for a moment. She looked at me with a look that meant she wasn't impressed at all.

“I suggest you to  start  getting ready for work because you  have only 30 minutes!!!”not looking at me.

“Oh okay then, I better to hurry up” I confusedly answered.

“You have 10 dollars on the table, buy yourself something to eat on the way to work and be quiet as you get ready I will continue to sleep!!” She told me coldly as she headed to the bedroom.

“Yes ma’am thank you”

“You'll thank me when you get home, especially for being an alarm clock because you're not responsible enough to set the alarm.” she said and got into the comfortable warm bed in the bedroom.

I took my clothes off and went out of the bedroom in complete silence. I got ready in complete silence and took the  10$ that was on the table. I felt like an 8-year-old kid taking his pocketbook to school. Probably the kids I taught had more money in their pockets than I did. Probably 7 year olds have more financial freedom in their homes than me. Sleeping in the cage made me wake up even more tired. I was nervous because I forgot to set my alarm. But still it was just a psychological game by my wife. The alarm would, of course, be a more formality as someone had to unlock the cage. I got in my old car and drove as fast as I could. There was a bakery by the side of the road I stopped for a moment and bought myself some croissants. For a short time I ate while driving. Somehow I got to school on time. I couldn't concentrate on the class at all. I froze several times in the middle of teaching and the kids asked me if I was okay. I was thinking about my life, I was thinking about my birthday. Even though my butt hurts when I was sitting, I still had no energy to stand. For me, working time was a place where I was actually resting and recharging my batteries. I heard the last bell. For all kids, this meant the end of the school week and the start of a free weekend but for me it was the beginning of my nightmare. However this weekend was my birthday and I was hoping to finally get through it like all normal people. 

On the way home, I passed by the pharmacy where I had an accident just the day before. Then I remembered that event and my soul was full of bitterness. I remembered the deal with Kelly, so I had to tell my wife on Monday right after my birthday. On the way I stopped at a flower shop and bought a nice bouquet of money left over from my pocketbook. Although you know what happened the last time I was forced to buy flowers in an apology still, I had no idea how to apologize for the mistake I made with the alarm clock. I arrived home, Kelly's car was parked in the yard.

“What's wrong with this woman, does she have a home at all?” I asked myself out loud.

I came home with the bouquet in my hands and found the two attractive ladies in the living room.

“Hey ladies, how are you today!!!” i tried to sound like it was just a normal moment.

“Hi Georges, are you done  for today?!” Kelly was happy to see me.

“This is for you Sara as an apology for my carelessness today.” I approached Sara  and gave her the bouquet. She was sitting on the same armchair that caused me big trouble. I think it was no accident.

“Oh thank you sweetheart you can put it in the vase!!” She was not impressed at all but in her eyes I saw that she had something much more important to me than to rejoice in my bouquet. Both girls were attractively dressed and it was obvious that they were planning to go somewhere so I failed to restrain myself from asking.

“Well, ladies, are you planning to go somewhere?” I asked them.

“Well yes, we will go shopping and you come with us, this is the list of products you have to shop for tomorrow.” Sara said and she gave me a sheet of paper written mainly for products in the market. The list was really long.

“Before we go, I want to talk to you about something!!” Sara sounded like she wanted to tell me something.
“We talked to Kelly and we both agreed that we were happy with your cleaning and preparing the house for tomorrow. You're really doing it on a professional level.”

“Oh, thank you very much, I'm glad you're pleased.” I was proud of myself.

“We both agreed that you were doing it really professionally. Even Kelly said that you clean much better than Kelly's cleaning lady. Kelly told me she was not pleased at all with that fat old woman who, despite being well paid, was stealing Kelly's food. Then I told myself, no!!!My Kelly doesn't deserve it. Knowing that you are a wonderful husband and how much you appreciate my friend, on your behalf I asked her if she wanted you can be her next cleaner. She initially refused but I insisted and she finally agreed but under some conditions.” Sara told me in detail.

With my mouth open I listened and couldn't believe what I was hearing.

“However after her help here in the last week, I couldn't agree to pay you  40 dollars for just a few hours a week. So I offered you absolutely  for free. However Kelly did not accept it and we agreed on a symbolic sum of  5$ per working day.Kelly insisted on working on Sunday as her previous housekeeper but still I disagreed knowing that at the weekend you were a little busy at home. So I decided you would do it every Wednesday after work. You will get a key from Kelly's apartment if she is not at home.”

“Come on Sara , I can’t do that  please…”I interrupted Sara and started complaining.

“You mean, you can  say “no” to my best friend after everything she did for us? Sara asked me angrily.

“Look Sara I don't have  time and energy to accomplish everything,this is to much for me .”

“George it's only  3-4 hours every Wednesday,is  not big deal and I will pay you for that .” Kelly tried to convince me with a friendly voice.

“Look MIss Kelly I really appreciate everything you do for me and my wife and I really want to help you but I …”still wondering what Kelly does for us?

“That's enough, Georgie, we've already decided, you go straight to Kelly’s house  on Wednesday after work, am I clear?” Sara was already nervous.
“Sara I think we need to  talk about this topic later alone just me and you and decide together.”

“There is nothing to talk about  here, Kelly is my best friend and no need for privacy .”

“But Sara I …”

“AM I CLEAR !!!!” She cuts me off.

“Yes ma’am everything is clear.” in the end, as always, I had to agree without my will.

“Well then, the last condition Kelly demanded and I disagreed it was you cleaning up dressed as a sissy maid, but after your complaints I think it's not a bad idea, Every Wednesday you will wear a different dress in your car boot.”

“Oh Sara you're the best friend in the whole world.” Kelly could not hide her joy.

Sara was a great lawyer and I lost this trial. As the two ladies celebrated the victory with a warm embrace, I stood and was sad for the defeat and his consequences.

“Smile, you just got the opportunity to make your own money.” Sara was full of irony.

“Peoples, I have something to tell you!!! Kelly was overjoyed. “First I want to congratulate you on your new job, Geroge” Kelly in the style of my wife.

“Thank you miss Kelly” I didn't want to annoy them and thank them, I hated these speeches that were full of humiliation.

“I want to thank you for accepting me into your home, I already feel at home here.” it was true Kelly was spending more and more time with us, we already considered her  as a part of our family.

“ I want to give you a special gift for both of you. These are two gifts that one without the other are useless. These are gifts that will further strengthen your relationship. Happy Birthday Geroge I love you both.” Kelly gave me a gift wrapped in pink foil, and she also gave to Sara a gift in gray red foil.

“Oh look George your favorite color!!!” Sara was pleased with the choice of colors.

“Of course I kept an eye on every detail, sweetheart!!!” Kelly shared that she planned everything.

“Oh you are so good, You see George as Kelly cares for our happiness and you don't want to help her clean the house, shame on you George!!!”

“It's okay Sara let's open the presents I'm impatient!!!” Suggested Kelly.

At the moments when Sara and I opened the gifts, I wondered what's inside. In Kelly's eyes I could see the excitement.Sara opened the gift and took out a small black remote control with small antenna and a couple of command pouches.Sara and I looked at each other in confusion. It was clear that the two of us didn't know what it was all about.

“Kelly? What is this???” Sara asked in surprise.

“George be dear and open your gift.” Kelly turned to me.

From the gift I took out a charger that was similar to a phone charger but with a much shorter cable. Finally I took out something like a handwatch.

“What is this ?” I asked confused.

“These days I was browsing in the internet and came across a very interesting product. In an adult movie about female domination, I saw something that interested me and left me without words. I knew right away that this was the right thing for you. My dear, I present to you a product that will change your life. This is a ballshocker!!!” She explained excitedly.

“That’s  goes  around your balls and locks in there. Then your wife can send different commands that will cause electric shocks on your balls.” Kelly began to explain the function of this strange device. I was already scared.

“What are we waiting for, let's set it up and try it!!!” Sara said excitedly and headed towards me and took that devilish device from my hands.

“OK, put down your jeans and your panties.” Sara ordered me and knelt down in front of me.
She was in a position as if she wanted to suck my cock. Unfortunately she had no intention of doing that. She looked so excited. I was standing upright with my hands behind my back.
“Oh girl because of this chastity  we don't have to much space but I think I'll be able to do that.”Sara grabbed my cock and started fitting that device around my balls. After a short time, she succeeded in doing so and I felt an extra weight that was unpleasant. Kelly pictured those moments with her phone.

“I think this important moment is sad to pass without photography, smile please.” said Kelly before taking a photo.

“What is the feeling like, George?” Sara asked me.

“Not very comfortable, it puts a lot of pressure on me and I think it's very tight.”

“That's good, it will remind you of me every moment.”

As if it wasn't enough to carry the cage so now I had to put extra load on my balls.

Sara then took the  controller in her hands and began reading the instructions along with Kelly.

“So we have 20 power levels and that's the basic function of this device. Sara started pressing on the buttons but nothing happened.

“Okay, when we've already set the power level, we press the red button.”Sara said before she pressed the red button.

“Aaaaaawwagghhhhh” I felt an awkward electric shock directly on my balls, It caused a slight buzz and an unpleasant reaction.

Both ladies laughed hysterically at my reaction.

“Hahaha by pressing the red button the magic happens.” Sara said and pressed it again.

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh” Same reaction again.

“What do you think, Sweetheart, what level is this?”Sara asked me.

“MMM I don’t know , 15 or 16 level ma’am,I guess.” I hoped I was right and worried about the power of this miracle.

“Ohh no honey its only at level 7 “Sarah told me the bad thing.

“Oh no !!!” I sighed with disappointment.

“Okey honey , let’s  try againe!!!” Sara said as she pressed the buttons from the controller.

This experience was completely different. I was looking at my wife's fingers painted with red paint as they gently move and press different commands. You see and you know the danger is coming but you still can't be ready and the electric shock completely surprises your body.

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh” I screamed in surprise at the strong shock. This time the electric shock was even stronger.

The two attractive women laughed out loud.

“Okey  George , what you think now ???”Sara  somehow managed to ask me.

“Mmm around 15 ma’am”.I knew we had a higher level now but I wondered how much higher.

“Definitely he  needs more training.” Kelly comments.

“Do not worry , soon he will learn all the levels without a problem.” Sara spoke resolutely.

I was curious but Sara and Kelly didn't say what level it was and I didn't have the courage to ask

“Hahahaah “Sara and Kelly laughed with satisfaction. It was clear that they both enjoyed my new birthday present.

“This is the best birthday gift, right George???” Sara asked me.

“Yes , ma’am definitely.” with that device in her hands I didn't even think to give a different answer.

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh”She shocked me one more time probably with the same level of power.

“Then why don't you thank Kelly properly for the wonderful gift she gave you???” Sara asked me angrily.

Immediately I knelt in front of Kelly and kissed her shoes.

“Mwaaa thank you miss Kelly , mwaaa thank you miss Kelly.”

“Oh you are  welcome, dear.” she patted my head like I was a dog.

“Thank you girl , for this wonderful gift that you give us.” Sara said and hugged Kelly.

“I think it's time to go shopping???” Sara suggested to Kelly.

“Yea definitely.” Kelly agreed

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh” Again I was shocked.

“Did you hear, bitch? Dress up those jeans and let's go.” Sara ordered me and put the controller in her purse as soon as she pressed the red button. I was happy that finally the controller was out of her hands.Immediately I got up and put on my red panties and my jeans. Together we headed to the luxurious lexus of my wife. My seat was in the back seat of the car. On the way to the big mall, I was completely ignored. I could only sit in the back seat and hear  the two ladies talking. I had no right to participate in a conversation with them. There was a traffic jam in the city and we were traveling for almost  40 minutes. I had to listen to all the nonsense along the way. I heard about their shopping plans, nail trimming, hairstyles. Different annoying female conversations. However, Kelly took the time to explain to Sara what opportunities our new gift offers. I listened to that conversation carefully and was not bored at all. I felt like a little kid listening to a horror story. I was scared even more after as I listened what Kelly say.

Finally we arrived and Sara parked in the garage of the mall. It was time to concentrate on the sheet with the shoping list in my pocket. The two ladies were proudly moving and talking as I tried to keep up steps with them. Usually I was a step or two behind them. Then Sara and Kelly stopped in front of one luxury restaurant .

She turned behind her where I was standing and started looking in her purse. She took out her credit card and car keys. Before she gave them to me she told me that they would have lunch in the restaurant while I was done with shopping. She told me to leave all the thinks in the trunk and when I was done with them I would go to the restaurant. She spoke loudly so that everyone who passed by could hear us. I felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed. I took the car keys and the credit card and turned in the other direction.

When I took a few steps, I heard my wife's voice.

“And keep it up to the list I made for you, Don't waste my money on stupid things!!!”

“Yes ma’am.” I answered with a red face. It was clear that this humiliating conversation was heard by many people around. However I just swallowed and as if nothing had happened I went shopping. The list was long and getting all those things really exhausted me.While I was walking around the mall carrying bags as if I was a mule, my wife enjoyed luxury food at an elite restaurant. I was with only one croissant all day, but of course it wasn't a problem that  Sara had to worry about. I pass by fast food restaurants but still had no right to eat because I was not allowed to spend money on my needs. Of course on my wife's account were all of our common income. Even though half the money was mine, I had no right to spend $ 5 for a hamburger. Once while buying groceries for home, because that's my job, I saw jeans at 50% off. Then I made a big mistake and bought them. Sara was not in a good mood and punished me with a hit with my belt  for every dollar I spent.

 When I finally finished I was in a hurry to leave the groceries in the car. On the way to the restaurant I was hoping that my wife would have some mercy and give me at least to eat the remains of her lunch.I finally arrived at the restaurant and headed for the entrance. At the entrance stood a tall black man from the security of the restaurant who refused to let me in.

“Can I help you sir ,do you have a table reservation?” He asked stopping me with his hand.

“Hmmm there is no need for that my wife and her friend are already inside.” I pointed my finger to the table where my wife was sitting inside the restaurant.

“Okay sir, wait at the entrance as I check to see if one of them is really your wife.” He replied with disbelief  that Sara and Kelly were with me. It annoyed me but still I decided to stay calm and wait for the man to finish his job. I stood at the door watching security approaching Sara's desk. When he got there, they had a short conversationat which the man  pointed at me and Sara and Kelly looked at me then i waved to them. Then the security man came in laughing.

“Is everything okay sir??” I asked him before he came.

“All right, your wife asked me to tell you to wait them on the opposite bench as they finished. There is no need to enter, they are almost done.” The man told me and pointed me to a bench in the middle of the mall corridor, just opposite the restaurant.

“Oh okey then, thank you sir.” Shamefully with my head bent I headed towards the bench.

“Broo , come for a second!!!” He just called me as I walked towards the bench.

“Yes ?” I asked confused.

“I don't know what your wife saw in you,but be careful, someone may take it from you. Just as I got the phone number from one of them. I hope it was your beloved wife's friend, because I don't mind going out with married women.” The man ridiculously warned me and showed me a small sheet with a phone number.

Of course I wasn't enough man and just got off the bench without a word. The man was laughing at me as I retired. I wasn't sure if he was flirting with Sara or Kelly but one thing was for sure, I was ready to find out. I was sitting on the bench in the hallway waiting for the two beautiful ladies to come out for my humiliation to continue.

 Then an older woman sat next to me, she was about 60 years old. She started talking to me about her grandchildren about her problems. Then the boring wait turned into a fun conversation. She was very nice and funny. With the help of that woman 15 minutes passed as if it were 15 seconds. Finally, Sara  and Kelly showed up. But instead of coming to me, they stopped and started talking to the senior security man. They laughed and enjoyed the conversation. it was clear that they were flirting with him. At last Kelly hugged him and she  kissed  his cheeks, perhaps it was a greeting to leave. Immediately after Kelly came Sara's turn and she also greeted him in the same way as Kelly. As soon as they arrived, the old lady said something funny and we both started laughing. Of course, Sara and Kelly noticed this well, and a reaction followed immediately.

“I'm sorry madam but this young man is unfortunately busy and I am his wife.” Sara said to the older woman directly with a non-friendly voice.

“Oh its nice, you have a wonderful husband with nice manners, you are a happy woman.” The old lady replied calmly.

“OK George, it's time to go, get up !!!” Sara strictly ordered me. She reached out her hand and I gave her the credit card and the keys.The old woman didn't believe what she was hearing. Of course I didn't say anything I was ashamed to even look her in the eyes. I just got up and started following the two ladies walking in front of me.

“Goodbye George, have a nice weekend and take care!!!” said the old lady.

“Oh thank you and have a nice weekend.” I responded as culturally as I could. Of course, that annoys Sara.

“Do you flirt around when you're not with me,mister?” Sara asked me coldly.

What the hell, she was hugging and kissing the security guy in front of my eyes and I am accused of infidelity only because an older lady who  probably have dooble   years than me sat next to me.

“Come on Sara you know that's not true!!!” Immediately I began to defend myself.

“So you're not flirting, right?”

“No, ma’am.”

“So then, that old witch flirted with you!!!” Sara continued her mental torture, and Kelly was constantly laughing.

“Come on Sara, she's just an old woman who told me about her grandchildren why do you do drama?”

“Next time you address me inappropriately, I will press the red button right here and I will zip your balls with power 20 , am I clear ???” Sara stopped, pulled the switch from her purse and threatened me.

Kelly was constantly laughing and enjoying the show.

“I am sorry ma’am.”

“So I don't need to worry that you'll cheat me.”

“No ma’am” I responded immediately. Following a few steps as a faithful dog seemed not humiliating enough so I had to listen to these accusations. Even if I wanted to cheat my wife it was not possible at all since my cock was locked and the key was on my wife's ankle. She knew this well but still enjoyed these questions for which the answers were clear.

“Why not, George  ???” she asked me arrogantly.

“Mm because I can't, ma’am.” I answered quietly.

Then Sara and Kelly stopped in front of me. Kelly didn't say anything and laughed all the time while Sara was serious.

“Why you can’t , George???” She continued with her questions.

“Mmm because i'm locked,ma’am.” the sentence itself sounded so powerless.

“Oh yea, I almost  forgot about it. How many more days?” She asked me ironically.

Of course she knew well that I was locked up and how many days I had. But still she didn't miss the opportunity to humiliate me and I was always forced to answer those questions. We were in the middle of the mall and I had to answer such humiliating questions in front of her friend who knew literally everything. As if it wasn't enough that I was hungry and had to follow 2 steps behind them as if I was just a dog behind my owner.

“Nine more days, ma'am.” The days were so rapidly increasing and decreasing according to Sara's mood probably she was not  sure how many days I had. That gave me the opportunity to say that I had fewer days but of course I didn't have the courage to risk it and I was honest.

“Nine more days?? Hmm you can go back and ask her a phone number to call her in 9 days, what do you say about that?” She asked me and they kept moving. On this question the two ladies were laughing and looking around.

“No ma’am.” I answered and followed them.

“Maybe she's not his type ahahaha !!!” Then Kelly got involved in the conversation and they started laughing hysterically in full voice.

This torture would probably have continued had the two ladies not entered a women's fashion store. Then the magic called shopping became much more interesting to them than the humiliation of a man  who wearing womans panties under his jeans. Then the whole conversation was over, all I could do was follow the two ladies around as they tried on a female clothes  and shoes.

“Hold this !!!” , “Take this !!! “Bring me that dress!!!”,”Help me with this.” Red or yellow!!!” That was all I could hear while I was being used as a shopping  assistant. For a short time I held more than 10 bags of red, yellow and pink color in my hands.

I could hear comments  from the sellers like:” Is he your driver?”,”I wish my husband one day will  help me with my shoping too.”

Of course we, as a phenomenon, caused a lot of attention. Of course, it didn't bother Sara and Kelly who proudly walked in front of me and enjoyed shopping. As I walked behind them, I prayed that no one who knew us would see us.

Probably this is a job that every man in the planet hate , probably  all of my friends will not agree to go behind their  wives carrying her feminine bags like a donkey. But am I a man at all??? I stand like a donkey while my wife and her friend choose expensive perfumes. I'm probably spending less money on fuel for 3 months than a 100ml perfume my wife  already bought with our money. In just 2 hours she spends probably more money than I spend in a year.

Next was the shoe store. As there were many assistants there I waited at the entrance. While the two ladies were trying different heels, I saw something in the shop window that aroused fantasy in me and I was completely lost. I lost my sense of space and time, I was just standing in front of the window thinking. There were probably the sexiest female boots I've ever seen. Sexy ladies black leather  6 inch boots was there . I already imagined Sara moving around the house dressed in them. I started to feel pressure in my panties.

“ You like them?” Sara's voice stopped my imagination.

“Mmmm yes ma’am .” I confusedly answered.

“Then why don't you buy them for me?” She asked me with a smile.

The boots were really expensive, they were  250 $.Of course with the salary I received I could afford such a luxury, of course, if all my salary was not taken by my wife.

“I don't have money , ma'am.” I answered sadly.

“Okay then, let's go I spent enough for today.” She said and gave me 2 bags of shoes she bought before, just after Sara ,Kelly  did it to and gave me her bag too. After about 20 meters they stopped and thay sat on a bench in the hallway.

“Have you decided which panties you will wear tomorrow for your birthday?” Sara asked me as she sat cross-legged.

“No ma’am”

“Okey , take this and buy yourself new Victoria's Secret panties!!!” Sara took out $ 5 from the wallet.

“Please don't do that to me.” Sadly I asked Sara.

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh” There was an electric shock in my panties. 2 seconds after the shock had passed and I returned to normal in Sara's hands I saw the remote control. Kelly laughed out loud.
“When someone gives you something, what should you say?” Sara asked me coldly.

“Thank you ma’am. “

“Okay then, leave those bags here, take this money and go buy yourself new panties.” Sara pointed her finger at her.

Slowly I left the bags beside the bench.

“Faster ,hury up chup chup !!!”

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh”you know what was that .

As I walked to the Victoria's Secret store, I could hear the laughter of the two ladies behind me. I went into the store and was probably the only man there. I started looking at different female panties, I wanted to find and get out of here as soon as possible. Of course it wasn't easy to find something for the money I had. Finally I read "On sale" in one corner and immediately headed there. There was a bunch of pink panties with the inscription " love pink".I thought they were intended for teenagers but obviously not even teenagers want that kind of panties . Of course I didn't like pink either, but did I have a choice? It was only important to please my wife and definitely this was a choice that would satisfy her. I picked up a pair, and headed to the cashier to pay. A gorgeous girl worked there. With a shy look and a red face I gave her pink panties and  5 dollars.The girl took the panties and looked at me like I was a pervert and a maniac.

“They are a gift.” it was the only thing I could think of.

“Yea, whatever.” she mockingly replied.

“Look , trust me thay are a gift.”

“Look sir, if they are a gift or you jerk off on them its your job and I don't care okey ?!?!?” she nervously took the money and she gave them to me.

“Okey , have a nice day .” I picked them up and turned around to go. She doesn't know that jerk off it's science fiction in my life.

“Pathetic.” she commented, and I went out without answering anything. The two ladies were sitting on the bench with their legs crossed and discussing something.

“I'm done, ladies.” I told them as soon as I got to them.

“Show us what you bought,George!!!” Sara ordered me. As soon as I took the panties out of the bag, a real mess started. The two ladies started laughing out loud. I was trying to ignore all the people around us who were looking at me more and more.

“Sara your husband has a really good taste.” said Kelly.

“Yes, definitely a good choice.” Sara and Kelly got up, and I grabbed all the bags and immediately started moving behind them.

“Let's go already I got tired of this mall.” Sara told Kelly. I was happy that this humiliating shopping was finally coming to an end. They walked proudly in front of me and I followed them. They talked to each other, completely ignoring me.

“Sara!!!” at one point I interrupted them.

They were both surprised by it and stopped immediately.

“What , George?!?!” my wife asked me surprised.

“I'm very hungry, can i eat something?” I was hoping to reach that stony heart.

“You will eat at home!!!” Sara answered me without mercy and they continued on to the garage. The car was at the very end and we finally arrived. Sara unlocked the car and I put all the bags inside. Just when I wanted to get in the car, Kelly said she had to smoke. She took the cigarette box and took out a cigarette and threw the lighter to the ground at my feet. Without any order I immediately took the lighter and I lit her cigarette. She blew the first smoke straight into my face without thanking me.

“She need an ashtray , be dear !!!” Then Sara made things worse.

“Here ? Come on Sara , someone can see us .” I wanted to change her mind.

“Do you need a little motivation?” she took out the remote control and asked me with an raised eyebrow.

“No ma’am.” I knelt down with fear next to Kelly with my mouth open. I was scared. While Kelly proudly used my mouth as an ashtray I thanked her like a true idiot. While I was on my knees I prayed that no one would see what they were doing to me.

Finally Kelly finished and we got in the car. I was so hungry and tired that I didn't even have the strength to register their conversation. When we got home after about 30 minutes, they went home and left all the shopping bags for me. There was so much that I needed to go back twice to get them all. When I finally brought all the bags in the living room I already found the two ladies sitting on the comfortable sofa.

“Is everything here,George ?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Get your birthday products  take them to the kitchen and you can eat whatever you want!!!”

“Thank you , ma’am !” I was overjoyed, immediately took all the bags except the wardrobe and went to the kitchen.

Immediately I started making a big sandwich, I put ham, cheese, salad and lots of sauces in it. “Eat whatever you want” meant I had complete freedom in choosing my meal. I was happy and grateful. Large sandwich in combination with soda.After suffering all day, I finally felt satisfied. I ate fast, and I enjoyed it.

“Aaaaaaawwwghhh” a strong shock interrupted my enjoyment. I immediately left the sandwich and went to the living room.

“Yes ma’am?” I asked Sara just as I entered.

“Did you finish?” Sara asked me.

“No ma'am, but i'll be for a while.”

“Okey , hurry up , we need you here !!”

“Yes ma’am” I said and went back to the kitchen to finish my meal. After a while it was over and I decided to wash the plate and the glass I was drinking from. As I stood in front of the sink, from my jeans I could hear a sound that resembled the bell Sara used when she needed me. It was weird but still decided to check.

As soon as I got into the room I felt a shock on my balls.


“Aahaha, it’s working  definitely!!!” Kelly commented. I wondered what was working, when they were sending electric shocks on my balls all day long.

“Did you hear a bell in your panties, George ???” Sara asked me.

“Yes ma’am I heard something like bell .”

“Good, It was a test. From now on when you hear that sound you should immediately come within radius of 2 meters to the remote control which of course will be in my hands. You have 10 seconds to do it or you will feel a shock in your balls. Are you with me???” Sara was explaining the new function to me.

“Yes ma’am.” I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but one thing was clear the old bell was out of game.

“Good .That before  was a test with a power of 5.Next time the power will be at 10. And don't forget every time you come in front of me, I expect a perfect  curtsy. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am. “I answered.

“Good girl, go to the garage, and stand in the corner and wait for the signal.” Sara ordered me with remote control in her hands.

“Yes ma’am.” Of course I left behind two happy ladies. My wife, without any shame or fear, called me a "good girl" in front of another woman. I entered the garage and placed my nose in the corner. I could only wait and think about my life and my situation. I no longer felt like a human being. I was happy because my wife let me eat a normal meal after a few hours of humiliation at the mall. It was really pathetic. In the eyes of my wife, and now in the eyes of her friend Kelly, I was just an ordinary Sissy loser who used it to make their day more beautiful and easier. Of course they did it with a lot of humiliation, physical and mental pain on me and I had to endure it all. I had no respect for myself anymore.

“Brrrrrrrring” after about 10 minutes I heard the bell in my panties. I only had 10 seconds and you know where I headed straight away.

In a hurry and in fear I somehow got into the living room and immediately in front of my wife I made a curtsy. Of course in the past I had one hour of traning  for more than 10 days  until my wife was satisfied with my perfect curtsy , so of course it was done perfect.

“You rang ma’am???” I was well trained and I knew what the bell meant and I knew how to behave in this situation. Of course it caused the pleasure of both ladies.

“Did something happen in your panties?” Sara asked me.

“No ma’am. “

“You see, if you're fast enough your balls are safe. So when you hear that, be quick and everything will be fine.” Sara educated me as if she were my teacher.

“Brush your teeth and everything will be fine.”, wash your hands and everything will be fine, “be quick and your balls will be fine.” what an irony.

“I wonder is he  that fast when he is dressed in his  sissy dresses and when  he wearing 5
inch heels?!?!” Asked Kelly.

That question would be asked, and of course I was interested in Sara's answer. Of course it was impossible to be as quick dressed as a sissy maid. Also while working on some chores sometimes need a few seconds to register that  sound before I react .

“He probably won't be that fast, but that's his problem.Right, George?” Sara sounded cold as definitely it's just my problem.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay then, it's time for me to go home.” Kelly decided. Of course I accepted that news well. I was really tired of that woman.

The two ladies hugged and Kelly left to pick up her bags from shopping.

“Come on girl, leave those bags to my husband.George take care of them!!!” Sara stopped Kelly before she took her bags.

“Oh yea sure.” Kelly immediately agreed.

Without hesitation I picked up Kelly's bags and walked behind her. I followed her all the way to her car in the yard. It was already night outside. I left the bags in the boot of the car.

“Goodbye, George !” She told me standing by the car door.

“Goodbye miss Kelly.”I said, too.

“That’s all ? No greeting  for me as I deserve, tonight?” She waited with her hands on her waist and she clapped her foot on the ground.

“I am sorry …”I immediately bent down and kissed her shoes.

“Much better !!!” she commented and got into the car and left.

“What a bitch.” I said out loud when I was sure she wouldn't hear me.

When I returned, Sara was already dressed in a sleeping coat. She enjoyed the freedom of her body and she was probably naked under that coat. She had already taken a comfortable seat in the armchair and watched some  music show.

“George , honey  go make me some  smoothie!!!” Sara  ordered me just when I  enter the room.

“Yes ma’am” As I was washing and cleaning different fruits I was thinking "Will I ever be left  in peace it this house?” Probably not.

I made a smoothie  with about 10 different fruits and I  gave it to Sara.

“George, I'm tired, get a massage gel and I want you to massage my legs.” Sara ordered me.

Of course, after everything I went through today, she needed a massage.

“Yes ma’am” I took the massage gel out of the bathroom and came back and knelt before my goddess. I began to gently brush the smooth legs with the gel. She drank smoothie  and enjoyed the music shows and massage. The TV was behind me and I had no opportunity to watch. But of course it wasn't a problem because I enjoyed watching my goddess while she completely ignore me and watch TV. Even though I was tired and the knelling  tired me even more , I still enjoyed massaging her smooth legs. she was satisfied with the treatment she received. I felt like I belonged here, on my knees in front of my goddess. While massaging her right foot, I repeatedly touched the key of my cage. My cock registered it and was constantly giving me signals to pick it up and release it.

After about 30 minutes it ended with the drink and the show ended. She pulled her legs away from me and got up.

“Take care of all the wardrobe I bought today, get ready for sleep, and come to the bedroom completely naked. I'll wait for you there!!” She said and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

“Yes ma’am” Immediately I took care of the whole new wardrobe.

Then I stopped in front of the bathroom and waited for Sara to finish with her preparation . After about 2-3 minutes she came out and didn't even look at me leaving for the bedroom. Immediately I peed, i brushed my teeth and I took off my clothes and threw all my clothes into the dirt bin.

Only the chastity cage and the ballshocker  were on me. Then I went into the bedroom where my wife lain on the bed. She was already reading a book. Before interrupting her, she stroked her fingers and pointed right beside her on the floor. I immediately went there and stood upright as she read. My locked cock was only a few feet away from her. She could probably see it in her focus. After about 2-3 minutes she finished the page she was reading and left the book open in the same place.

Then she took it out the ballshocker from my balls. I immediately felt relief down there. It would be better to have my cage removed instead of the ballshocker.

I hope there will be no need to pull this out of the drawer this weekend.” She said and put the ballshocker and the remote control in the drawer.

“No ma’am” I answered.

“I hope so ,Okey  get under the sheet and start  with working.” She said, taking the book and stretching her legs enough for me to enter. Immediately I got under the sheet and went straight between her legs. It was dark down there. Breathing was difficult. I could only feel my wife's pussy. Immediately I began to lick and suck her pussy.

Then she hit me hard on the back of my head and warned me. “Hey be slow and gentle down there !!!” she was screaming at me. Of course I didn't answer anything because my mouth was busy, but I immediately reduced my speed.

Complete silence and darkness. From time to time I just felt her hands changing the page of the book. After about I guess 20 minutes I felt her hands on my head pressing against her pussy.

“Faster!!!” she pressed me more and more and I fucked her with my tongue as best I could.Finaly she squirts on my face. She started screaming in full voice. She left my head and I continued to lick her pussy until it became completely dry. Then a light came on and from my position I could see Sara's hand coming to my head and she grabbed my ear. She started pulling me towards her  when finally she let my ear when I was next to  her.

“Go wash your face, it smell like pussy.” She whispered to me the same ear she had pulled before. She sounded exhausted.

I was between her legs for 30 minutes and she exploded directly on my face. I wondered what my face should smell like? Of course I immediately went to the bathroom where I washed my face and mouth. When I came back Sara read from her book, so I lay down next to her. I wanted to talk to her but I also didn't want to interrupt her in reading. I was not good, I was still thinking of the security man and finally wanted to talk to her.

“Sara I …”

“Shhhhhh!!!!” She stopped me before I started talking.What the  Hell, I immediately stopped and continued to watch Sara as she read. Side by side she kept reading. She read it while I was waiting for the opportunity to talk. I was tired, while she coldly ignored me and read her book I was killing myself to stay awake. When I saw that she did not intend to stop reading then I spoke again but this time a little more decisive.

“Look, Sara  we have to ...”

“Georgie, I'm reading now, okay ???” She interrupted me again but this time very arrogantly.

“Okey , soryy .” disappointed I apologized.

She continued to read. This time I gave up. I was broken and injured. I turned to the other side. After satisfying all her needs all day she decided to ignore me. But now I could no longer sleep, and I could not hold back the tears that started to flow on their own. I started crying like a little kid.

“Are you crying, George?” Sara noticed but she wasn't sure if I was really crying.

“No!!” I was trying to sound like I wasn't crying but of course I didn't succeed.

“George, turn to me!!!”

I was angry and hurt and decided to ignore her.

“George, turn around to see you, everything is fine? why are you crying ???” This time she sounded a little worried. There was no longer that arrogance.

“Leave me alone Sara, okey leave me alone !!!” With tears I refused to talk to her.

“George !!!”

“Leave me alone, I don't want to talk!!!” Through tears I told her again.

“Okay then, this can go in bad and in a good way, and it depends on you. The good way is to turn around, to calm down and talk. The bad way is that if you don't turn around, I'll leave you alone but unfortunately I'll cancel your birthday tomorrow.” She told me and stopped talking.

I didn't care about my birthday, but of course I didn't want to explain why we were canceling it. I did not want to complicate the situation, from experience I knew that it was only me who would eventually lose.I wanted to see my friends and my family and have fun with them.I need that . I was ashamed to cry but it was stronger than me. I decided to choose the better way and I turned to Sara. Her gaze said she was worried, but she seemed happy  that I chose to turn around.

“Why are you doing this to me Sara ???” I asked her crying.

“Shhhhh , come here, calm down. Everything will be fine.” She hugged me and my head was on her breasts. She started caressing my hair and kissing my forehead like a little baby. She was talking to me, until i was calm. I felt love. I finally calmed down and started talking.

“Look Sara I'm really tired. I don't feel like a man anymore, I can't even talk to you without your permission.” I started talking anxiously.

“Look George , first of all you knew the last  5 days were going to be tough and hard, right? But you see those days are over and more beautiful moments are coming for us all. This weekend is yours, enjoy it and use it to recharge your batteries. We are returning from Monday as before, but still we are not expecting a birthday and we can function as it was before this crisis week.” she explained in detail.

“Sara I …”

“Shhhhh  I'm talking and you're listening now, okey?” she put her finger on my lips and stopped me. I just nodded and  she continued.

“OK, that was for your tiredness, now we go to your second problem. Man? You don't feel like a man? Men are selfish, lazy and insensitive pigs. Do you know what a man does when he realizes that his wife has spent half of their monthly earnings in just a few hours on modern clothing?”

“He will be mad at her, I guess.” I answered.

“He will be mad at her . I will accept that as part of the correct answer. So are you mad at me for spending so much money on a wardrobe today?” She turned the whole situation around in her favor and began her mental torture.

“No ma’am”

“No  ma’am.” she smiled at my answer.” The man in this case would do three things.First he will yell at her , then he would beat her, and finally fuck her hard until she cries. Did you do that? I don’t think so. So what did you do about it?” She asked me as she looked me straight in the eyes.

“Mmm I …”Before I could answer she stopped me again.

“You walked behind me carrying all those bags and as a reward you got pink Victoria's Secret panties. Would a real man follow his wife to the mall and carry her bags while she spends all his monthly earnings?I don’t think so . So are you a man?Fucking no!!! You're the one who listen ,when I yell at you. Only your ass is red from the beating you get. You're the one who is always  fucked, because your cock is locked and you can't fuck ,and and you are the only one crying like a pussy in this house. So if you don't feel like a man don't worry, you are not a man at all.”

 I was sad to see her tell the whole truth.

“Don't be sad honey, actually that’s good. I've been training you for a long time to be what you are now a obediand sissy husband. You have to realize that when you are at work and outside you wear a mask, the real face of you is at home. There is no place for a man in my house. That's us, honey, you make a queen of me and you want it. I am proud of you and love you. I can give a million examples that you are not a man but we will leave that for another  time. Tell me what you are, George?” At first she was an angel but now she has become a devil. I'm already sorry for asking for a talk tonight.

“I am an obediand sissy husband.” I was tired and after all the facts she once again made me reconcile with my status in the house.

“Good boy, with this answer we  ends with  that how you feel. The third problem is simple. I didn't want to talk because I care about you.” She started with the third problem. In fact with the third sentence of my speech that she skillfully interrupted and made 3 problems out of it. She cared about me, it sounded so ironic and manipulative.

“You were tired and wanted to let you to  fall asleep, but still you decided to have this conversation and you were not ready at all. I didn't want to hurt your feelings with all these facts and so I just ignored you, but unfortunately I was wrong. So Georgie I hope you got your questions answered, so now is that all?” She asked me after bombarding me with facts and arguments. She was right, I didn't grow up to argue with her, she was so smart and powerful that she played with me as if i was her toy.

“I have two questions actually.” I listened to all those things and finally it was time to ask what really interested me.

“Ok shoot me!!!” she was confident.

“First do you flirted with the security man and gave him your phone number?” I asked without hesitation.

“I'll be honest, that guy was flirting with me.” She started and my world was ruined.

“But after he saw that it didn't work with me he started with Kelly and got her number. That's all, you can ask the second question.” She was already tired of the whole conversation and had already taken the book in her hands. I have to admit I was glad it wasn't Sara's number, but I wondered if she was telling me the truth?

“The thing Kelly gave us today is worrying me Sara. Scared me, don't you think it's too cruel to me? It really hurts please don't use it please.” It was true that I was very worried.

“Yes , George I agree with that, It returns to your balls on Monday ,but I promise I will  use it reasonably and responsibly, but make sure you keep me in good mood from Monday, you know that when I'm nervous I can do things I don't like.So that’s all can I continue with my book ? She asked me and started looking for the side where she had stopped earlier.

“Yes ma’am. That’s all” I answered already tired.

“Okey good night  honey .” She gave me a French kiss and continued to read as if nothing had happened.

“Good night my love “

 I lay down and watched that beautiful female figure who had a snake's soul. She was beautiful and it was clear to me that I was ready to fulfill her every wish because I loved her.

In the end she was right “This is us and this is our way of life and I like it”

to be continued…

Sissy ­ George

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